BitfinityFX Review 2021: Why Do Traders Choose BitfinityFX Instead Of Another Broker? (

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Forex trading has always enticed me. So, since I was a late teen would I always researched it. My father taught me a lot about the profits and strategies I could use while trading. The best thing I learned was to only use an honest broker. I found BitfinityFX last year, and I am truly amazing. They have so many positive reviews online, and they also have a large active community.

Since I learned a lot about the broker, I wanted to share it with people online s well. This article will give a detailed review of this broker and why you should invest with them.

Why Should You Use BitfinityFX?

I will start by saying BitfinityFX is not what you would think of when you hear “forex broker.” If I had to compare them, it would be like comparing Amazon to Overstock. They are both in the same industry, but they offer different things.

Another great thing about this broker is that over six different governing bodies regulate them. This directly shows they are the real deal. They have a lot of experience in the industry, which makes them one of the best brokers to use currently.

They also have a 100% transparency policy. So, I know exactly what I am getting when I open an account with this broker. Another thing I like is the lack of fees. The spreads are very low, and they even have a rebate at times.

Currently, BitfinityFX does not offer cryptocurrency CFD’s, but I know for a fact that they are working on it. This will be a huge advantage when you start trading with them because it will open up a lot of doors.

You can also use their copy trading system with this broker. You just have to contact the support team, and they will get you set up. If you are new to trading, this is a good choice because it gives the novice trader the chance to get on board without any problems. They are currently working on adding additional cryptocurrencies and fiat money pairs.

BitfinityFX does not yet have an application for Android or iOS, but they have a great website that is easy to access. You may also trade on the web, so there is no need for this feature right now.

They are among the few brokers that allow you to use credit cards, wire transfers, and even MasterCard for funding. I have never had an issue depositing funds with this broker, so I know it is always safe.

This broker offers several assets so you can get all the currencies and commodities you want to invest in. I have made a lot of profits with their metals, indices, oil, and gold.

They are transparent about their fees, and that is what makes them different from others. You will never be surprised by hidden costs or extra dealing fees.

They are always updating their platform to make things better, faster, and safer for all clients. They are even adding additional markets to trade-in so you can make more profits.

The minimum deposit is very less, and the minimum lot size is 0.01 lot. This makes this broker very accessible for beginners as well as experts. Their customer service team is always available 24/7. You can contact them through live chat, email, or phone.

You are not going to get flashy marketing material with this broker. You are getting honesty and integrity. This is important because it is the key factor that makes a good investment.

How To Start Trading with BitfinityFX?

First, you are going to want to fill out the standard account form. They also have investment accounts specifically designed for those looking to deposit larger amounts of money.

After completing the registration process and submitting your documents, you will be ready to start trading. You do not have to deposit right away, but it is a good idea because it lets you get familiar with their platform without any problems.

The customer support team should contact you within 24 hours of completing the registration form, so stay patient while verifying your documents. I was able to start using their platform within a few hours.

Once your account is verified, you can then deposit money into the broker’s accounts. You have several options for depositing funds, including credit cards, wire transfers, and even MasterCard.

You are probably wondering how much it costs to trade with this broker since they are one of the cheapest ones on the market. I am happy to report that they do not charge fees for opening an account, depositing funds, or even withdrawing money.

I currently trade at BitfinityFX because they are professional and honest. They also offer some of the lowest fees on the market, which saves me a lot of money with every trade. I have also made money when trading with this broker because they are honest about their fees, plus it is very easy to start using their platform.

What does their Education Centre have to offer?

If you are a novice trader, I suggest checking out this broker’s education section because it is very easy to use. The Education Centre has everything you need to make money trading, even if you do not have any experience.

The education section includes videos, tutorials, and webinars so you can learn the basics of trading even if you have never tried it before. This is a great feature because BitfinityFX wants to help its customers trade successfully.

They offer amazing eBooks with trading strategies, tutorials, and webinars. This is a great resource for anyone that wants to trade but does not have experience or education.

The broker also has some of the best real-time charts I have seen on the market, so if you are serious about trading, then this is something you should check out.

What can you expect from their customer service team?

As for the customer service, they are one of the best in the industry. They have a very professional customer support team available 24/7, so you can contact them anytime about any concerns or questions that you may have.

You won’t get a lot of marketing gimmicks from this broker. Instead, you will get their number one priority: keeping the customers happy with excellent service and quick response time. I have called them many times, and they are always there to help.

One of the problems I have experienced with other brokers is that their customer service team takes a long time to respond, not BitfinityFX. They usually get back to you within minutes which makes me very happy!

What makes this broker different from others?

There are so many brokers out there, but only a few are truly genuine. I have been trading for a long time and can definitely tell when someone is honest or not, and this broker’s customer service team is down to earth.

They must keep in touch with their customers because they always answer emails within minutes, making me very happy. After all, other companies take days before responding. They provide clear answers to all of my questions, so I know exactly what I am investing in.

Thanks to BitfinityFX, I have made money with their affiliate program! If you are interested, check it out because you can also earn a lot of money if the people who subscribe to your link also make investments. This is a wonderful way to earn extra money with trading.

I have been trading with BitfinityFX for over six months now, and I have already earned enough money to pay for my car! This broker allows you to make money without working too hard because all you need to do is refer new people, and they will do the work for you!

Assets and Chart

They offer a plethora of assets to trade on, such as Forex, stocks, and commodities. This is a perfect way to make money with trading because you can invest in what interests you most, commodities or currencies. It’s the best choice I have ever made!

They also provide several charts such as candlestick, line and bar. These are the most common types of charting that most traders like me use daily. This broker is truly genuine with their simple trading platform, which makes it easy to trade successfully.

I strongly believe that BitfinityFX is one of the best brokers for all novice traders because they offer amazing features like their educational section, customer service team, and profitable trading platforms. It’s also nice to know that I can make money with affiliate marketing!

Security and Withdrawal

They offer some of the best security features to keep your funds safe while you trade. The website is SSL secured, so there is no need to worry about stealing or hacking personal information.

Withdrawals are also simple and hassle-free. They usually get back to you very soon and provide a quick way to withdraw your funds. Sometimes, they even offer bonuses for making a withdrawal which is an added benefit that I love about this broker!

Final Thoughts

I want to thank BitfinityFX for being so professional and genuine. It’s nice to know that you can make money with their affiliate program because it takes the pressure off when someone signs up under me! I have made more in one week than what I have spent in three months!

Disclaimer: This review is written from the authors own experience and their self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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