Agartha Asset Management Review – A Recommended Wealth Management Firm

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Agartha Asset Management Review

Agartha Asset Management logoIt is equally difficult to sustain wealth as it is to earn. There are thousands of examples in which people earned a lot of wealth and assets but couldn’t keep them for a longer period. Managing assets becomes a headache, especially in the days of uncertainty like the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and its variations like Delta and Omicron. But you don’t need to stress at all because today, I am going to review an asset management firm that possesses tons of experience and dozens of hardworking and professional staff members. In this Agartha Asset Management review, I will tell you how this firm can help you in managing your assets and wealth.

According to my experience, a question will be popping up in your mind now that why Agartha Asset Management as there are hundreds of options available in the market. I would like to clarify this query in the beginning because this is a legit question. There are indeed dozens of other options available in the market, but the point is that they are not reliable enough to be trusted with a huge amount of money.

When you search them, you will see that none of those firms would possess experience of more than three years. But in the case of Agartha Asset management, you will see that the firm has been operational for almost 11 years now, and no fraud case has ever been filed against it.

In terms of the graphical user interface, Agartha Asset Management might not be the best one because it focuses on services and features rather than appearance. So it is highly advised that stay away from the fancy-looking platforms because they use animated and colourful layouts to trap customers, and in terms of functionality, they disappoint the customers badly.

Such firms are only developed to exploit the rich people who are not sure how to manage their wealth effectively. These firms not only lack experience, but some of them even don’t exist physically. They use automatic answering machines to answer the clients and give them an impression that the firm cares about the customers, but in reality, they are only interested in the money.

The purpose of telling you about such firms is not to make you afraid nut it is to help you in making a well-calculated decision. I am going to tell you about Agartha Asset Management because I am sure about its legitimacy and competence. I would not have written this review if I had any ambiguity about this firm in my mind. And not just me you will see every critic giving good remarks about Agartha Asset Management.

Agartha Asset Management website

About Agartha Asset Management

Agartha Asset Management is an Iceland-based asset management firm headquartered in the city of Reykjavik. The firm began its journey in 2011, and over time the firm has expanded geographically. As of now, its offices are located in almost 11 different countries. But its clients don’t belong to these 11 countries only. The search data shows that the firm is famous in Europe and Asia and a considerable amount of customers belong to other continents as well. The website of the platform offers three different languages for the convenience of visitors. These languages include English, German and Spanish.


As I have mentioned earlier that Agartha Asset Management has been providing its services uninterruptedly since 2011, and it has never been reviewed negatively. This is one of the biggest reasons behind its popularity among traders and investors. The fact that more than 12000 thousand people have already trusted this platform and didn’t complain about any issue brings satisfaction in people’s minds.

Asset management companies have to provide numerous duties for the sake of their clients. Due to its clean background, customers hand over their wealth and assets to Agartha Asset Management without any hesitation. Agartha Asset Management also provides consultation regarding when and where to invest the money as per the economic and social situation of the world. The background of the firm is a guarantee for newcomers that their money is in safe hands.


Experience is a product that can never be gained overnight. And in a matter in which millions of dollars are involved, you need solid experience. Agartha Asset Management has experience of serving for more than ten years now. In these years, it has provided unmatched services to more than 12 thousand people belonging to different parts of the world. On behalf of its customers, the firm has traded almost 9 billion US dollars today. These magnificent numbers are sufficient for the satisfaction of clients.

The experience of a firm is directly dependent on the experience of individuals working in the firm. When a firm hires less experienced staff, its performance is affected. Agartha Asset Management never hires unprofessional or less experienced staff. Most of its staff members have been working with the firm since its launch, so it means that the staff also possesses a great deal of experience which proves vital for its customers. In addition to this, the team of Agartha Asset Management is multi-talented as it not only contains traders but also consists of members who belong to different fields of life. These professional team members are then assigned duties relevant to their expertise so that they can help the clients in a better way.


Now that I have told you about Agartha Asset Management and its team, now I am going to tell you about the kinds of services it is providing. By the name ‘Agartha Asset Management’, you would already know that it manages the money of investors. It not only provides consultation services but also manages assets, wealth and helps in selling and purchasing cryptocurrencies. Its trading room provides the facility to trade cryptocurrencies very easily.

Its services can be hired for both short-term and long-term scenarios. Both these scenarios require different kinds of approaches, and Agartha Asset Management is highly capable of doing so because its team is well versed in it. The firm utilizes state-of-the-art technology and risk management strategy to make sure that customers don’t face any loss.

Registration Process:

The first step and communication of a client with an asset management firm is the filling of the registration form. The first step should be easy and simple so that the clients don’t feed up or get demotivated. As it is a mandatory step, that is why you cannot skip or delay this step as well. The registration form should be designed in such a way that it only requires the compulsory information so that it takes less time to feed the information. This type of registration form is considered an ideal registration form.

The registration form and process of Agartha Asset Management are pretty similar to the above-mentioned points. It is simple, short, and descriptive. With all the empty blanks, a short description is given so that the clients understand which information is being asked and how long it should be. Only basic information is asked from the clients, and no sensitive information is demanded from the clients by Agartha Asset management. Normally the registration form takes less than five minutes to completely input all the required information. The registration form requires the following information.

