XchangeBTC Review – What Features Make XchangeBTC A Unique Broker?

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XchangeBTC Review

XchangeBTC is an online brokerage platform famous for its excellent services and remarkable features. This is one of those brokers about which traders usually have dreams of signing up. In this XchangeBTC review, I will tell you about the features, tools, and other advantages which make it the number one choice of traders.

The common mindset of most people about online trading is not very good. When people lose their money due to their lack of knowledge, they label trading is futile. The perspective grew stronger with the rise of fake brokers who started looting innocent traders.

My success is a result of a bone-breaking journey. I had to travel on a bumpy road before reaching the destination. At the very beginning of my online trading career, I had lost a major part of my investment money. Though I had lost the money, I never lost hope and remained optimistic that I would succeed one day. I read reviews of many people and talked to them as well and visited many websites for this purpose. I realized that no one was serious about reviewing brokers in detail. That day I made up my mind that I would write a detailed review whenever I find a good brokerage platform. An honest review of the broker provides required help to become successful and eliminates the risks to a minimum. After some time, I found the broker I was in search of. I have already told you its name, and now I am going to share with you all its details.

ProBTC online broker review

General Information

If I say that XchangeBTC is a unique brokerage platform, I wouldn’t be wrong. I have witnessed that it provides excellent quality services. It follows a result-oriented approach and provides the most appropriate solutions to every problem faced by its clients during the trading process. The firm is thoughtful about the issues of traders and makes sure that the trading experience of its clients remains satisfying. When investment continues to multiply, every client remains satisfied. XchangeBTC makes every possible move to fulfill its objective of providing comfort and ease of mind to its customers. So if you decide to register with XchangeBTC, then the gates of success will start opening for you.

XchangeBTC is famous in the market for its advancement in technology and innovativeness. It keeps updating its systems to keep up its pace with the market. It has a physical existence as well and is not an offshore company that will vanish away with your money. Its head office is located in Roseau Valley, St. Lucia. When you decide to contact the broker, you can find its telephone numbers and email address on its website easily. Currently, it is providing its services to residents of more than 150 countries and still increasing its coverage area. It is created on a solid foundation that is why its growth rate is also very impressive. This attribute, along with a clear strategy, is equally vital in the provision of services, quality management, and facilitating the traders in the way they want.

XchangeBTC is a broker which provides its clients a choice to choose whichever market they want to invest in. Its customers get easy access to all the popular trading markets to select their favorite assets. So, all the major trading instruments like stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices will be available for you if you decide to trade with this broker. All these trading instruments provide various benefits and a good profit ratio for traders. Financial markets give traders a tough time, so a trader must be vigilant enough to recognize the difference between a trap and an opportunity. If he does this, then half of his worries will vanish immediately. If a trader possesses the ability to analyze the situation, then he can build a good trading portfolio and start working in whichever market he wants. XchangeBTC is helping its traders as well as educating them to make a solid position in the market and stand out among other traders.

Unlike traditional brokerage platforms,  never pushes its traders to work all the time. Here you can trade in those hours in which you feel comfortable. It remains available 24 hours a day, but you are advised to stay available as much as possible because an opportunity can pop up at any given time.

Other than the above-mentioned features, there is one other feature as well, which must be appreciated. It is that XchangeBTC is very caring towards all its traders. It has proven this by providing equal opportunities for every kind of trader, for example, beginners, professionals, and experts. The platform is very intuitive as you can use it in the language you understand better. A list of languages is given on the trading platform from which you can choose anyone. If I keep explaining its advantages and features, then I suppose the review will become lengthy, which is why I am going to describe its major feature now but in detail.

The Trading Platform

The 21st century belongs to technological advancements and the introduction of new devices. Every day people use many devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Most of the traders want ease of access and a trading platform that is compatible with every device. For nerds like me, XchangeBTC has designed three different mediums. These are a website, web trader app, and mobile supported app as well.

The website version of the platform requires no software, and all you would need is a working internet connection and a web browser. Browsing remains unaffected by the operating system of devices, which means that you can run it on every device, whether it is android based or based on iOS. The website runs smoothly on Windows, iOS, Mac OS and Android, and any browser like Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. But if you want high performance, then you can install the application as well, but the number of features is the same. Mobile apps are also available on related software stores like Play Store and App Store.

The registration process is the same as well as convenient for all these platforms. You will be asked some basic details to confirm your identity, and then you will be registered with the platform in a matter of a few minutes. Keep in mind that the information which you will provide will be verified. After the completion of the registration process, you will deposit your investment money, and then you will be ready to rock.

You can very well understand the advantages of these platforms, but I would like to add one thing more. The base of all these three platforms is MetaTrader4 which is commonly known as MT4. It is a proven and reliable platform that provides all the important tools and resources trader dreams of. The trading platforms based on the MT4 concept are considered superior to other platforms because they provide a bird’s eye view of the market with its observational tools. It provides frequent updates, news, charts, indicators, and predictions.

Upon visiting the website of XchangeBTC, you will see a tab named ‘trading platform’ on the top side. You can open this tab even if you are not a registered member yet. Here, you will see that XchangeBTC provides real-time updates, and the prices will be updated every minute. The prices fluctuate too often in this market so you must be available and confidant enough to decide without hesitation to earn profit. By using this feature, you can analyze different markets and their volatility.

