BTC-Trends Review – Become A Modern Trader With This Advanced Trading Firm

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BTC-Trends Review

BTC-TrendsWe live in a world where everything is interconnected thanks to the wide range of the internet. Nowadays, it is possible to indulge in most businesses from the comfort of your homes. Similarly, online traders also have the benefit of being able to continue trading from their homes. A large number of brokerage firms available on the internet provide traders with the variety that they need to trade effectively. However, you need to make sure that the broker that you choose is able to keep up with the real-time financial markets. Successful investments are all based on timings, so, you need to find a brokerage firm that is able to stay up-to-date with the volatile nature of the financial markets.

A modern solution for traders is BTC-Trends. This brokerage firm offers features developed with the latest technology to ensure that its customers have a premium trading experience. In this article, I will reflect on my trading experience with BTC-Trends and shed light on the features that make this broker a great choice for traders who are looking for modern solutions.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best features of BTC-Trends.

Broker BTC-Trends
Assets Crypto, Commodity, Stocks, Indices
Leverages Up to 1:400
Trading Platform Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Encryption Yes
2FA Authentication Yes
Account Types Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Min. Deposit 5000 Units of Base Currency
Customer Support 24/5 (Phone, Email, Callback)

Best Features of BTC-Trends

Cutting-edge Trading Platform 

The first thing that you need to look for when you are researching brokerage firms is the kind of trading platform that they are offering. The trading platform is one of the most important and essential things that you need to look into. When you sign up with a trading firm, all your orders as a trader will be executed through the trading platform. It is through this platform that you are able to access the financial markets, view charts and graphs of the market conditions, and make investments. The performance of the trading platform determines whether or not you will be successful as a trader. Therefore, you must check to make sure that the trading platform which the broker provides is reliable.

Now, BTC-Trends offers something that many traders have their doubts about. This broker offers its trading platform in the form of a web trader. People have the misconception that web traders are unreliable and have poor performance. In reality, I can assure you as an experienced trader that my trading experience has been more successful with web traders than it has been with other forms of trading platforms. This is because, firstly, web traders are low-maintenance. This means that the user doesn’t have to download any additional software to the device not does he need to regularly update the device software. All that you have to do to access your account on a web trader is to go to the broker’s website and enter your credentials to log in.

The propriety web trader provided by BTC-Trends was developed with cutting-edge technology. This makes sure that the platform is always up-to-date with the market trends and news. The trading platform is packed with advanced tools that help the traders in making profitable investment decisions. These tools include real-time market rates, charts and graphs, trading signals, one-click trading, and many more. Despite being crafted with the latest technology and software, the user interface of the platform is easy-to-use. So, you can enjoy the benefits of trading with a state-of-the-art trading platform without the complexities of modern technology.

Trading Assets

There are many reasons why you should sign up with a firm that supports multiple assets. When you are a new trader, you need to experience trading with different assets to understand their trading environment. All assets have different volatility rates, so a variety of supported assets allows you to experience trading at different levels of volatility. Furthermore, when the trading firm offers a diverse range of assets, you don’t need to look for other brokers to create an account for building or maintaining a diverse trade portfolio. Being able to invest in multiple assets at a time also reduces the risk of huge losses. This is because if you invest large chunks of money in one asset and it loses its value, then you will face a huge loss. However, if you invest small amounts of money in different assets, you will reduce the risk of facing a huge loss if the market values fluctuate.

BTC-Trends supports a large variety of assets that you can invest in. The brokerage firm supports over 200 high-liquidity assets which is an impressive value. You can invest in stocks, commodities, shares, currencies, and several other main fields of assets with BTC-Trends. The broker accepts investments in fiat as well as in cryptocurrencies. The benefit of being able to access several different asset markets from the same trading firm is that you will never run out of investment opportunities. There will always be an opening for you to invest in which in turn keeps the flow of earnings steady.

Security Protocols

It is important to make sure that the trading firm that you sign up with guarantees that your information and funds will be secure. This is because online trading firms are prone to cyberattacks from hackers to get into their database to steal this information. Many cases of online trading firms being hacked and leaking user’s information have been reported and they are purely due to the lack of security protocols that they implemented. When you sign-up with a broker, you provide a lot of detailed information about yourself and confidential data such as copies of your government-issued ID cards. So, you need to make sure that this information remains between the two of you.

