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Roicraft Review

Roicraft logoA trading firm is a place of opportunities where one can earn thousands of dollars as a result of top-rated instruments. Many people have become millionaires and billionaires by investing money in potential companies and commodities.

But it is a very difficult task to find a trading place that is 100% authentic. I have made your thing easy after selecting a reliable broker. Out of hundreds of firms, Roicraft is the one that will fulfill all your needs of investment.

Roicraft homepage
Overview of Roicraft

Roicraft receives worldwide appreciation from the community of traders and investors. People claim it is the best trading site because it offers the best deals that benefit traders the most. Roicraft is famous both in the ranks of small traders and among the top-level investors. It provides an exceptional trading experience to the users of the trading company.

As per the information mentioned over the platform, it is the most secure Forex broker that takes care of customers’ needs and requirements of customers. It provides a flexible environment to assist global customers in trading of a wide range of potential products. All features of the Roicraft are superior in nature. The list of accepted assets includes stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, Forex pairs, and precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Due to the unlimited benefits of Roicraft, it is impossible to count the characteristics of the trading firm. But there is a need to mention some important functionalities of Roicraft that are needed to satisfy the minds of new customers. I am going to tell you about the major features of the exchange one by one. Hope you will enjoy it.

Roicraft prime financial trading
Available Assets for Trading

Many trading instruments are available over the site of Roicraft for traders from all over the world. These assets include Forex, cryptocurrency, precious metals, commodities, and stocks of valuable countries. The trading objects can easily trade with the proper assistance of the team. All are potential assets that have given a high return on investment over the past few years.

Roicraft is specialized in offering Forex premium services. After reading reviews of users, I realized that it is a wonderful brokerage firm that t is equipped with extraordinary opportunities. All famous and potential Forex trading pairs are listed for customers. Similarly, trading pairs with dominant currencies, such as USD, GBP, EUR, PLN, and HUF, are present, which have a positive performance over the last years.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has performed fabulously as many digital assets have given a high return over investment. According to financial experts, Bitcoin is the most potential trading object in the list of digital assets. Roicraft also provides users with an option to trade cryptocurrencies. These digital assets include Bitcoin and other potential cryptocurrencies.

In the last months, Bitcoin has broken all previous records after claiming $60,000. Currently, the price value of the top digital asset is standing above $42,000. According to some experts, it may claim $100,000 by the end of 2022. So, it is the best time to inject money on Bitcoin as it may give you a golden opportunity to become a rich person.

Traders will also find it the best platform for trading precious metals, including gold and silver. Gold is a good hedge investment against inflation and weak policies of the central banks. For many years, it has assisted traders and investors in accumulating money rather than losing money due to inflation. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the condition of the world economies has suffered a lot due to careless actions of the governments.

People standing on the list of billionaires have invested in companies and firms in one way or the other. Investment guru Warren Buffet has become one of the richest persons on the earth after investing money over valuable companies. On Roicraft, you will find stocks of potential companies and companies. With the help of account managers, you can make thousands of dollars as a result of stock trading.

Besides, Forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks, users of the trading firm can also spend money on other commodities as a part of the investment. These commodities include oil, rubber, corn, pork, sugar, wheat, soybeans, and coffee. These are less likely to fluctuate, unlike other trading instruments.

Roicraft top markets
How to Trade with Roicraft?

To start trading with the brokerage firm, there is a simple procedure without any obstruction. Even new users will find no difficulty in both registration and trading processes. After going through 3-4 phases, one can become a permanent resident of Roicraft. I will write a brief intro about these steps before continuing to other things about the trading firm.

Registration Phase

The first phase is the registration phase, where a new user gives his personal information to the company for legal purposes and other compliance policies. After landing on the homepage, users will click on the registration page to give personal data, including first name, last name, phone number, country of residence, and a strong password. Besides the personal information, they will not ask for any further information from the customers.

Account Selection Phase

After completing the registration process, the second step is to choose an account type based on the trading needs of users. Roicraft is offering three different account types, including Micro, Standard, and Big Accounts. Each account type has different features and specifications. The account types are designed based on the priorities and preferences of users.  For new users, Micro Account is good because they can train themselves with an investment of only $10,000. On the other hand, big investors should choose the Big Account for trading.

Funding Phase

The funding phase is an integral part because one cannot benefit from trading without adding funds into the platform’s wallets. The trading options will get open for users after funds deposit. The return on investment depends on the amount of money you submit in the funding phase. If a customer submits more money, he will earn more profit as a result. So, people who are willing to add funds up to $100,000 can earn a lot of profit.

Trading Phase

The trading phase is the actual destination of traders because it is a phase where people execute trades on objects, including stocks, Forex, cryptocurrency, and other things. The account managers of the brokerage firm will help you in the execution of successful trades as low expertise on the part of traders can result in a big loss. If a user finds any difficulty in the execution of trades, he can contact the support team of Roicraft.

Is it a Safe Trading Company?

Security of funds is the most crucial thing for online financial firms because the chances of scamming are very high on the internet world. As the number of trading companies is surging, the amount of scammers is also increasing. So, a detailed study is required before using any online investment company.

I have made your task easy because I have checked all the leading brokers in the market. This broker is a secure trading platform from all perspectives, and users will not have to take tension about their funds. According to the firm, it secures funds of customers under many layers of security. It is one of the major duties of the staff to take all responsibility for customers’ money.

