OrbitGTM Review – Is OrbitGTM Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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In conclusion we can see that OrbitGTM, a vintage broker for many years, is a legitimate brokerage and NOT a scam. If you are searching for a top par firm to begin your trading career with then OrbitGTM is a great choice. You can visit their website in the link below or keep on reading our OrbitGTM review to learn more about them before making your choice.

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoA broker acts as a financial advisor, wealth manager, liability and risk administrator, and even investment dealer on behalf of their clients. It is most advisable and highly recommended to work with a broker to avoid any legal discrepancies and proper filing of the documents at the exchanges. Now when a person started to look for a broker, they would see thousands of options available. But how does a person finds out a good broker from all the clutter? I used the services of OrbitGTM a while ago, and I find them compliant with all the qualities that make for a good broker. The OrbitGTM review will give the right idea to the prospective investors to check for themselves if the broker fulfills all of these qualities or not.

A broker may be a person or firm that stays in connection with the stock markets, forex platforms, and crypto exchanges on behalf of their customers. Brokers also act as a buyer or seller of asset class commodities for their customers and sometimes assume the position of the principal party in a contract. The question here is that why should a person need a broker and why they cannot conduct the stock trading on their own? The answer is simple; brokers are licensed to make trades with the securities exchanges. This law is placed to safeguard the interest of the common people. Since I was able to make a good percentage of profit on my investment, it is easy for me to say that the OrbitGTM team is experienced and professional in every manner. Nevertheless, the investors who are just starting must use the following points to gauge the qualities of a good investor at any given point:

  • Compliance with Business Ethics.
  • Active Communication and Honest Opinion.
  • Solid Research and Projection for a Business Evaluation.
  • Profit inclined Marketing Strategy Formulation.
  • Relevant Experience and a Flare for Improvement.
  • Interpersonal Skills.

I found OrbitGTM to possess all of the above qualities, and they also managed to run some of their good charms on the people that they are working with. The most important support that an investor who is just starting in the business needs from their broker is constant communication. Stock markets, Forex, and cryptocurrencies have thousands of possibilities at any given time. For a newcomer, it is not possible to keep track of all the information that they are getting from the market. Even the most seasoned traders are unable to find a distinction between the rumors and the rush of a stock market that is working at full throttle. The presence of a good trader like OrbitGTM is to ensure that the clients hear the filtered out and important information that is sure to take them to the path of success.

The ethics code of the broking dictates that the brokers do not only worry about their incentives, but they make the best effort to safeguard the interest of the clients who are paying them. In this regard, OrbitGTM does not come short by any means. Whenever there are a market stagnation and a slew of rumor mills is opened up, the professional and experienced team of OrbitGTM steps forward to contact their customers and shield them from making any harsh decisions. Another great quality of OrbitGTM is the presence of 24/7 customer support at all levels of trading.

OrbitGTM – A Rudimentary Introduction

OrbitGTM is your online brokerage partner who could manage forex, stocks, cryptocurrency trading on your behalf. The good thing is that you could work with any traded commodity from any part of the world. You can also raise your stakes in multiple options when you are working with OrbitGTM. The most important thing to understand here is that no service and no brokers are perfect. To make the most of your time with OrbitGTM, you have to understand their area of expertise. The great thing about this brokering platform is that several brokers are affiliated with this service, and the new investors who are choosing to work with a particular commodity get to work with a broker who has specialized experience in that field. At the OrbitGTM platform, the diversity of the asset is uncanny. There was a time when traders were only allowed to trade in a specific field. However, now the situation is entirely different, and the traders can invest their money in multiple asset classes of their choice via a diversified financial platform like OrbitGTM.

OrbitGTM website

When a trader chooses OrbitGTM as their investment partner, they can reap the following benefits:

Variegate Trade Markets

The time and age for physical meetings with traders are long gone. Today, the world has adhered to a digital economy that is accessible for all types of trading. Most online brokerages are providing one or two trade commodities only. This limitation hinders the diversification of the investment for the traders and gives them the hassle of juggling multiple brokerage applications and contracts. However, OrbitGTM is one of the few trading platforms that provide their clients with a full range of trading options, including CFD markets and cryptocurrencies. It is like a one-stop shop for all the trading needs. The markets where investors can put their money include Forex, shares, commodities, indices, currency trading, bonds, and cryptocurrency.

The Facility of Leverage Trading

One most important advantage of trading with OrbitGTM is that it facilitates traders with leveraged trading. Leveraged trading is a process where the traders and brokers are staking money as a unit in a particular commodity. To understand this better, assume that there is a particular asset that is out of the price range of an individual trader. In such a case, the broker would come forward and offer some percentage of the investment on their behalf and allow the trader to pursue the business. It is needless to say that leverage trading is one of the most profitable forms of trading, and only reliable brokers like OrbitGTM provide this option. Investors who are looking for digital assets like IOTA, NEO, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and the king itself Bitcoin would find it listed in the OrbitGTM glossary.

The Wonderful Trading Platform of OrbitGTM

One of the best parts about working with OrbitGTM is that there is no need to keep waiting for hefty application upgrades. The entire OrbitGTM platitude is present on the website. In this manner, the clients can access the latest information about their trading needs at any time and anywhere. The platform is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Brave Browser, and even Safari for non-citizen users. People who are using android, iOS, or any other operating systems can access the platform whenever they want. The top priority of OrbitGTM is to provide their customers with stability which gives them confidence and financial security. There is no need to travel for hours and run back and forth between broker offices to meet your individual financial advisors. With the help of online trading platforms like OrbitGTM, a trader can even place their bets from their vacation homes without having to make much effort.