BTC-Trends deserves praise in this regard because the trading company has put in a lot of effort to ensure that its platform is completely secure. The brokerage firm has implemented the latest security software to ensure that its system is unbreachable by hackers. The firm is compliant with PCI DSS standards which keep your banking information safe. Furthermore, the trading firm uses 2FA (two-factor authentication) to ensure that your account is not being hacked or accessed by someone who is not you. Full data encryption methods are used to secure and erase your online activity. This makes sure that all the data that you enter into the system is converted into numbers which makes it useless to hackers. The trading firm has also implemented software the protect the system against DDoS attacks.

You will be able to trade with a peaceful mind with BTC-Trends because of all the measures it has taken to make its trading platform a safe place for traders. This is one of the most important features that you need to look into, especially today when hackers have even more advanced ways of getting into the broker’s system.

Banking Options 

When you are trading on an online platform, you need to use online banking methods to make deposits and withdrawals from your account. Traders need to have some investment capital in their account to be able to start trading. They also need to take out their earnings from the account. Many trading firms do not pay a lot of attention to this feature. They simply provide several means of banking and leave it at that. This results in a complex and long process for transactions every time the trader needs to make a deposit or withdraw an amount. Furthermore, the waiting period for the order to be approved can also be lengthy which can get annoying. Another thing that is common among online brokers is that they charge a specific amount of fee or commission on every transaction. Some brokers are transparent about their commission rates while some try to sneak in this fee which is not very good.

The banking options are one of the reasons why I was so impressed by BTC-Trends. This brokerage firm supports a variety of different banking options and does not charge any fee or commission on deposits and withdrawals. You can deposit or withdraw the amount using credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, and even e-wallet services. The brands the BTC-Trends supports include VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Skrill, Neteller, amongst others. Moreover, the waiting period for approval on a withdrawal request is a maximum of 5 days which also depends on the method of transaction that you chose.

One this to remember is that you can deposit as much money as you want but for withdrawing, you need to place an order for a minimum of $50 for it to be accepted. Overall, the banking options that BTC-Trends offers are great and a prime example of modern trading.

Automated Trading

This feature provided by BTC-Trends is the epitome of modern trading. The brokerage firm has the slogan of “The New Era of Trading” and the feature of automated trading surely lives up to the claim. It is not possible for traders to be live on their accounts every second of the day, however, that is how the financial markets work. Changes and fluctuations in the market rates occur every minute, so if you step away from the computer, you may miss out on some great investment opportunities. However, with the feature of automated trading, you don’t have to miss out on any investment opening that you may be interested in.

Auto trading is the software that trades on your behalf in your absence. Now, you may be skeptical about the broker using your money in your absence to make investments. However, you can be at peace because the investments are made under the predetermined conditions which you have set. You can limit the minimum and maximum amount of money that can be used per investment. Furthermore, you can also adjust other aspects and the Al system will only make investments within your boundaries. With the feature of automated trading, you can be online 24/7 without actually being glued to your computer.

The automated trading software was developed under the keen eye on professionals and trained analysts so, the system is completely error-free. You don’t have to worry about any glitches causing you to lose all your money in your absence as the system is constantly monitored to fix any bugs that may have formed.

Easy Sign Up 

When you decide to become an online trader, your first interaction with any online broker will be during the sign-up process. The registration process is the one where you first use the broker’s system. A new trader is already intimidated about what online trading will be like, so if they are faced with a long and complex sign-up form, they may rethink their choice. Moreover, many new traders will be doubtful of sharing confidential information to an online platform. This is why it is important for brokerage firms to provide a short and simple sign-up form. This is another great way to decipher the quality of the brokerage firm. This is because most of the reliable and modern trading firms don’t ask for a lot of information during the registration process. The initial registration step does not need extensive details about the user.

Another thing to consider during the sign-up process is the registration fee. As a new trader, you probably don’t have a lot of investing capital. And even if you do, you will be skeptical to pay a large sum of money just to register your account on a trading firm that you may or may not end up choosing. Moreover, most of the good and reliable firms don’t ask for a registration fee unless your account has been verified. So, if you find a firm that is asking for a huge sum of money at registration or a few at all, it is best to not continue with its because it will likely not be cost-effective for you.

