Winbitx Review – Is Winbitx Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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Winbitx Review

Winbitx logoWinbitx is one of the prominent brokers that has aided several traders around the globe to get success in their online trading businesses. If you are planning to grow your financial earnings through online trading, then Winbitx is an excellent option. It is because it has gained popularity in a short period of time, and no other broker can challenge the expertise of its makers. This Winbitx review carries information related to the broker. You can go through multiple headings to get your uncertainties resolved associated with the features of the broker.

As an online trader, you have to be careful about your choices. If you make a terrible decision, you have to face the bad consequences by compromising on your money. Thousands of online trading platforms are in the market at this present moment, but you only have to choose one. You must consider multiple aspects of any brokerage firm before finalizing it. You need to do in-depth research of the trading platform before making it your ultimate trading partner.

Since online trading businesses got a boom, the cheaters took it as an advantage and made things difficult for many traders. Those crooks created platforms with no credibility and involved themselves in money thefts. It is the reason that traders now find it better to research about the broker. This Winbitx review examines every relevant feature of this broker and highlights why this broker is different from others.

Easy Registration Process

Suppose you’ve learned that there is a rise in a specific market, but you don’t have a platform through which you can invest. In such situations, you will probably look for a trading platform so that you can start your trading business with success.

Many traders are unable to get themselves registered on the brokers because it is a lengthy process. But the case here on Winbitx is quite different. Here, you do not need to spend hours to get the sign-up process done. Your few minutes are required by this broker, after which you become the firm’s customer.

As you reach the website of Winbitx, click the “register” option. It will take you to the registration page, in which you have to fill in some of your details. The form on the screen requires your name, email address, phone number, and country. Also, you have to mention the currency in which you are interested. The currency options available are GBP, EUR, and USD.

Winbitx website

After this, you have to agree with the firm’s terms and conditions. Plus, you have to certify that your age is above 18. When you are done with these steps, you get registered with the broker. You can start your trading business right away with the broker’s assistance.

An Incredible Platform for Trading

As I mentioned earlier, it is normal to be dubious about your selection for a trading platform. One of the standards to judge the platform is to check the availability of the tools. You need to make sure that the broker you are signing up with is up to the mark or not. Secondly, you need to make sure that the platform itself is fast, portable, and flawless.

When the discussion is about Winbitx, then this broker has kept its standards high. Not just this firm offers users a web-based platform, but it has also introduced a mobile app from which you can run your trading business. The web-based platform can be accessed through any web browser. You can choose the gadget of your choice to trade through the web-based platform. The devices can be laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

The traders who are constantly moving from place to place can rely upon the mobile app provided by Winbitx. The app offered is as good as the web-based platform. With high speed, it provides all the tools that are helpful for your trading business.

Apart from web-platform and mobile app, there are two more trading platforms that this broker offers. They are MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. MetaTrader4 is an advanced, customizable, and user-friendly trading platform that is enriched with various tools. These tools can help traders to earn enormous profits. MetaTrader5, on the other hand, is an advanced version of MetaTrader4. It has some robust trading features that can increase your financial earnings in less time.

If you are searching for the instruments available here on Winbitx, there are many to mention. Along with an Economic Calendar, you also get Risk management, Alerts, and live charts. Furthermore, as a customer of Winbitx, you will be provided with News and Market Insights. Moreover, facilities such as market analysis videos and trader’s guides are also present. If you do not understand English, then it is also not an issue here on Winbitx as the broker provides multiple language options.

Diverse Asset Options

Before signing up with any firm, you must go through the asset index of the broker. The more assets the broker provides; the more options you get to begin your trading business with. When the discussion is about Winbitx, then it has offered a wide variety of assets. Through the platform, you can invest in multiple markets to get tons of profit. With the broker’s assistance, you can invest your capital in indices, commodities, metals, ETFs, CFDs, and treasuries.

If we talk about participating in multiple financial markets, then Winbitx allows you to invest sums of money in stock markets, forex markets, and crypto markets.

Investors can participate in stock markets by spending money to buy shares in global companies. On the other hand, in forex markets, traders invest in currency pairs. Both of these markets are highly profitable. As we move forward, we cannot neglect the worth of the crypto market. It is one of the most necessitated assets for online traders.

There was a time when crypto trading was done through mining. At this point in time, many online brokers have realized its importance and have added it to their asset list. Cryptocurrencies are basically famous for their volatility. It attracts customers because there is a high probability of earning profits in the crypto market.

Winbitx trading assets

Digital assets have gained popularity in recent years, and multiple traders now demand from brokers to allow crypto trading. Winbitx has taken individuals’ needs into consideration and has added multiple cryptocurrencies within the digital assets. Along with the prominent ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Winbitx also offers affordable crypto assets such as NEO, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Demo Trading

Only few brokers in the market offer demo trading facility. Here on Winbitx, you get a chance to practice trading through the demo trading account. This demo account works as same as the real account. The only difference is that the money you invest in assets through this account is not real.

It is highly beneficial for traders who are not aware of how the trading business works. Through demo account, they can make themselves ready before jumping into the actual financial trading world. Winbitx provides such traders with an account manager who assists them in learning complex trading strategies and techniques that can help them in the future.

Demo trading is a unique way for beginner traders to learn new techniques and strategies which are required to do trading process.

