TooNFT is a ledger webtoon platform launched atop the Toomics environment, South Korea’s most prominent webtoon firm. The TooNFT initiative has secured $1.75M in confidential financing, becoming the decentralized webtoon corporation.

As per an official statement, HG Ventures headed the secret deal, including numerous renowned investment firms. Alphabet, GBIC, Adaptive Labs, Prestige Find, and Mindfulness Capital are investment firms. Having 50M active users and 10M application downloads, Toomics is among the leading webtoon internet services.

TooNFT intends to use the money acquired in the confidential transaction to introduce technical innovations to the industry by applying blockchain-based standards, resulting in a super sophisticated NFT environment.

What’s Toomics?

Toomics, a famous webtoon comics studio in South Korea with 10M mobile application downloads on Android and iOS smart devices, is the TooNFT’s affiliate. The firm was founded in 2015, with $15M raised from significant capital investors.

It currently possesses an extensive clientele, with more than 50M MAU. Toomics successfully formed strategic alliances with AfreecaTV, Tencent, and GMarket. Also, Toomics is currently the earth’s most fantastic webtoon supplier, with several accolades from prestigious organizations. Furthermore, the company makes a $60M profit each year through premium subscribers.

TooNFT Incorporates NFT Style Into The Webtoon Sector

The TooNFT system was successfully established in the Toomics environment with the goal of adopting decentralizations in the coming years. The NFT notion would be applied to webtoons and comics through this procedure.

The primary goal of TooNFT is helping the ecosystem by getting the system that allows for direct investments without the use of middlemen enabled.

That’s the reason the business successfully secured $1.85M in confidential and growing periods to build up a webtoon NFT system. This would make it possible to integrate blockchain distributed ledgers, which would benefit the webtoon sector. Every day customers would be able to make investments without the intervention of a middleman thanks to the utilization of blockchain technologies. It offers security solutions that include data transparency and staking. It’s the planet’s first global decentralized webtoon service.

TooNFT would be featuring several webtoon systems for accommodating content processes during the near future.

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