BTC-Trends has a good first impression on traders because of its short and concise registration form. You just have to provide your full name, email address, phone number, country, and the currency which you want to use. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the trading firm, and your account is good to go. You don’t have to pay any fee to complete the registration. You can also use the demo account feature after this initial registration. Once you decide to carry on trading with BTC-Trends, then you will have to provide the additional information for account verification purposes.

Multiple Accounts 

If you have been researching brokers, you may have noticed that all trading firms offer at least a few different account options to choose from. This is because there are many different types of traders who need different conditions to trade under. There are new traders, intermediate ones, and then professional traders, so it is important that the trading firm offers account types that accommodate the needs of all of these traders.

BTC-Trends, on the other hand, offers five different account types which allow it to accommodate a larger variety of traders than usual brokers. The accounts that this trading firm offers include the micro account, bronze account, silver account, gold account, and platinum account. The initial deposit rates for these accounts start at 5,000 MNT and end at 150, 000 MNT.

Furthermore, you can access leverages from 100 to 400 with these accounts. What is really impressive about the account types that BTC-Trends offers is that it offers all the necessary features even on its basic account. This is something that most brokers don’t offer which forces the traders to update their accounts to higher tiers.

The Micro account is the basic account that BT-Trends offers and includes services such as daily analysis, video tutorials, and 24-hour customer service. These features are all great for a new trader for starting their investment journey. The account at a higher tier than the Micro account is the Bronze account. This account requires an initial deposit of 25,000 MNT and offers the additional features of webinars and seminars and a dedicated account manager. You can upgrade to this account after you have experienced trading with the Micro account.

An account fit for intermediate traders is the Silver account which has a minimum deposit requirement of 75,000 MNT. You can take advantage of a premium daily analysis with this account in addition to the other features and benefits.

The Gold account is a great choice for professional traders who don’t want to commit to the VIP account which has the same deposit requirement of 150,000 MNT. With the Gold account, you can access all the features of the previous accounts as well as trading central and premium customer support. If you want the VIP experience, then you should sign up with the Platinum account. If you are interested, then you can find details about the features of this account from the account manager.

Demo Account 

The demo account is one of the best features a trading firm can offer you. This is because a demo account allows you to practice trading with the broker without actually paying for the account. You can test all the features that the trading firm offers with this demo account and see whether or not it is right for you. A demo account provides you with real-like trading situations which allows you to practice trading in faux-real scenarios.

You can find the feature of creating a demo account with BTC-Trends. This great feature is a great way to decide if this broker meets your requirements. It is safe to say that the trading firm that offers the demo account option must be confident in the services and features that it provides which is something that you need in a modern-day trading environment.

Customer Support

If you are unsure about whether or not signing up with a particular broker will be a good choice, you should look at the customer service that it offers. You can tell a lot about the trading firm based on the level of attention they put on the customer support services. As a new trader, you will come across many situations and scenarios that will require special assistance. Most of the time, the information provided in the FAQs section is not enough. In this case, you will need personalized help from the customer support department. A reliable trading firm will make sure to provide dependable customer support to the customer. If a brokerage firm claims to be customer satisfaction oriented, then it must provide reliable customer support.

BTC-Trends has put in a lot of effort to make sure that traders are satisfied with its customer support. Trained professionals are hired to answer the traders’ queries and provide them with the best possible solutions for their issues. The broker also provides various means of communication including email, phone calls, as well as a direct message form. You can send in your queries via any of these channels. The working hours of the customer support department are from 8 am to 5 pm GMT, from Monday to Friday. BTC-Trends also offers multilingual support in English, Spanish, and Russian.

You can count on the customer support services of BTC-Trends to provide you with timely assistance whenever you may need it.

Final Words

Modern times require modern solutions and creating an account with BTC-Trends will provide you with just that. This online brokerage firm caters to the needs of new traders as well as professional ones. As the discussion above illustrates, BTC-Trends provides the best quality features that ensure that you are able to make profitable investment decisions with the help of its tools. In addition to its features, BTC-Trends offers reliable customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Since the financial markets are accessible 24 hours a day, you can get timely responses from the team whenever you need assistance.

When you are researching brokers as a new trader, make sure that you don’t take every review or recommendation that you read with a pinch of salt. Always make sure to do your own research on the broker and try out the features and services it offers before deciding to sign up with it. It is also important to not get dismayed by the negative articles that you may come across because they are not true all the time.

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