The Twin Gemini Founders Think that Fiat Currency is the Greatest Support of Bitcoin

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss also referred to as the Winklevoss brothers, attended the 2021 Bitcoin conference. While having a dialogue with Anthony Pompliano, the Gemini founders claimed that fiat currencies are playing the role of the greatest boosters for the flagship cryptocurrency. The dynamic duo is counted among the earliest adopters of Bitcoin. They acquired Bitcoin holdings as far back as 2012 when BTC was selling for just $130 per unit.

The Twin added that a lot of shitcoins today had the same price mark as Bitcoin nine years ago. Despite the many folds of appreciation of Bitcoin, the twin team has not worried about selling or cashing out their BTC stash. On the other hand, they have continued to increase their Bitcoin holdings and identify as committed Bitcoin HODLers. They went on to call the USD the ultimate shitcoin.

Winklevoss Twins Opines that Bitcoin would Eventually Go as High as $500,000

The Winklevoss Twins have a highly optimistic view of the future price appreciation of Bitcoin. They told Pompliano that they have not cashed out their BTC reserves yet because Bitcoin would eventually reach $500,000. They also claimed that the Bitcoin market cap would soon be as inflated as precious metals. At this stage, the market cap for gold is estimated to be roughly $10 trillion. 

According to Tyler and Cameron, when Bitcoin would realize its true potential, the fiat currencies would become futile, and it would not be necessary to cash out their Bitcoin holdings into any type of centralized currency. They further added that the US government’s recent COVID-19 destruction and policies would propel the flagship cryptocurrency to its ultimate destination. They were also intrigued by the 10,000 attendants at Bitcoin 2021 conference that was constricted to a dozen attendees in 2013. 

TRON CEO Justin Sun Buys from Bitcoin Dip

While Bitcoin price was plummeting, the CEO of BitTorrent and TRON, Justin Sun, bought the dip. In a tweet last month, Sun announced that he had bought about $150 million worth of Bitcoin at an average price of $36,800. It can be noticed that Sun’s profile picture also has a laser-eyed avatar that signifies that he is a Bitcoin bull. Sun first got the attention of the media when he made Warren Buffet the richest man in the world wait for six months for a meeting. 

The Chinese entrepreneur went on to establish a new blockchain-based DeFi project called TRON in 2019. In the capacity of spearheading a blockchain enterprise himself, Sun is aware of the influence of Bitcoin on the international monetary infrastructure. He has told the media time and again that his stance on Bitcoin is extremely bullish going forward.

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