How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Australia

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If you are planning to buy cryptocurrencies in Australia, Read our detailed guide to know the process details and everything needed to buy cryptocurrencies in Australia.

Throughout 2021, there has been a surge in cryptocurrency-mania. If you’re curious about what to do or buy cryptocurrencies in Australia, we’ll walk you through a simple step-by-step approach.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Australia

Buying and trading with cryptocurrencies is a straightforward procedure that requires only the use of a trustworthy online platform that suits your investment plan.

If you’ve never done anything like this before, you should start with a fiat-to-crypto exchange where you can make your initial investment in fiat money. They would then have to turn fiat into crypto using a specific payment source to choose a crypto-to-crypto converter. Switching from one online platform to another puts your funds in danger. It’s essential to distinguish between centralized and decentralized exchanges. Some of the more popular exchanges are centralized. These firms provide security services and can either connect market participants of Cryptocurrency or provide the Cryptocurrency itself. Their most prominent feature is maximum security.

Decentralized exchanges are peer-to-peer marketplaces where traders may buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies without revealing their identities. There is also no centralized entity in control of your transaction; it is all handled between traders and the person you are doing trade with. You can select a payment option that suits you because different vendors use different payment options. If you’re unsure, consider what’s essential to you.

Choose a centralized exchange if you are willing to forgo your confidentiality in return for a reliable exchange. The majority of them have been licensed and follow AML and KYC guidelines. Choose one of the decentralized systems if you value your anonymity and do not want to store your cash online.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency realm and maybe just a little confused. Cryptocurrency may not seem easy at the first glance, but understanding how markets operate and all of the concepts behind what you’re trading in requires some digging and study prior you jump in. Here’s a step-by-step guideline to buying Cryptocurrency in Australia.

What Are the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies?

According to Major exchanges, the number of cryptocurrencies has grown to over 5,000 distinct digital currencies. Because it’s challenging to overthrow Bitcoin’s legacy, thousands of these currencies, also known as altcoins, are typically short-lived. After all, Bitcoin was a significant monetary innovation, and the top brains in the fieldstill endorse it.

Throughout the years, several cryptocurrencies have succeeded to establish a safe structure for their market. Just a few examples are Ether, Xrp, and Litecoin. Their adaptability and project aim distinguish them from other cryptocurrencies.

These coins perform a variety of functions in addition to serving as a source of wealth. Some of them are intended for small transactions regularly. Others contribute to the widespread use of blockchain technology for smart contracts and decentralized apps. They defend systems from spamming and DDoS attacks.

And last but not least, digital tokens are typically developed on top of other blockchains since they do not have their own. These currencies are utility tokens that customers may use to pay for services or buy to gain savings on transaction costs or acquire voting rights.

To buy cryptocurrencies, select an online platform or exchange.

The first step in buying Cryptocurrencies is you must first select a brokerage or a cryptocurrencies exchange. While both allow you to acquire Cryptocurrency, there are a few things to take into account.

If you want to buy Cryptocurrency, you’ll need to have a “wallet,” an internet application that stores your funds. Most cryptocurrencies trading platforms let you set up an account and then use fiat money (including Australian dollars) to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Each user’s interests and trading objectives will determine which platform they can choose. Some traders want the most extensive assortment of currencies. In contrast, others prefer Australian-based and customized customer service, advanced trading capabilities, and the simplest method to acquire Cryptocurrency and see their investment develop.

The following are the most important considerations to make while selecting an exchange:

The reliability of the firm and platform stability is the first thing a trader should consider. The second factor a user should consider is the ease-of-use.

Service charges, margins, and any other costs that may be applicable should also be checked and analyzed while selecting a broker or an exchange. Customer support is the backbone of any firm, so there must be no compromise on the customer support service. Then you must check out the variety of cryptocurrencies they are offering. Training and educational material is also an essential and crucial feature that a compatible brokerage or exchange provides to its clients. And last but not least the option to purchase coins directly using Australian dollars (possible with most Australian exchanges)

Purchasing cryptocurrencies in Australia used to be complicated. However, those days have gone. With so many Domestic and worldwide crypto exchanges to select from, it can be challenging to know which one is appropriate for both you and your trading demands. If you’re in Australia and would like to buy cryptocurrencies using AUD instead of USD and avoid paying unnecessary and frequently undisclosed conversion costs, find a local platform that provides this option. Questioning via their live discussion may be an excellent method to find out while also checking the quality and legitimacy of their customer service, which is crucial if you’re just getting started.

