Three Arrows Capital Launches A NFT Fund

Executives from Three Arrows Capital have released a fund named Starry Night Capital in order to invest in the most popular NFTs in the market.

The Singaporean company has decided to come up with a fund that will focus on the collection of premium non-fungible tokens which are valuable in the market. The Starry Night Capital fund was first initialized by the CEO of Three Arrows, Su Zhu, co-founder of 3AC named, Kyle Davies and a mysterious valuable NFT collector named Vincent Van Dough.

Remarks from the Founders

Vincent Van Dough was the first of the group to reveal information about the fund in a tweet on the 31st of August. Van Dough stated in the tweet that the reason for founding this fund is because it is one of the best methods in order to increase their exposure to the change to the market that NFTs bring by possessing a few of the finest works of digital art from the most sought-after collections. Supporting Van Dough, CEO Su Zhu retweeted the tweet with a quote in which he said that he is very excited about this new opportunity which will help them to shine their names in the market. As for the community’s response, the announcement was well received, with many famous personalities congratulating the team for their project.

Plans and Roadmap

As for further information regarding the fund’s planning and roadmap, there wasn’t much provided in detail. However, Vincent Van Dough did mention that the Starry Night Capital has plans to construct a real gallery in a well-known city, give life to an NFT-based education platform and work on finding more ways to build up communities. Regarding the importance of communities, Van Dough said that the NFT space grows when everyone involved is happy around it, so communities are quite an important part of the Starry Night Capital Fund. Van Dough said that these plans would hopefully be completed by the end of 2021.

Looking at the current time, all 3 of the founding members are already engaged in the buying and selling of NFTs in the market. Both Zhu and Davies just recently bought valuable NFT Artwork, and Van Dough already has quite a big collection of more than 1900 NFTs in his pocket.

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