Another important feature that is not appropriate to leave is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of this platform. The color scheme and theme of the platform influence the psychology of traders. The layout of XchangeBTCs’s platform is user-friendly and simple. The colors used are not too sharp but still catch the eye. The web version changes its design and resolution according to the device of the trader.

ProBTC trading platform

Focus On Education

Almost every online brokerage firm claims to provide educational material for its traders. But most of them have the same material under a similar list of e-books, videos, and webinars, etc. I am not negating the usefulness of this material but only saying that this material has become traditional. When I first opened the education section of XchangeBTC, I was astonished to see three separate categories of educational material. Instead of going with the tide, they have preferred to cover the areas which need more attention. The topics they deal with are research demanding, and the content available here is also very good. Text is supported with useful examples. Those techniques are imparted, which are beneficial in practical trading. The three categories are FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Forex Glossary, and The Trading School.

The first section, FAQs, consists of answers to the most repeated question and queries put up by traders. The questions in this section are the problems that a trader may encounter at an earlier or later stage of his/her career. The answers given to these questions are precise because they are meant to save your time. If you don’t find an answer to any particular question here, then you can feel free to contact the numbers provided on the website for better customer support. By contacting them directly, you will be able to test their responsiveness as well.

The second category of the three is Forex Glossary. This is a detailed glossary and contains every terminology related to online trading. Other brokers are not providing this feature, and if one or two are providing it, then their material is too short. The glossary is well arranged and sorted, which is why you will be able to find the required information in no time. The list is arranged in alphabetical order. Some frequently used layman terms are also included in this list for a better understanding of traders.

The third category is the Trading School. This category is useful for every trader. This section contains pivotal information on all basic topics. Detailed information is available for traders on all crucial topics like the use of the economic calendar, price indicators, forex strategies and how they work, details about financial markets, and a complete guide for beginners. The guide comprises information regarding the basic steps of trading forex. This portion prepares the traders to take hold of strategies and learn techniques that can prove useful in trading. I am an experienced trader, but still, I found many things in this portion about which I did not know before. I got a chance to clear my concepts further by going through this material.

All three sections are created by expert traders who have plenty of experience. In this material, they have given a summary of their knowledge which they learned after years of struggle in this market. The extended support offered by XchangeBTC helps traders to enhance their trading knowledge and skills. An educated trader has more potential for growth than a normal trader.

Trading Accounts Offered By XchangeBTC

A higher number of trading accounts attracts more customers. An account is a must thing for every trader to trade on any platform. It is like a Netflix subscription, without which you cannot watch a single episode. The account opening process at XchangeBTC is short and simple. You will have to enter some basic details accurately, such as first and second name, phone number, email address, and password. You must be 18 years old to open an account at XchangeBTC. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the broker. These terms include anti-money laundering policy, risk management policy, privacy policy, and a client-broker agreement. I recommend you to read or at least skim this agreement once before signing up with XchangeBTC.

After registering successfully, you will have to deposit money in your account according to the account type you choose. The investment can be made in Euro and GBP only. XchangeBTC offers three types of accounts for its customers named Standard, Premium and VIP accounts. The features and minimum investment limit of all these accounts are different. In all these accounts, you will receive 24/5 customer support and a dedicated account manager. Spread form in the first two accounts is floating, but in the VIP account, it is fixed. No commission is charged from Premium and VIP account holders. The commission charged from standard account holders is also very low. The leverage provided to Standard account holders is fixed at 1:30. In Premium and VIP accounts, the leverage can be raised according to the investment ability of traders, but it depends on the broker.

XchangeBTC has been offering a very impressive feature related to trading accounts which I had never seen before. It is called a demo account. Before you open a formal account with the platform, you can open a demo account without investing real money. In this way, you can experience the trading platform and its features without the fear of losing money. You can learn the basics in this account, and when you feel satisfied, then you can move to the real account.

Security Features

An important feature that every trader analyzes before selecting a broker is security. Not a single trader wishes to lose his money. Among its competitors, XchangeBTC has the most well-defined security policies. Every trader is asked to prove his/her identity with an identity card or passport before registering on the platform. Expires, blurred and provisional cards are not accepted by the broker in any situation. Every aspect is closely analyzed, such as name, photo, date of birth, contact number, and date of expiry. You will be asked to upload high-definition clear pictures of both sides of either one of these documents.

This information is collected under the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. You would have seen this name on many trading platforms, but only a few of them implement it in reality. XchangeBTC uses it coupled with another policy named AML (Anti Money Laundering). The strength and benefit of these policies are enhanced when they are used together. The second policy is useful to keep the record of transactions so that the money is not used for illegal purposes.

Other than these security policies, XchangeBTC is using encryption software as well. It is the need of the hour because the information which I traders submit is also subject to many threats. If a broker secures the money but not the information of traders, then it is not appropriate because the information is equally important. It uses multi-layered SSL encryption, which is the latest kind of encryption. Its advantage is that the information cannot be decoded by any other person than the broker.


A trader should research and explore the broker before signing up with it. I also did the same and found a reliable broker named XchangeBTC. I have already described its features and want to say that it has made my career easy and lucrative. Its user-friendly and customer-oriented approach has given me satisfaction and peace of mind. I recommend you this broker strongly and leave the final decision on you.

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