Give it your best shot, do your investigation, check customer feedback, and seek an honest firm about who they are and the charges they impose.

Sign up and confirm your identity

You may establish an account with a digital currency brokerage or exchange once you’ve decided on one. You may be needed to prove your identification depending on the platform and the amount you plan to purchase. This is a necessary step in preventing cheating and complying with federal regulations.

You might not be able to purchase or trade cryptocurrencies until the authentication procedure is completed. You may be needed to provide a copy of your vehicle’s licence or passport, as well as a photograph to verify that your look matches the documentation you provide.

Registering with a digital asset exchange is usually simple and straightforward after you’ve decided which one best fits your requirements. Select login and password, enter your details and enable 2FA that offers your account extra security. Everything you have to do now confirms your email, asking you to prove your identity and request your residency proof. All of this may be accomplished in a matter of moments with passports or another kind of identification.

Enter your bank account, choose a payment option, and make a deposit to invest in cryptocurrencies.

So when the exchange has authenticated your documentation, you would be allowed to select a mode of payment. Numerous exchangers allow you to directly link your bank account or direct link your debit card. Although you can invest in cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card, it is not a smart option since cryptocurrencies price fluctuations can boost the overall cost of purchasing a currency.

Add your bank account information and make a free deposit of Australian dollars into your accounts. However, most crypto exchanges do not allow you to trade in modest sums of money. A minimum of $25 per investment is required, so if you’ve chosen to give it a shot with $100, try dividing it up across numerous investments.

Although not all cryptocurrencies are available on every platform, you may buy them from the buy/trade crypto area once your account has been created but has some cash. Do your research before purchasing a cryptocurrency. There are over 5000+ different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market. Enter the amount you want to deposit or the number of coins you wish to acquire, double-check the information, and finalize your transaction.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is permitted in Australia, several bankers may question or perhaps even deny handling transactions to cryptocurrency-related sites or platforms. It’s a smart option to almost always double-check that your bank accepts transactions at the institution you’ve chosen. After you’ve established your account and selected your preferable option for paymrnt, you can execute an AUD transfer into your wallet.

The charges for amount deposited using a bank account, wire transfer, or credit card varies. Before selecting on an exchange or financing option is best for you, it is critical to understand about the costs associated with each mode of payment. Trading fees are also levied by exchanges.

Purchase Cryptocurrencies

You can buy cryptocurrency after choosing an exchange and connecting a form of payment. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity. They have substantially increased in terms of financial worth and functionalities. The evolution of bitcoin exchange activities corresponds to a change in attitudes perception of cryptocurrencies. Purchasing Bitcoins has recently emerged as one of the market’s most popular trading options.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have progressed to the point where they essentially offer similar features as their conventional counterparts. Today’s cryptocurrency exchanges offer a wide variety of trading platforms and transaction channels. More or less all of the cryptocurrency exchanges offer markets and control options, but some also enable stop-loss transactions.

You may place your first bitcoin order after you have funds in the account. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies to select from, from well-known names like Bitcoin and Ethereum to less well-known cryptocurrencies like Theta Fuel and Holo.

When you’ve decided which Cryptocurrency to buy and the number of coins you want to buy, you can buy partial shares of Cryptocurrency on most platforms and brokers, enabling you to acquire a portion of high-priced cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum that would otherwise cost millions of dollars.

cryptocurrencies exchanges, in addition to a variety of purchase orders, allow users to set up recurring transactions, enabling them to cost and average their favourite products.

Safe Storage- Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets

Wallets, either for Bitcoin or any of the other introduced cryptocurrencies are a safe way to keepthese digital assets of modern times. Storing your cryptocurrencies in your wallets rather than on an exchange guarantees that simply the person who holds the platform has access to the personal code. This also allows the user to maintain cash outside a platform, reducing the possibility of fraudsters stealing your holdings if your exchange is hacked.

