Prominent Banker and Private Equity Firm Founder Claims that Bitcoin is Unstoppable

Carlyle Group is a USA-based private equity and asset management firm co-founded by David Rubenstein. He was recently invited for an interview with CNBC. During the interview, Rubenstein sided with the crypto community and exclaimed that it is futile for governments to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies at this point. He also pointed out that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become an integral part of important financial institutions.

Rubenstein has also been the former head of Smithsonian Institute, which is the largest museum in the world and center for education and research. Ever since cryptocurrency entered into a boom last year, several critics like Peter Schiff, Ray Dalio, and others have claimed that the government would try to intervene at some point. Nevertheless, Rubenstein, who is also chairperson at Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, is not hesitant to claim that such a possibility is nothing more than a pipe dream.   

Michael Saylor Endorses the Positive Remarks from Rubenstein

In the current situation where the Bitcoin price is under a constant oscillation motion, the market FUD is increasing. However, the refreshing remarks from Rubenstein are nothing short of a gust of fresh air for the entire crypto community. While Rubenstein has not invested in any cryptocurrencies under his personal capacity, the billionaire expressly shows his support towards cryptocurrency all the same. 

According to Rubenstein, the common people want something better than the traditional monetary system that has been rigged to favor a few. He also opines that the crypto investors should not be disheartened with a few ups and downs as cryptocurrency is still in the developing stages. He even advised the weak-handed traders to refrain from raising stakes in digital assets if they are not prepared to stomach the organic volatility. 

While Crypto is Getting Beat up by Musk, the US, and China, Rubenstein is here to Save the Day

Rubenstein has so much faith in cryptocurrencies that he has preferred to allocate commercial funds in his industry in cryptocurrencies rather than owning a digital wallet personally. Well-known Bitcoin proponent Michael Saylor has endorsed his positive and encouraging remarks. After the interview, Saylor rushed to Twitter to applaud the countless accolades of Rubenstein and celebrate his blessings on behalf of the entire crypto-verse.

Likewise, the remarks of the finance mogul were appreciated by Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital. Recently, Alameda institute researcher Sam Trabucco proposed the idea in a tweet that the recent crypto market crash has roots in the heavy-set FOMO and buying pressure from the markets. Trabucco also pointed out that the increasing number of altcoin conquests has resulted in the inevitable dip catastrophe for Bitcoin and other digital assets.

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