These Five Platforms are in Support of the NFT Space

Ample growth has been recorded and attributed to the DeFi space in just one year. This is proven as the Total Value, which has been locked up in the space, has tripled in these past two months of 2021. The NFT space is also currently receiving equal attention from within the confines of the crypto space and the mainstream.

A lot of projects and firms are now seeking to combine both spaces and thus, bringing both marketplaces of DeFi and NFT to the limelight. Below are the five platforms which are in support of the NFT space.

Axie Marketplace

This is the official market for all NFT collectables. This platform also comes fitted with cute avatars, which also have amazing features like small body parts, great speed, morale, among others. These avatars can be sold for as high as $4,500. The price of this platform’s original token was doubled, resulting in the game gaining popularity.


Decentraland is another platform that is in support of the NFT space. Its native token is called MANA. This platform is a virtual world, which is created on pure decentralized principles. It was launched in 2017 and was described as the “decentralized version of popular online space.” It allows its users to create a fictional world— amidst other things— where virtual properties can be bought by using MANA.

Terra Virtua

This platform prides itself to be “the most immersive digital collectible platform in the NFT space.” It is also called TVK and has an interactive interface that gives you a modern-art-gallery feel. The particular NFTs in this platform include collectables from old classic movies, like The Godfather, and some games.


This is a blockchain-based platform and is an online space for NFT creators as well as collectors. Rarible, unlike other platforms, does not require code. Its token is called RARI.

Atomic Market

This market space requires the use of multiple websites or portals in order to display. Its overt aim is to create a thorough universe for the NFT space. It also shares its liquidity market for NFTs.

With these platforms’ support and involvement, NFT can be said to be on an even greater path and should experience more growth and success within ample time.

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