COTI Value Rises Close to a Dollar in 43 Days

After achieving a $0.583 market value, COTI has been on the path of hitting a $1 record value. However, its value did not rise quickly as expected for COTI.

What You Should Know About COTI

COTI is the first platform in the world that is optimized for creating coins that are stable in market value. Sources have shown that it is the first platform that enables firms to convert any currency into a digital one. COTI offers:

  • An excellent payment platform for large scale processing (as it can process 100,000 TPS as against the normal 25,000 TPS on already known payment platforms) 
  • Simplicity (through the introduction of easy-to-use tools)
  • Reduced cost (intermediaries are cut out that reduces cost)
  • Security (through the use of an improved ledger technology)
  • Instantaneous transactions (transactions become instant instead of the delays being experienced on other platforms)
  • Price stability (as this will help in making blockchain technology become more acceptable) and 
  • Settlement of disputes (it has a dispute resolution system that ensures understanding between the buyer and seller). 

Rise in Value for COTI

COTI’s value has reportedly been on the bullish side since early February. It reached its record-breaking market value of $0.583 on March 23 before it dropped again. Statistics show that the rise is 740%, which surprisingly occurred within a 43-day time span. A bearish cross was noticed on the stochastic oscillator as well as other technical indicators signifying a recognizable drop in market value.

However, crypto analysts and other market structure specialists have expressed their opinions about this. They are of the opinion that even though the lines are moving downwards, COTI’s next move might be a shocker. Bearish as the graphs may look, COTI’s price action against Bitcoin seems bullish. A 790-satoshi level is currently being maintained by the asset as its support even after falling from 1,045 satoshis.

Data gathered from technical indicators can be used to ascertain the fact that COTI is in a decreasing-value state, but the satoshi level has raised eyebrows as it signifies a bullish state. This has kept most analysts in suspense about what will happen next.

The asset is believed to experience a trend as time goes by, but what comes next? Nobody knows! It is hard to achieve a precise and accurate prediction about COTI’s situation.

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