Whales are Trying to Push Bitcoin Above $50k

Bitcoin has come a long way, depleting all the way to $30K after maintaining a staggering all-time high of $65K was kind of a letdown for the cryptocurrency as well as the crypto market. But then, slowly and steadily, Bitcoin continued its journey uphill, and presently it is trading a little above $49K, all but ready to take the $50K resistance level.

Hearing the news, most of the traders are willing to provide the final push the cryptocurrency requires to fly off the charts all the way beyond $50K. But this isn’t where the case rests itself; traders are willing to go above and beyond by pouring more and more investment to take the price on staggering levels. They are expected that Bitcoin might show more upside with consistent push.

Mix Price Predictions for Bitcoin

Despite all the positive traits that Bitcoin is radiating across the board and winning the support of future traders to make the final jump beyond the $50K approach, there seems a slight problem with the upside data. On-screen data shows promise and looks vibrant to invest in because the pattern shows that the cryptocurrency could go higher, especially if a bullish run accommodates it in the long run.

But at the same time, there are investing patterns and the beliefs of the consistent traders that the market is going to take a solid hit sooner than later, and bitcoin is going to redact all the way to $32K and $34K support levels. It might not happen right off the bat, but it is going to happen, and that is why an upside from bitcoin is no longer the primary concern.

There are mixed feelings being spun around within the market; no one can say what will happen. The data suggest that Bitcoin is solid and can go for a bullish run, but the investing patterns and behaviour of the investors in these conditions suggest that there is going to be a major rollback concerning the price of the asset. It is possible that all of it is a major data blip, and things will get golden for Bitcoin in the upcoming days.

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