  • First name
  • Second name
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • A currency (Dollar / Euro)
  • Password

After entering this information, you will need to agree with the terms and conditions of the firm to proceed further. It is suggested that you read all the terms and conditions before agreeing. After this, your registration process will be completed, and you can start purchasing by making the first deposit in your account. The deposit varies according to the account you select. I will discuss all the account types in detail below.

Some clients become double-minded at the time of filling the registration form because some firms have misused the information of clients. But you don’t need to think about this because Agartha Asset Management uses every possible measure to ensure the safety of client data. It also uses software to encode the data immediately after a registration form is submitted.

Account Types

Agartha Asset Management provides hundreds of features for its clients. But every trader doesn’t require all of these features. So the firm has created five separate accounts for the clients named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Account. These accounts are tier-based, so the clients can select the account according to their needs and requirement. When the trader selects the account to his liking, then he receives the best services and satisfaction. In this way, it has become possible for Agartha Asset management to accommodate every type of client, such as newbies, professionals, virtuosos, and experienced ones.

Now I am going to discuss all these accounts in detail for better understanding.

Basic AccountThe first account Agartha Asset Management is offering is named Basic account, and as the name suggests itself, it offers basic features only. It is suitable for those clients who have small investments because this account can be opened by depositing a micro amount of 250 dollars. Although it is a basic account, it doesn’t mean that you will be deprived of useful features. All the necessary features like customer support service and leverage trading are available in this account.

The only drawback of using this account from my point f view is that withdrawal processing is a little bit slow, but it is justified when I look at the initial deposit. Educational features are also available to a certain extent, and you can participate in the webinars conducted for the clients.

  • Bronze Account

The second number account offered by Agartha Asset Management is named Bronze account. This account is available for you if you deposit at least 7500 dollars in your wallet. Along with the basic features, this account includes 1:05 leverage on trades and weekly market reviews. The thing which I like about this account is that withdrawals never take more than three days to get approved.

  • Silver Account

The number three account of Agartha Asset Management is named Silver Account. The initial deposit limit for this account is higher than the Basic and Bronze accounts, but still, it is affordable. You can own a Silver account by depositing 25,000 dollars. This account provides 1:07 leverage. An account executive is provided who manages the account for the client. It offers various money management plans as well.

  • Gold Account

The number four account offered by Agartha Asset Management is named Gold account. It provides fascinating features and beats all the previous accounts. But to enjoy its marvellous features, you would have to deposit at least 60,000 dollars in your account. In this account, the withdrawal requests get approved in one day only. The leverage is also raised in this account, and it is 1:10 in this account.

A feature that was lacking in previous accounts is also added to this account. This feature is a welcome bonus, and you will receive 30% cashback if you sign up for this account. The educational section also gets a massive update in this account because you would be able to enjoy one on one training sessions in this account. If you open any other account but later want to upgrade to a Gold account, then you can do it easily by telling a customer support representative.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is the flagship account of Agartha Asset Management and the most expensive one as well. To open this account, you need a minimum of 150,000 dollars at the time of registration. In exchange for so much money, you would be able to use all the features of this platform. Leverage is maximum in this account as it reaches 1:15. Welcome bonus for this account is also raised from 30 to 45 percent. Withdrawals in this account get a green signal instantly.

You should evaluate these accounts from your point of view and then make the final decision, but if you have no problem with the deposit, then you should go for a higher account such as Gold or Platinum.

Investment Philosophy

When an individual gives his wealth to any asset management firm, it shows that he trusts the firm. Agartha Asset Management is the most experienced asset management firm available in this market. With its vast experience, you can gain both long-term and short-term profits.

Mostly it prefers a long-term approach towards investment and encourages its clients to invest for a long time because, in long-term contracts, the losses get covered easily. It gives more time and more time means more opportunities for the traders.

But it doesn’t mean that Agartha Asset Management disregards short-term investment strategies. It adjusts its response according to given situations. It never wastes time to respond because opportunities only show up for a short while. It means that the firm closely monitors the situation and catches the opportunities when they show up.

Customer Support

Customer Support Service is a pivotal feature for every firm because customers can never be made satisfied without replying to them when they need it. When a client gets in trouble, but timely help is not provided, then he may be facing a huge loss, and ultimately he will never work with that firm again. This has become very common nowadays because the majority of the asset management firms available today are neglecting this important point. This type of behaviour cripples the traders, and their careers end up very badly.

Agartha Asset Management never compromises on customer support service, and instead, it has reserved some members for communication with clients. They work 24/7 to help their valued customers in their time of need. The customer support representatives of Agartha Asset Management remain on standby and act swiftly when they receive any complaints. If you face a situation where you feel that you need help, you can contact the customer support team by using any of the given methods.

The first method through which you can contact Agartha Asset Management’s customer support team is by visiting any of its offices physically. This method is only feasible for those who live nearby; otherwise, you should consider the other available options. The second option available for you is to contact the firm by dialling the phone number of the firm that is provided on the website. But if this medium is also not feasible for anyone, then he can send an email to Agartha Asset Management.

Bottom Line

By reading this review, you would have already come to know that the firm doesn’t lack any feature and its experience of ten years is an unparalleled point of attraction. All its features are up to the mark, and it is surely a firm worth your trust. I would recommend you to sign up with this firm and invest as much money as you want without any hesitation.

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