Educational Support

There are many traders in the online trading industry who are new. Such traders are those who even struggle to understand the trading terms. Also, such traders are unaware of the trading strategies because of a lack of experience. It is actually the reason that newbies usually choose a trading platform that can help them throughout their trading business.

There may be many brokerage firms that provide educational support to the traders. But the fact is, they do not provide you with tons of resources as Winbitx does. Several brokers usually keep traders in the dark and provide them with limited resources.

The case here on Winbitx is different. It provides traders with multiple educational resources. Such resources can enhance traders’ trading experience. It is because the educational support through this trading platform is given in numerous ways. You can participate in seminars and webinars through the platform.

Also, you can learn at your own pace by studying the e-books provided by the platform. You can also get one-on-one trading sessions if you are not comfortable with the classroom environment. Moreover, the glossary offered by Winbitx contains trading terminologies that can benefit novice traders to learn more and more about trading.

Apart from that, there is a help center available at Winbitx from where you can gather the information you want. Furthermore, the trading academy is also there to train the individuals.

Security Provided by Winbitx

Winbitx is a reliable broker on which traders trust with their money and identity. One of the predominant characteristics of a broker is its security. If the platform is not secure but carries tons of other facilities, it is likely that traders may give up on that broker. It is because none of the traders, whether experienced or new ones, cannot compromise on the security of the platform.

You may ask that what standards are there to judge the security of a platform. To be very specific, there are some international policies that the broker follows. These policies ensure that the platform is safe to use. Winbitx has kept the security of the platform at the most powerful levels. The broker has made sure that they implement some robust security measures and laws to secure the platform.

To tell you about Winbitx’s security, then it has SSL encryption technology. This encryption technology is there to safeguard traders’ information access. Along with that, the broker executes two internationally recognized policies. They are named as KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy.

As far as KYC policy is concerned, then it deals with identity issues. It prevents thefts related to identity. To implement this policy, the traders have to give some personal documents and information to the broker. Time by time, the firm also acquires some personal data from the traders to make sure that they are only providing the services to the traders, not to the hackers.

When we talk about the AML policy, then this policy deals with money laundering issues. To ensure that the traders’ money is only used for trading purposes, the broker follows AML policy.

Customer Support

It does not matter if you are a new trader or an experienced one. You may get into issues where you will need the broker’s assistance. In such times, traders usually look for customer care services provided by the firm. The customer support of any brokerage firm should be robust enough to solve the customers’ problems. This feature of the broker is an essential one. It is because traders might face difficulties within the platform that can only be resolved with the aid of customer support.

Winbitx understands the significance of customer care services in the eyes of consumers. For this reason, the broker has a dedicated team of experts who can guide traders properly. These experts are always present to sort out the problems of the traders. No matter how small or big your problem is, the broker is there to guide you in the best possible way.

There are multiple ways to get in contact with the broker’s staff directly. The first way to get them is to call them. The numbers are available on the website. Moreover, if the broker does not respond to your call because of busy lines, just leave your number, and the broker will call you back.

The second approach to get in touch with the staff is to write them an email. The email address is available on the broker’s website. Keep in mind that your email should be containing all the information related to your problem. The broker will then reply to you with the solutions to your problem.

The third method to contact the firm is to get to their office. The address is 134-146 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom EC2A 3AR.

You can also communicate with the firm’s staff by filling a form. This form requires some of your information and the problem you are having. After you have filled this form, the broker will contact you with the answers.

The platform has also added a live support feature. It supports those customers that need the answers to their queries instantly.

Furthermore, the firm has added a FAQs section. This FAQs section carries answers to multiple and repetitive queries of traders. Due to FAQs availability, the traders do not need to contact the broker to ask repeated questions. It is because those questions are already answered in detail in the FAQs section.

Multiple Trading Accounts

No matter if you are experienced or not, you should look for multiple account types on the broker. It is because when you get various options, it is uncomplicated to select the account option of your preference. No experienced trader will select a trading account that has fewer options.

Likewise, no inexperienced trader will choose an account type that facilitates traders with numerous tools. It is because these tools will be beyond their understanding.

To make things as simple as possible, Winbitx has offered seven different account options to the traders. It is up to the traders which account they prefer.

All these account options differ because the features available in them are different. The account types start from the beginner’s level and vary throughout. The last account type is the VIP account which is for market professionals and expert traders. All of these options require different initial investments. Through these initial deposits, traders get access to the account option they have chosen. After which, they can carry out their trading business.

It is an unusual step taken by Winbitx that it has also introduced an Islamic trading account. It is mainly included for the Muslim traders who are a bit restricted in other account types because of their religious boundaries.

To make trading easy and unrestricted for everyone, Winbitx has taken a proper step to aid the Muslim traders. The Islamic account is a halal account that does not hold any interest. Furthermore, they get many other services such as Market reviews, Webinar access, social trading, and many other facilities that can help them to succeed in the trading world.


Undoubtedly, Winbitx is a complete trading platform. It is a trustworthy broker, according to the traders. It has kept all the standards of an “excellent” trading platform. With some strong security protocols, the platform offers exceptional customer support to the traders as well. Here on Winbitx, you also get multiple account options and can choose them according to your budget and expertise level. The platform itself is fast and has tons of instruments available to increase your chance of earning huge profits. It is highly beneficial for you to choose Winbitx as your final trading platform, because of which, you will always be in profits.

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