FinexArena Review – A Reliable Crypto Trading Platform

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In 2020, crypto industry was booming and with the start of near year it continues to remain top-notch. It was said earlier that other than a veteran trader, no one else can become a trader. Similarly, this perception was eliminated with the birth of cryptocurrencies wherein anyone from anywhere can become a trader. Because the crypto industry these days is riding a bull-run, everyone wishes to become a trader. However, in order to become a crypto trader, one would require to choose a broker which is simply the best and above all provides multiple benefits.

Comparative Study/Analysis of FinexArena

I will therefore discuss what are the traits required to be considered when somebody wants to become a trader and compare them with FinexArena – a crypto trading platform – to see how FinexArena supersedes others in the field.

Broker FinexArena
Assets Forex, Cryptocurrencies
Platform Web, Mobile, Desktop (MetaTrader 4)
Available Assets More than 200
Spreads Fixed
Maximum Leverages 1:1000
Trading Accounts Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Minimum Deposit 250
Registered Yes
Deposit Methods Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin Wallet
Customer Support 24/5

It is not hidden from anyone that currently crypto industry has been led by its very first cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. Since September till to date, the coin’s value has increased from US$ 10,000 to US$ 35,000. Looking at this phenomenal progress of Bitcoin, those who were once reluctant, are now putting their investment into Bitcoin and have come to believe that Bitcoin has transformed into a great source of storing value for long-term.

In this Bitcoin investment frenzy, FinexArena too saw a tremendous increase in the number of its customers because they all wanted to invest in Bitcoin and increase their returns over time. However, before anyone should consider to start trading with FinexArena, he must compare FinexArena with others and see if it meets the criteria of being something far superior to other crypto trading platforms.

Let me first point out a few things which an intended crypto trader must first consider before engaging any business relationship with any crypto trading platform. First of all the trader must ensure that whether the trading platform is beneficial or not or whether it is capable of providing multiple assets of trade or whether the trading platform offers commendable customer support and assistance.

Without any doubt FinexArena is one of the top-ranked innovative crypto trading platform which is available online. Secondly, the trading platform of FinexArena is overrun by 170,000 plus global customers which provides 24/7 access to 270 different trading markets of the world. Thirdly, a customer is free to explore trading opportunities in multiple assets spreading over forex, indices, stocks as well as commodities wherein the profits margins are high and the fee is kept at its minimal. Fourthly, it allows customer to choose from multiple trading accounts in accordance with their needs and availability of funds.

Fifthly, it is a platform which allows equal opportunities to beginners as well as pro level traders. Sixthly, it is comprised of experienced traders, skilled staff (i.e. customer support and assistance) and provides multifarious benefits which could not be found easily with any other online crypto trading platform.

Incorporation of FinexArena

Before go through the features that are being offered by FinexArena to its global customers, let us first look at how it was incorporated.

FinexArena is a lawful business which was developed by a company known as IBZ Holdings Limited which is an offshore company established and operating within the jurisdiction of St. Vincent. FinexArena developed with the single-purpose i.e. to provide online crypto trading services to global traders who were seeking to invest their funds into a profitable venture. Since its incorporation, FinexArena started to make its mark within the crypto industry and in a short period of time transformed into a brand name that earned customer satisfaction and trust.

Let us now move onto the features offered by FinexArena.

Uniquely Distinct Features of FinexArena

The features offered by FinexArena can be divided into two categories i.e. Trade Features and Unique Features.

1.     Trading Features

When we talk about trading features, there are several trading accounts from which a customer is required to choose one whichever suits his utmost needs. There are a total of four different trading accounts namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

If a customer wishes to open a Silver Account, which is recommended for any beginner, then he will need to first bring in funds to kick-start trading. There are multiple benefits contained in the account such as trading signals, personal account manager, bonuses and interests and much more.

The second account is Gold account which can be signed up with the injectment of required amount of investment and this account too includes all the benefits as were contained in Silver Account + Executive level account manager and bonuses upto 50%.

At third and fourth are the Platinum and Diamond Accounts which are specifically designed to facilitate those traders who have gained experience of online crypto trading over the years and have become pro level traders. There are multiple benefits which are bigger and better than the ones contained in Silver and Gold Accounts.

It needs to be clarified that selecting an account is essential because it is through these trading accounts that a trader can actually conduct his trading and receive and send of funds through them as well.

Like every trading platform, FinexArena also requires a little bit of proof to ascertain the identity of its client. The documents required for owning an account at FinexArena is also simple and can be done by supplying copies of Identity Cards, a picture, bank account details and contact details. Once the account is signed up, then the customer is able to conduct the trading of his choice and all the features of the accounts become applicable and available to the customer.

