Steam no Longer Allows Blockchain-Powered Games

The video game development company Valve, which is also the parent organization for Steam, has said that games developed by the company will not allow the exchange of crypto or NFTs at all. Recently there was an update made to the guidelines for the game developers, and a new rule in the form of crypto has been included. It has been made clear that any game developer currently working with Steam or who wants to take the opportunity in the future should not be uploading or integrating any file or component with a video game launched on steam that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFT for that matter.

The initial report was covered by The Verge, and the change itself was first brought to attention on Thursday by the very developer of an NFT based game. The game which was being developed is called the age of rust, and due to this very new rule has now been removed from the platform effective immediately. In fact, there was a tweet by the very developer of the age of rust saying that Steam has been kicking all the blockchain-oriented games, and they have just been notified by the development committee, and there’s nothing they can do but to remove the game from the platform.

Steam has Turned Against Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

There was general contempt and disappointment evident from the tweet of the developer at the age of rust as it is not a biased decision which is only happening to them, but every blockchain game out there will never be a part of Steam, for that matter, at least not at the moment. But instead of losing hope and terminating the project altogether, the head developer said that they are not going to do that but instead keep on working on game library files and develop the game with or without Steam.

The developer said that it might give other games in development some hope to stand tall before Steam and this very pointy rule of theirs that has emerged out of nowhere. On the other hand, other game development agencies and companies such as the Epic games have said that they are completely on board with supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain-oriented games taking the NFT and blockchain crowd right off the Steam.

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