XRP Network Activity Increases as Big Traders Turn Bullish

Bitcoin didn’t always enjoy a steady price as in its early days; it was extremely hard for the developers to get people to invest in the cryptocurrency. In the beginning, Bitcoin was not even worth a single dollar, but as investors started reeling into this whole trading business for Bitcoin, its price continued to increase and has reached its peak as we see today. Crypto traders and institutional investors are now thinking that if they can do that with Bitcoin, have its price elevated beyond measure, then why don’t they try altcoins for a change.

XRP happens to be on the list of these accomplished traders, and a renowned analyst in the crypto industry mainly has turned bullish on XRP. Peter Brandt has decided to diversify his portfolio by investing a large chunk of it into XRP. A week ago, XRP was worth only a dollar, but now it is almost trading at 1.72 dollars. This has increased the overall network activity for XRP, and all the nodes are lighting up one after the other; this is the most elementary traffic XRP has seen in years.

XRP’s Price Value may Surge

The market analysis is also currently in favour of XRP as it proposes that the cryptocurrency is well positioned and is hitting all the right marks across the board to be eligible for new all-time highs. Talking only about the late March XRP soared by a factor of 230%, which is nothing but superb. Despite the ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission, XRP is holding its ground very well, and all that hard work is now going to pay off as the cryptocurrency makes the moves to dominate the crypto market.

If this trend continues then, XRP is definitely going to become an asset of a cryptocurrency among the masses; how long before you think that it will be placed right there with Ether or Bitcoin. It is even possible that the cryptocurrency soars above 394%. It is a possibility but not a confirmed one, so by all means, the volatility factor that is old and true for the crypto market also holds here, so investors should be well alerted moving forward with XRP investing.

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