Several exchanges supply users wallets; confidentiality is indeed not their foremost focus. We do not really recommend using exchange wallets for large or long-term cryptocurrency investments. Most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges include mobile wallets as a basic feature. If you already have an account on either of aforementioned platform, the platform can deliver the tokens to your wallet balances as soon as it receives them.

If your exchange does not offer a wallet, you can sign up for any free third-party wallet available online. The only disadvantage is the inherent danger of holding funds online. We encourage utilizing online wallets as a quick solution only, regardless of how powerful and cutting-edge their security precautions are.

Some wallets have a more significant number of options than others. Some are Bitcoin-only, that is they only allow to store Bitcoins, while other exchanges allow you to store different cryptocurrencies also. Some wallets also let you exchange one token for other. Once it refers to choosing a Digital wallet, you have a choice. The first thing you must understand about cryptocurrency wallets is the difference between hot wallets which are online wallets and cold wallets.

Online wallets are most often referred to as Hot wallets. Hot wallets are online wallets that can be accessed by web devices like as Computers, smartphones, and handsets. Because digital wallets generate the encryption information of your account on electroninc devices, there is a danger. While a hot wallet might let you swiftly trade and retrieve your assets, storing your encryption key on an internet device puts it vulnerable to hackers.

These wallets hold and keep little amounts of cryptocurrencies or other Cryptos that you might continually be exchanging on an exchange. A hot wallet is analogous to a local bank account. Hot wallets come in a variety of formats, including mobile, pc, online, and exchanging account custodial wallets.

A cold wallet, in perhaps the most basic state, is not connected to the web and hence has a much lower risk of getting attacked. Offline wallets and hardware wallets are other names for such wallets. These wallets store a user’s encryption key on a gadget that isn’t linked to the internet, and they contain software that works in the background such that the customer can check their portfolios without putting their cryptographic keys at danger.

Cold wallets are the safest way to store Cryptocurrencies. However, using them as a trading instrument necessitates a higher level of technical understanding.

Cryptocurrency in Australia

Cryptocurrencies are thought to be a decade old technology, which is incorrect. In actuality, the concept of employing digital coinage dates back to the late 1980s, when talk of decentralizing our financial system was gaining traction. It wasn’t simple to come up with the necessary technology to enable such a peer-to-peer digital currency. Most of the issues took more than 20 years for software developers to resolve.

Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, and the bitcoin blockchain technology was open-sourced the following year. Even back then, traders were hesitant to invest in cryptocurrencies. The risks were just too high, and the sector was too unpredictable and unknown.

The Australian cryptocurrency market was no exception. It wasn’t until 2017 that Australia, and the entire globe, began to take an interest in Cryptocurrency and place their first bets. One of the fundamental causes for the change in attitude toward cryptocurrency trading, according to analysts, is a movement in Australian legal frameworks. Previously, cryptocurrencies were exposed to the controversial double taxation of Australia’s goods and services tax (GST), which means that Australians were obligated to pay the taxes when purchasing and exchanging Cryptocurrency.

Finally, in 2017, a new statute was passed that recognized Cryptocurrencies as properties with the same characteristics as real estate, and they are now liable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). A “digital currency,” as defined by the GST Act, is a fungible, unrestricted, and transparent source of real value.


Crypto-assets were created as a digital form of currency that could be used like cash at first. Some places accept Cryptocurrency as payments for products and services, and some ATMs take it as cash. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency is not an official currency in Australia and is not frequently recognized as a form of payment. Because most individuals don’t utilize their cryptocurrency balances for everyday transactions, it’s more typically employed as a potential, longer-term asset.

The procedure for buying cryptocurrencies is significantly more extensive than that for purchasing share of stock in a traditional way. This is primarily because the cryptocurrencies system and infrastructures are not as strong as those of conventional trade. Choosing an exchange or platform for buying, linking with a payment option, submitting an order, and guaranteeing secure storage for your obtained Cryptocurrency are the four phases in the bitcoin buying process. Each of these processes necessitates study and a thorough examination of the benefits and drawbacks of each service.

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