However, there is an additional account type called “Fixed Account” or “FIX Account”. This account is used by a special class of customers who want to conduct their trading on the basis of fixed spreads. Because FIX Account gives them exclusive control over their trading pursuits, therefore, it becomes ideal option for them. This FIX Account too has its own benefits such as Expert Advisors, Personal Account Managers, Fixed Spreads relating to forex and Bonuses are flexible.

1.     Multiple Trading Tools and Platforms

Availability of multiple trading tools as well as advance trading platforms are essential for enjoying the best experience of trading. If a trading platform is incapable of providing these essentials, then there is no profit in doing any business with them. However, the crypto trading platform of FinexArena is fully equipped with advance trading tools and platforms. There are currently four major trading platforms available at FinexArena namely MT4 Web Trader, Android Trader, iPAD Trader and iPhone Trader.

MT4 Web Trader: In crypto trading, MT4 trading platform is regarded as one of the best trading platforms. A trading platform without MT4 is nothing but an ordinary trading platform and therefore it cannot offer best trading opportunities to its customers. MT4 is a state of the art web browser which allows its user to do multi-tasking with ease of convenience in trading pursuits. It can be functioned in a way that it can offer and perform smart charting to determine price movement.

Since it does not required to be downloaded therefore a customer of FinexArena can use this amazing platform from any computer without the need to log in from personal pc or laptop.

Android Trader: As the name suggests, this type of trading platform can be accessed through those electronic devices which are equipped with Android operating system. Keeping in view that FinexArena should keep its customers at all times alert of any possible trade opportunities, it was must to integrate a system which could provide instant information to customers. The best way possible was to inform the customers on their mobile phones. Therefore, FinexArena has developed an Android based trading platform which can be accessed by FinexArena’s customers from their Android operated mobile phones and other devices.

In this way the customers of FinexArena are more uptodate regarding any possible crypto trade opportunities which in return gives them an extra edge over other traders.

iPAD and iPhone Trader: Similarly, there is a huge majority who has been using electronic devices operating on iOS system. In addition, most of FinexArena customers are users of iPADs and iPhones. It is therefore essential that while FinexArena has developed an Android based trading platform, it should also develop a trading platform which can be accessible through iPADs and iPhones. Now the customers of FinexArena, who are using iPAD or iPhone devices too can access this trading platform without the need to log in from other devices.

2.     Available Assets For Trading

One of the most important part of trading is the availability of multiple trading assets. As discussed earlier, a customer of FinexArena is fully capable of trading in different asset classes namely Forex, Indices, Stocks etc. All these assets trading can be done through the use of cryptocurrencies. The most preferred asset trading at FinexArena is of crypto trading and there are wide range of cryptocurrencies which can be traded by FinexArena’s customer. Some of these cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc.

It may be noted that currently Bitcoin trading is on its peak. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin price is surging continuously and those who had invested in Bitcoin has now earned great deal of profits. In 2020 there was a time when Bitcoin’s value was lower than US$ 3,000. At that time huge number of investors picked up Bitcoins because the value was low. However, as of today, in less than 10 months, Bitcoin’s value has surged for more than US$ 32,000 and is currently being traded on for US$ 35,000.

FinexArena’s trading platform still holds a considerable amount of Bitcoins which can be bought by its customers to ensure earning great profits after a passage of time. It is being said that Bitcoin will soon be traded on for US$ 100,000.

The next in line highly preferred type of trading at FinexArena’s trading platform is stocks trading. A customer is able to explore through 200 different stocks markets and can buy stocks relating to some of the biggest companies whose stocks would return guaranteed profits.

Let us now have a look at the other category of FinexArena’s features.

1.     Leverages

If you wish to become a crypto trader then you should learn about this term “leverages”. Leverage is something which is contained in a trading account and means that a trader would need to bring in certain amount of investment and the trading platform will too be bringing in funds as well for investment. For instance, a customer wishes to invest in a trading opportunity which requires an investment of US$ 100,000 but the customers has only US$ 10,000. So what will happen is that FinexArena’s customers will bring in US$ 10,000 while the rest of US$ 90,000 will be injected by FinexArena.

The amount of US$ 90,000 will be treated as a sum which has been borrowed by the customer from its trading platform. In this way, the customer of FinexArena is in fact creating more profitability for himself while ensuring that he has pooled in low budget. However, the leverage is dependent upon the rates contained in a trading account.

Indeed what we have learnt about FinexArena, makes FinexArena one of the most esteemed crypto trading platform. However, that is not enough to suffice the comparison between FinexArena and other crypto trading platforms.

Let us now talk about Customer Support & Assistance.

