Mayoral Candidate Curtis Silwa Wants To Make New York The Most Crypto-Friendly City in US

There has been some exciting development in NYC revolving around the upcoming Mayoral election where candidates are using all kinds of tantrums to wow their supporters into considering them for the position. This is kind of a known attribute that whenever a political campaign is up, there are a lot of promises made by the candidates and eventually, almost all of them, if not some, end up being heartbreak for the supporters. This time is no different, many Mayoral candidates have taken to social media campaigns, and live speeches are given in front of the audience to win them over, and the use of certain promises to tempt the audience and ‘political shoptalk’ is a must for these events.

Mayoral candidate Curtis Silwa however, is using some exciting and current approaches to win the hearts of New Yorkers. He has promised the citizens that if he wins the election, then he will definitely make New York City one of the most crypto-friendly destinations in the US. This is something that is current, and people are crazy about cryptocurrencies, favourably Bitcoin and Ethereum, and when a political element promises to make these mainstream, the crypto enthusiasts are going to be all in. The news was shared by Curtis via his Twitter account to almost 50K followers that some pretty heavy changes are going to take effect crypto wise if he manages to win the election.

Some of his big plans are making crypto mainstream in NYC, opening more crypto ATMs throughout the neighbourhood, and facilitating people to be able to pay their taxes and other inventive with the help of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and whatnot. The last but not least attribute of the plan is to urge businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies and, in doing so offering them multiple incentives along the way. This is a solid pro-crypto campaign that is being run by Curtis Silwa, and for that, he has at least got the support of crypto enthusiasts, if not every New Yorker.

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