Speedyexchange Review – Top Reasons To Sign Up With This Broker

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Speedyexchange Review

Speedyexchange logoSpeedyexchange is one of the most rapidly growing brokerage platforms in the world. It provides fascinating features to its clients along with the best trading services to fulfill their requirements. It has achieved customers’ satisfaction because of its utter dedication towards them. The strength of this trading platform lies in its trading platform, which is based on MetaTrader 4 concept and loaded with uncountable features. Read this Speedyexchange review completely to know every detail about it because this review covers all important aspects.

Speedyexchange is a reliable and trustworthy brokerage platform with clients spread all over the world. Its easy-to-use trading platform, customizable features, and availability of technical analysis of investment make it an ideal broker for every kind of trader. As you already know that there are hundreds of available brokers in the market, which is why Speedyexchange has come up with some special features which were never seen before. So now it is providing all those features which a trader can think of. And it is not just claiming. It is actually providing these features and that too at a reasonable price.

The owners of speedy exchanges are aware that clients trust them, which is why they are giving their hard-earned money to the broker in expectation of a loaded and flawless trading platform. To reciprocate their trust, Speedyexchange has come up with a trading platform that is at the peak of technological advancement. This platform provides uncountable features and multiple tools to satisfy its clients. The customer support service of Speedyexchange works 24 hours a day on all the working days of the week to answer the queries of its respected traders. The platform is easily accessible from every geographical location. To make the trading process more smooth and error-free, learning material for beginners is provided, and the number of tools is continuously being increased.

Online trading is different from traditional trading on various grounds. It is much more than investing money and gaining profits. It is about the overall experience and ease of mind. When traders sign up for a broker, they expect maximum attention and convenience from it. Speedyexchange is portable and can be used from any location at any given time. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go out due to any reason because this is the beauty of online trading. You can sit all day in the blanket, and still, you can earn millions.

Speedyexchange website

This trading platform is compatible with every device you can think of. And by any device, I mean mobile phones as well. Except for a few features, the mobile and the desktop versions are almost the same. The software being used by Speedyexchange is very smooth, and you will never see any bug or glitch. And you will not have to worry about the equipment either because it uses customizable technology which works in the same way in every situation. And I am sure that you would not be able to find similar features on any other trading platform in the market.

Multiple Trading Instruments

When I started my trading career, I planned to trade only a few assets. It was because trading multiple assets intimidated me a lot. But the truth is that it is the lack of knowledge that makes you fearful. Once a trader masters the techniques of trading, everything becomes spontaneous for him. When everything starts flowing naturally, then you can, and you should invest your money in various assets. My capital is now spread in plenty of assets on different trading markets. If one of the assets produces a loss, it automatically gets covered with the profit of other assets on the same day. And this is what I advise to all other traders as well. After signing up with Speedyexchange, you will be allowed to trade hundreds of assets.

If you are interested in currency pairs of the Forex market, I assure you, you will find more pairs than on any other trading platform. Big currency pairs are considered safe, and their price fluctuates slightly. Most of the traders remain restricted to only these pairs throughout their careers. But when you register with Speedyexchange, you can test your luck with other assets as well. If you are not comfortable with major currency pairs, you go for minor ones. Metals like gold, silver, and copper can also be traded with Speedyexchange. But if you have bigger dreams in life and want to live luxuriously, then I would suggest you trade cryptocurrencies with Speedyexchange. All the major and lucrative cryptocurrencies are available on Speedyexchange, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Security Protocols

When it comes to the security of personal information and money, experience doesn’t matter. It is because security is the need of both the newbies and experienced traders. Every trader, no matter what his geographical location is, is worried about his safety. But when you trust your money and information with Speedyexchange, you should stop worrying because it uses stringent security protocols. It makes sure that the money and information never reach in wrong hands.

It makes sure that no criminal enters in the disguise of a trader. It passes every trader from its scanner by asking them to submit proof of their identity. For this purpose, Speedyexchange asks its clients to submit pictures of both sides of the identity card along with some other proofs. These other proofs may include the phone number, photographs, and passport. But you should keep in mind that all this data is kept encrypted, and no misuse is possible.

Speedyexchange security protocols

SSL Encryption

You will be glad to know that the trading platform of Speedyexchange is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. Speedyexchange uses the most updated version of this encryption software known as 256-bit encryption, which is considered the most advanced certification available in the whole world right now. This encryption is a standard protocol of Speedyexchange for all its accounts which means that you wouldn’t have to pay any extra charges for this.

Segregated Accounts

While the SSL is used to protect the personal information of traders, Speedyexchange has taken this measure to ensure the safety of money. You will not have to worry about your financial situation at all. Bound by its own policy, Speedyexchange cannot use money from these accounts for its own uses. When you deposit your money, it will be automatically moved to these segregated accounts.

KYC And AML Policies

These two security policies are being used by only the most reliable and trustworthy brokerage platforms in the market. You should know that if an online brokerage asks you to fill in personal information, then he is doing his job in the right way. You should not be offended by this act. If by chance, you reach a platform that does not ask you to give basic information, then you should know that something is fishy. This type of broker has more chances of being fake.

When you are trading with Speedyexchange, you will be mentally at peace because of the policies implemented by the broker. These policies are a guarantee that criminals will not be allowed to intervene, and only legitimate traders are able to trade here.

KYC, also known as the Know Your Customer policy, requires traders to give proof of identity while the AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy secures the financial side of the traders.

Four Key Characteristics Of Good Brokers

Trading is not an easy task which is why it is definitely not possible to become a millionaire overnight. Only those traders can excel quickly who has a really good broker on their side. While trading, it is not possible for a trader to keep account of all the variables on his own. But only those brokers can truly help you, which possess four key characteristics. These four attributes include stress on education, research, execution of commands, and discipline.

