Crypto Software Enterprise and Hong Kong University Issued Digital Health Passport

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all parts of life and business structures. However, one of the most affected industries is the traveling and touring sector. In the middle of the rapid COVID-19 spread, the governments are worried about opening up airlines and other channels of travel. All national airlines are trying to come up with the best solution for monitoring the passengers in terms of their COVID-19 screening.

The University of Hong Kong has formed a partnership with the crypto software enterprise ConsenSys to find the solution to this huge problem. It should be noted that ConsenSys was established in 2014 by Joseph Lubin, and it uses Ethereum for coming with innovative uses of blockchain technology capabilities and use cases. The latest groundbreaking project of the software development company is a health passport for making COVID-19 statistics digital. 

By using blockchain technology, it would not be possible for the patients to tamper with their health results. The digital health passport would save billions of dollars spent by the airlines to ensure that they have all the necessary information regarding vaccination from their patients. This digital passport would keep an updated record of temperature checks and medical history of the recipients and keep the personal information and credentials of the users secure.

The passport also has a slot for updating the COVID-19 test results and any related history of infection and recovery with the help of blockchain technology. This innovative and useful platform is based on the Quorum by ConsenSys and Codefi Orchestrate. Both these protocols are utilized to create leverage on the Ethereum ecosystem for DeFi and smart contracts applications.

The Test Period for the COVID-19 Digital Health Passport is Already Underway

Charles d’Haussy is the chairing managing director at ConsenSys for the Asia Pacific region. Talking to the crypto journalists, he claimed that it is important to conduct tests and make it through with flying colors for the project to become successful. He further told the media that the test program would be conducted in a closely-knit circle of hospital staff members in the beginning.

Without having a large margin of successful results, no new health-based technology can get federal approval. He also claimed that COVID-19 is one of the most challenging times for humanity, and it is necessary to find as many good technological alternatives to cure COVID-19 as possible. He also claimed that the nature of blockchain technology is a perfect fit for finding digital solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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