FinexArena Customer Support Team & Assistance

It is the ultimate aim of FinexArena to provide its customers 24/5 customer support because it through customer support that the trading platform earns its respect, loyalty, increases the number of clients grows business. FinexArena has ensured to give utmost importance to its customer support and assistance team because its bridges the relationship between the customer and trading platform and helps FinexArena into improving its services as well.

FinexArena has been investing in its customers support and assistance team from time to time and takes proud in accepting the fact that due to this investment, its business has sky-rocketed. This is why the brand image of FinexArena has been developed worldwide.

The staff hired for this service is highly skilled and experienced and has been trained by some of the best mentors in the field of customer relationship. The team is fully equipped and capable of handling any type of issue, including technical difficulties, without facing any sort of problem. Any customer of FinexArena can contact the customer support and assistance team 5 days a week through multiple sources. The team can be reached at phone, email, customer form and live chat as well. The live chat can also be done through known and popular mediums such as Whatsapp, Skype and other social media networks.

Since the pandemic outburst, majority of people opted to convene meetings through Zoom. Keeping in view this, FinexArena has also made sure to avail the opportunity of getting in touch with its customers over Zoom app as well. In case a customer wants to have an opinion or get his problem solved, he can download Zoom app from FinexArena’s official website or from somewhere else and talk to an online representative for getting rid of the problem immediately.

Treatment & Use of Investors’ Funds By FinexArena

Last but not the least let us have a look at how funds of the customers treated by FinexArena.

First of all let us be very clear that the relationship between a customer and FinexArena is duly deduced in writing and on the basis of an agreement, which is legally binding.

Whatever funds has been entrusted by a customer to FinexArena, are duly recorded and put into the respective accounts. Meanwhile the trading accounts have been secured with multi-level of securities and are impossible to breach by an unauthorized person.

1.     Funds Transfer Mechanism

As said earlier, that in order to start trading, a customer is required to put in funds into the trading account. The problem with other crypto exchanges is that they insist upon receiving funds either through cash or via bank transfer or through a medium with which the transferor is not familiar with.

However, in the case of FinexArena, the funds transfer mechanism is simple and in accordance with the best interest of the customer. A customer is allowed to send the transfer via bank or through fiat or crypto currency or through the use of debit or credit cards (i.e. Visa or Master).

2.     Withdrawal of Funds

Withdrawal is as important as the deposit and this is a huge problem with other crypto exchanges. What usually happens is that a customer is put on wait for weeks, days and months to withdraw his funds and therefore the crypto exchange loses loyalty.

However, the customers of FinexArena have been enjoying the liberty of withdrawing their funds whenever they want to. Irrespective of whether a customer wants to withdraw his investment or that he wants to withdraw the profit he has earned, all that is required from the customer is to send a written requires from the email account which the customer has asked FinexArena to register as his registered account.

Once the request is received at the end of FinexArena, it is immediately put in process and the customer is notified instantly that the team has received the withdrawal request and is currently processing the request. Normally it does not take more than a day for FinexArena to process the request and thereafter transferring the funds to the customer. But the efficiency of transfer is also depends upon the mode of transfer selected by the customer.

For example, a customer has chosen to receive funds through a bank of his choice then for concluding the transfer, a bank takes 2 to 3 days and in the case of offshore transfer, it takes upto 9 days. So if there is any delay, then it is due to the global banking rules. However, if the customer decides to receive the funds through ATM or Debit card, the transfer is in fact takes place on the same day.

In any case, it is the customer’s money which has been kept by him with FinexArena and therefore the customer is at liberty to take out his investment from the trading platform as and when required. There is no restriction upon a customer that he cannot withdraw his funds. As a matter of fact if the customer thinks that he is done with trading then the contract can be ended there and then. Again the customer would be required to send an email from the registered email address.

Most importantly there are some of the global policies which a lawful crypto trading is required to comply with. For instance there are two prominent policies known as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). It is the responsibility of FinexArena to ensure compliance of these two policies and similarly every customer of FinexArena is required to ensure compliance of the same.

A customer of FinexArena is asked at the time of signing up to agree upon following these two policies. In case a customer does not wish to follow these two policies then the relationship between the customer and FinexArena cannot proceed in any circumstances. It is therefore essential to sign KYC and AML policies for customer as well as for FinexArena.


Coming to the conclusion, I would say that it is always better to do your bit of piece, particular an independent search so as to determine whether FinexArena is a suitable crypto trading platform or not. But the time is running, Bitcoin is going up and up and a day will come when we will be saying that only if I had purchased it when it was under US$ 35,000. But those who does not wake up amongst those, it is time to grab the opportunity and seriously consider this review to extend business relationship with FinexArena. I can vouch that your crypto trading journey with FinexArena will be the best experience of your life.

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