SagaTrade Review – Is SagaTrade Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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SagaTrade Review

SagaTrade logoIs there a broker that can offer you ideal trading conditions? Is there anything like that in the world? Well, I would say “ideal” is quite a big word. It is as though you are searching for perfection? However, I would not shy away from admitting that there are certain online companies that get as close as possible to the definition of being ideal trading platforms. Among those companies, I have to mention SagaTrade. My purpose to write this SagaTrade review is to tell you more about it so you can make a well-informed decision.

I will try to be honest with my review and give you all the information you need to help you with a stable trading career from day one.

Start with a Welcome Credit

How many companies have you seen offering you something as soon as you start with them? Most of them like to brag about their platform features and how they will make your life easy as a trader when you start trading with them. However, I think this company has focused on something completely different. It gives you happiness right from the start to sign up with a platform like this when you realize there is a credit for you. This credit is given to you on your trading account as soon as you make the first deposit. The company likes to call is the welcome bonus.

You will be surprised and glad to know that this bonus is available to everyone who signs up with the company. So, it does not matter if you are going to with a basic account because you will still get some really amazing bonus on your account right after signing up. The bonus amount is at least 20% of the deposit you make. If you choose to go with an advanced account, your welcome bonus can be as huge as 120% of the deposit that you have made while signing up with the company? Isn’t that something that completely baffles you? Imagine how many opportunities you can capture with this extra credit in your account right from day one.

SagaTrade website

Trading Signals for Everyone

For someone who is new to trading, they might not see anything amazing in this particular headline. However, continue reading so I can tell you more about trading signals. When you sign up with other brokers, they also provide you with trading signals. However, in most cases, they limit your trading signals to the advanced accounts. Sign up with an advanced account, make a huge deposit, keep trading regularly, and you might have the chance to get some trading signals to help you with your trades. That’s not what you will experience with SagaTrade.

The company has made sure that you get trading signals regardless of the type of account you pick. Even if you pick the basic account, you will get access to some professional and reliable trading signals. Do you know how these signals can help you? They are a result of extremely deep analyses, expert calculations, and much more. You can rely on them for the most part, but of course, they don’t guarantee their accuracy or promise anything. The best strategy for any trader is to combine their own analytical outcomes with the trading signals. If they both coincide, then you might have done some really great calculations.

Small Deposits and Five Choices

I want to make something clear here. I had a friend who thought that the basic account from SagaTrade was not as affordable as I was saying. Yes, I do agree that there are some companies that will provide you with easier and small signup requirements, but you are only looking at one component of their services. You have to focus on other things to know exactly what value you are getting out of your deal. When you sign up with SagaTrade, you get much more than just a basic trading account. Don’t forget a huge percentage of the amount you deposit will come back to you in the form of the welcome bonus.

Now, despite the fact that the minimum deposit for you is $10,000, you can deposit an amount as small as just $250 in your account. That’s the minimum amount that is allowed to every trader. You have five different choices when it comes to choosing your trading account. Silver is the basic account with the smallest deposit requirements, whereas the VIP account is the most advanced and only reserved for professional traders.

Dividends on Accounts

SagaTrade accounts

Do you know you can earn dividends on your trading account if you use it like an investment account? What it means is that you have to deposit a specific amount in your account. You then have to maintain that amount in your account for a certain period. If you do that, you will start earning dividends. These dividends are added to your account balance every quarter. The percentage of the dividend depends on the type of account you choose. However, I am sure you are going to admire the fact that this option is available on your trading account.

Yes, there are some companies that do give you this option, but not many. The number of such companies is pretty small. At this point, you should know that you will not be able to take advantage of this feature if you sign up with the silver or gold account. However, the dividend feature is available to all the traders who sign up with the VIP, Diamond or Platinum account.

Final Thoughts

If I had more time, I would have continued to talk about this company for hours because I think it is different and really cares about you as a trader. Its customer support is also live and awake to listen to you and answer your concerns 24/6. You can get in touch with the company through multiple phone numbers or emails. Lastly, do keep in mind that SagaTrade is a registered business providing you with legitimate trading services. That’s something you want to confirm no matter which company you sign up with.

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