In case of any queries, one can connect with customer staff to know everything about the issue. However, it is a record of the company that it did not become vulnerable to any kind of scam or hacking attack. The team of developers has protected it using cutting edge technology that makes it impossible for cyber attackers to breach the security of Roicraft. I advise you to use Roicraft for the trading of objects because it is a secure trading broker.


The platform is offering only WebTrader for the execution of successful trades because it makes the whole thing professional and easy. The WebTrader is supported by every device type, which means users can run it on any computer, laptop, and mobile device. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced features and functionalities that let users enjoy a professional trading journey. The features of WebTrader include detailed market categories, real-time market updates, multiple view chart options, options flexibility, technical indicators, and support of all operating systems.

It is very easy and simple to use WebTrader as its interface is user friendly and integrated. With a comprehensive list of functionalities, one can use multiple tools and indicators to make the trading process more successful. Traders can avail themselves the opportunity of top-notch benefits, such as access to multiple charts, financial events, automated trading, economic calendar, news, and indicators section.

Attributes of Roicraft

Attributes of Roicraft are unlimited in numbers and are enough to leave a good impression on investors. In this section, I am going to introduce you to the features of Roicraft.

Good Customer Support

Roicraft is a recognized and famous trading broker due to outclass customer support. In terms of customer support, the users are fully satisfied and can give full stars. I have also contacted the current customers of the company and find that they are happy with the customer response of the broker.

The customer support of the brokerage company is running by a team of experienced and professional people. The customer agents remain live 24 hours a day and give responses to queries on time without any delay. After encountering an issue, the users can contact the support team of the broker.

Professional Staff

The staff members of the firm have years of experience in the trading industry. The company stresses professionalism, which also applies to the staff group of the broker firm. The founders of Roicraft created it after analyzing the preferences and attitudes of the people who are working in the world of trading for years.

Developers who build the trading company have designed it, keeping in mind the thoughts of customers. After a user deposits money, the security of funds will become the responsibility of the staff. There is also an option for account managers who assist investors in executing winning trades. The experienced staff will make your journey easy with full security over Roicraft.

Privacy of Users

In terms of user privacy, Roicraft has also become a reliable place after years of struggle in the market. Privacy of information is very important because it can harm the identity of a person. Personal information proves very beneficial for scammers, and they can rob money out as a result of privacy manipulation. Therefore, the brokers pay great attention to keeping private information secure.

To make sure, it has hired a team of professional people who keep the check and balance of it and prevent any kind of manipulation from the outside. So, you do not have to worry about personal information, such as full name, phone number, and address. The company, however, collects personal information at the time of registration as it is necessary to comply with regulatory bodies.

Integrated User Interface

The User Interface of an online company matters a lot as it reflects an overall image of the company. New users are usually impressed by the good user interface of the brokers. The user interface of Roicraft is integrated and friendly, which gives professional feelings to new customers of the firm.

It has impregnated necessary information along with products.  The important pages are present at the top of the landing page so that people find no obscurity in finding related things. Over the website of Roicraft, everything is pasted in a clear way to avoid confusion on the part of customers. It is equally helpful and beneficial for both new and professional traders.

Support for Multi Languages

As a global trading platform, traders and investors all over the world can enjoy the trading facilities of Roicraft. To accommodate such a great numbers of traders who belong from different countries of the world, the broker supports various languages besides common international language.

Trading Analysis

A true trading analysis lets you earn a lot of profit even if your investment is small. Trading analysis is basically the second name of technical analysis that is an integral part of trading. To execute successful trade, one must understand the market position and price movements of the last years. Technical analysis basically studies the attitude of price movements over the years.

Technical analysis requires tools, charts, and indicators, which is possible with the Roicraft. What’s more, it is applicable to predict future price values of those assets that are easily influenced by factors such as demand and supply. For a wonderful experience of technical analysis, the firm equips the traders with all tools, indicators, and charts.

Besides technical analysis, fundamental analysis is also crucial and completes the whole thing. Fundamental analysis deals with the important news circulating in the market for a specific entity. According to financial experts and economists, fundamental analysis is 80% logical or rational and 20% psychological. So, both work side by side to make a successful trading journey, and a trader must utilize both ones in trading stocks, commodities, and other things that work on the principle of supply and demand.

How is Roicraft Different from other Brokers?

First of all, I would like to talk about the leverage offerings of the firm. Out of all Forex platforms, Roicraft is the only one that is providing high leverage. There are many scammers in the market that claim high leverages, but they are lying about it and do not offer such positions. Roicraft is alone in the industry that claims 1:1000. People who have used the services of the company praised this service.

However, the leverage options vary depending on the amounts of deposits and account types that come with different opportunities. However, the firm has also warned users that high margins carry high risks, but it can also make you rich. So, it depends on the expertise level of the people who are using this facility. To manage risk, the platform provides an option for monitoring the margin functionality.

Through the trading platform, you can easily place your order. On premium trades, users can claim premium trading things that are not available with low volume trades. The company claimed that it is working in the market for the last ten years and fully understands the needs of traders and their priorities as well.

The users can fulfill their bank accounts with money after using the optimized functionalities of the trading firm. WebTrader provides unlimited opportunities, which are not available to other competitors. Moreover, it provides transparency about the terms and conditions for three offered accounts of Roicraft. Unlike other Forex brokers, traders execute fast with cutting-edge technology.


As a global trading broker, it supports multiple languages for traders all over the world. Security of funds and privacy of users are included in the major goals of Roicraft. The broker’s WebTrader option lets you earn money on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

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