Speedyexchange is one of the most impressive brokers available in this market, and it possesses all the characteristics mentioned above. It doesn’t claim to make trading easy, but it definitely guarantees handling the side details so that you can focus on your objective. Let’s have a look at those four characteristics and how Speedyexchange handles them.

EducationSpeedyexchange treats all its customers equally, but the traders can be classified according to their experience, ability, and knowledge. Speedy exchange categorizes them so that it can educate them by keeping an eye on their previous knowledge of the trading market. Its teaching-learning program consists of video lessons, e-books, daily bases news articles, trends, and tutorials. Traders can pick one or more of these options and learn in their free time. This material is not only helpful for the newbies but for experienced traders as well.

  • Research

In any field of life, if you want to succeed and perform better than the opponents, then you need to stay ahead on every corner. Speedyexchange has hired research specialists who gather information about every move of the trading market and inform the broker. This information is ultimately provided to every trader in the form of trading tips.

  • Timely Execution

Trading is all about timing. There opens a very short interval for making profitable trades. To take advantage of such an opportunity, your trades need to be executed without any delay. The execution speed of Speedyexchange’s trading platform is very fast and takes only seconds. Its advanced technology enables traders to trade in all assets at the appropriate time.

  • Discipline

Investing success is the fruit of sticking to a specific plan till the end and taking risks. But this cannot be done without a disciplined brokerage platform. Speedy exchange is among the top brokerage platform in this regard as well.

  • The Trading Platform 

In the world of online trading, fast and convenient trading platforms are pretty essential for a successful career. If a broker provides a slow and unresponsive trading platform, even seasoned traders start losing money. But Speedyexchange is providing a fully functional and efficient trading platform that increases the productivity of its traders. With its frequently updated trading tools, it proves a booster for beginners, professionals, and expert traders.

The trading assets index is also very spread, which provides more than 150 tradable assets. This variety given by Speedyexchange allows traders to achieve maximum advantage from the trading market’s potential. And the feature which makes it the most favorable and unique platform, from my point of view, is that it is totally customizable. Users can create favorable conditions which please and satisfy them. Speedyexchange broker takes care of its traders’ all technical and technological needs.

Speedyexchange has created this amazing trading platform by using its own copy-righted technology, which makes it an exemplary trading option for every trader. Its richness in features, helping tools, charts loaded with information, and technical analysis make it an ideal and intuitive choice for traders.

If you have traded with another broker in the past, you would know that they provide unattractive and sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface), which exhausts the users in no time. But in contrast to them, the display, animations, and colors of Speedyexchange are attractive and comfortable for traders. I am a regular user of this platform, and sometimes I continuously use it for many hours but never feel tired or uncomfortable.

Having mentioned all these features, Speedyexchange doesn’t only rely on visual features alone. It proves technical features as well, which are its core strength. These features include high leverages, deep liquidity pools, tight spreads, and uncountable trading tools. All these features collectively make Speedyexchange a better choice for every trader.

Various Types Of Trading Accounts

After sharing most of the features with you, now I will tell you about the trading accounts of Speedyexchange. As you already know that it is necessary for every trader to register with a broker before starting trading. This broker offers multiple trading accounts to choose from. A total of five account types are offered by Speedyexchange, out of which every trader selects one according to his own investment volume, trading style, risk appetite, and knowledge of the respective field. These accounts are named Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and corporate accounts.

  • Silver Account

The first account available on the list of Speedyexchange is the Silver account. This is an account that is meant to offer basic features only because the aim behind its creation is to provide an affordable option to beginner traders. The minimum requirement of investment for this account is 10k dollars. The features of this account are daily based news, market reviews every week, a dedicated account manager, and a progress report every week too.

  • Gold Account

You can own a Gold account by depositing 50 thousand dollars. This upgrade will give you access to plenty of additional features. In this account, you will be able to receive a 25 percent margin loan if you want. Traders receive an invitation to all trading-related events. A group of top analysts monitors the account every day. The features mentioned in the Silver account are also included in this account.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is a well-balanced combination of useful features in the mid-range. Users get up to 50 percent margin loan in the Platinum account. Traders enjoy access to a live webinar every week. An analyst is provided for 1-on-1 discussion, and a summary is generated at the end of every fiscal year. All these features will unlock for you by depositing an amount of 100k dollars in your own account.

  • Diamond Account

This account is created keeping in view the requirements of professional traders. The initial deposit limit for a Diamond account is 250k dollars. The features of this account include a 75 percent loan margin, educational material, market fluctuation prediction alerts, in-depth research, an invitation for all VIP trading events, and a completely managed trading portfolio.

  • Corporate Account

This is the most expensive but enriched account offered by Speedyexchange. It can be owned by depositing 1 million dollars. Yes, it is a lot of money, but not for the elite traders who want unlimited features and ease. This account provides all the features of the previously mentioned four accounts. The loan margin reaches 100% of the total investment. Other features include higher payouts, a wealth and portfolio manager, and guidance from multiple experienced brokers.

Customer Support Service

Although I am mentioning this feature in the end, it is an equally important feature of Speedyexchange. No online brokerage platform can be rated as good if its customer support service is not satisfactory. The customer support representatives of Speedyexchange remain available 24/7 through various communication channels.

There is a contact form available on the website of Speedyexchange, which can be filled to contact the broker without any charges. An email address is also provided, which is an easy way of communication. And the last option is the conventional method of dialing a phone number. Through this medium, you can explain your problem or query easily.


The trading platform of Speedyexchange is different, easy to use, and provides freedom to choose trading instruments. All other features such as security, customer support, and trading platform are also satisfactory. I have told every feature of this broker, and now it is your turn to decide whether you like these features or not.

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