New Survey Regards Ukraine the World’s Most Crypto-Aware Nation

Recent research hosted by crypto broker company, BrokerChooser, revealed that Ukraine has the most people who are engaged with digital assets, followed by world superpowers Russia and the United States.

Details on the Research

BrokerChooser kept many factors in mind when conducting this large-scale research that included the number of people owning digital assets and the worldwide adoption index in order to figure out which country had the highest number of digital asset engagements in the entire world. Data from Google searches related to the words, crypto, and cryptocurrency were also taken into account, which contributed a lot to figure out the final result of the research.

Ukraine Comes out on Top!

It turns out, Ukraine was the country that managed to top out in the list, scoring a great 7.97/20 score, with Russia and the United States falling behind at the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. The exciting thing that came up in the results was that the country with major financial issues, Kenya came up at the 4rth position in the list. This result should not come as a surprise, as people from these growing minor markets have started to look into the utilization of digital assets in order to secure their savings and protect them from the traditional currency, which has been losing quite the value.

Another interesting result that came out from the research was that crypto adoption in most parts of North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Asia was dominated by institutional investors, showing the growing popularity of digital assets among institutional investors.

Confused State

Ukrainians have been fighting through a lot of major issues, such as war-based conflicts and rising poverty, but it looks like the people have found a new way of getting around, using the power and features provided by digital assets. The situation in Ukraine is still said to be a bit confusing as digital tokens in the country are illegal, but they do not have any sort of restrictions applied to them either. Another confusion is that Bitcoin isn’t allowed to become a payment option, but it is will allowed to be tradable on exchanges that run in the country.

Struggle for Digital Asset Legitimization

In the month of September, the local parliament had passed a bill that would enable digital asset usage with the respective regulations applied to them. If the president was to give this bill the green light, then the legislation would have to provide the investor with protection in digital asset trading.

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