Free Educational Access to Users

Many trading platforms like to keep their customers in the dark to increase their dependency on the brokers. However, OrbitGTM educates the customers about all possible directions of the trading world and keeps an updated blog on their website. Any traders who wish to learn more about their choice of a commodity can log on to the website and gather tips from videos, books, news, and FAQs section. This type of open-sourced information is quite rare in the broking business these days, and it shows that the OrbitGTM team is truly invested in assisting their clients in making the best decisions at their disposal. The website also comes with specialized broker tools and the latest technology. With the help of these tools, the investors get access to trading signals, live price charts, sentiment readings, market highlights, and other such options. There is plenty of educational material available on the trading platform that can help out the investors who are only starting.

Trader’s Safety and Cyber Security

A huge downside of working with online brokers these days is the threat of getting hacked or a leak of personal information. All investors are advised to do their research before start working with any trading platform. OrbitGTM is many times more secure and safer in terms of cybersecurity protocols. Many investors end up becoming the target of a bad scam when they started to work with a platform without knowing much about them first. Some telltale signs set apart the best trading platforms from the suspicious ones. There is no doubt about the fact that OrbitGTM is a professional platform that is run under the supervision of capable and qualified individuals.

The OrbitGTM platform is compliant with KYC (Know your customers) and AML (Anti-money laundering) protocols. The broker has adopted these internationally recognized policies to make their platform the most secure and safe place for the trader’s traffic coming from every part of the world. These cybersecurity protocols qualify a broking platform like OrbitGTM to have better access to the customers’ information and open up only verified accounts. Also, the presence of these protocols discourages criminal and suspicious users from staying away from the use of this service and makes it more secure for legitimate traders. An additional implementation of cybersecurity is added by the introduction of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The presence of this latest and state-of-the-art encrypted technology protects the data and personal information of the users against malware and misuse. SSL also plays an important role in securing the trader’s funds and works as a locker for card information and password to get away from the reach of hackers, advertisement trackers, and data hijackers.

Excellent Customer Support

One huge problem for many traders who are taking an interest in online trading is that they have limited access to the broking services at different levels. For the most part, the investors keep making speculations on their own about what should be their next move. Many new investors have to go through the painful process of losing money due to a lack of support on their back. However, with OrbitGTM, the customers get the maximum traction and 24/7 customer services access. It does not matter if the traders are only getting started and what the volumes of their trading bids are at the moment.

Absolutely 100% of customers of OrbitGTM get 100% access to the customer live support option. Such devotion towards the cause of the customers is what makes OrbitGTM one of the best online brokering operators. Unlike other traders, where every singular customer gets only a limited amount of advice exposure, and they have to adjust their schedule for the service that they are paying for. At OrbitGTM, the customers come first, and the service providers offer them support as per the convenience and schedule of the customers.

OrbitGTM customer support

Types of OrbitGTM Accounts

The trading platform of OrbitGTM is non-discriminatory. It is not reserved for big institutional investors and high net worth individuals only. Even the traders who have never put their stakes in this industry can join and start their successful financial career with OrbitGTM. There are many types of accounts that offer different exposure and different services based on the requirements of the clients. The customers are advised to read about the benefits of each account and pick out the one that is most suitable for them.

Many investors are cynical about putting their money in a new platform. Therefore, many investors like to start from a smaller stake account and build their way up eventually. OrbitGTM team welcomes all traders with different needs and different asset investment proportions. In case a trader is falling short on cash and still wants to invest in a commodity like Bitcoin, they can always apply for the leverage trading program and discuss the details with their broking adviser in detail.

Here is a little expansion of the OrbitGTM broking accounts that are available for the benefit of the customers.

Basic Account

A person who has never traded before can start with a basic account with only a $250 account opening obligation. This account is ideal for students and teenagers who are seeking a career in the stock market or digital asset trading. The holders of basic accounts also get access to 24/7 customer support without any additional charges. They would also be incentivized by getting a 30% bonus as a registration reward.

Beginners Account

A person who has basic knowledge about the ways of stock markets and cryptocurrencies can get started with a beginner account. This account is most ideal for grade students who are pursuing an academic career in financial studies and have plenty of book knowledge at their side. The account can be opened with a small investment of $10,000 and comes with a 40% signing bonus. The holders of accounts have 24/7 customer service support and also a junior account manager, as well as access to basic trading resources and indicators.

Medium Account

This account is reserved for experienced traders who have been investing and making profits in the industry for a few years. This account can be accessed with an investment volume of $50,000 deposits and comes with a signing bonus of 70%. A senior manager would be available at the service of medium account holders to give them sound advice and assist them with finding stability and maximum profit ventures. Investors who are aware of the ups and downs of the stock market and want to pursue trading as a side hustle would find this option well suited to their needs.

Pro Account

The pro account at OrbitGTM is for the traders who are willing to diversify their trading volume and have a sizeable percentage of trading in several asset class commodities. The deposit amount for a pro account is $100,000, and it comes with a signing bonus of 80%. Pro accounts users are considered accredited investors who are qualified to put their stakes in bigger financial assets. They get access to the best trading resources and top account managers at the disposal of OrbitGTM.

VIP Account

The VIP account is specified investor positions that are awarded to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. These account holders are often investors with a high tolerance for risk management and therefore liable for huge profit ratios. The VIP accounts are most suited for the investors who are willing to get their stakes in the long run and act as whale investors on cryptocurrency exchanges and stocks.


The trading world is a busy place, and it does not stop for a second. It is easy to lose track of time and end up missing the opportunity to make the right decision. However, since the OrbitGTM customer services are online around the clock, the traders can rest assured that they are getting in touch with the right advisor at any given time and have the best access to a sound advisor when they need it the most. 

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