Onyx Trade Group Review – Is Onyx Trade Group Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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Onyx Trade Group Review

Onyx Trade Group logoOnline trading and businesses have seen a huge increase in popularity because it does not require any sort of physical interaction or formal meetings to be held; considering the situation as of now, this is vital. Services provided by different online brokers can be accessed very easily through the internet. Inexperienced traders can take advantage of these brokers to access the world of trading, but it is very important that the right broker is chosen, one that can provide a great deal of efficiency in trading and is trustworthy towards the trader. There are thousands of trading brokers available in the sector which can be utilized for success in trading, but today we are taking a look at Onyx Trade Group, which according to its history, has proven to be one of the most reliable and honest brokers that both professional and inexperienced traders have taken advantage of. The following Onyx Trade Group review will discuss how the broker manages to gain such a huge user base and how it has gained the trust of millions of users around the globe.

In the past couple of years, operating and working remotely has become something that is important, and to maintain that same level of effectiveness, the proper tools and services are utilized in order to gain the maximum benefits possible.

About Onyx Trade Group

Onyx Trade Group website

Founded by Lencher ExPro LLC, Onyx Trade Group has assured that they are fully committed to letting users gain a unique type of trading experience, mostly focused on providing transparency on price rates, efficient trading systems, sharing knowledge, and a lot more. Onyx Trade Group is known for its award-winning services in the market, enabling it to grow exponentially as time progresses. Their main goal is to make sure that all of the requirements and trading needs for the clients are fulfilled. This is certainly a great way to gain loyal users who are willing to support the service in the long term as well.

Onyx Trade Group is a leading platform that is operating worldwide, with multiple operating locations around the globe, contributing towards the success of the platform and sharing exceptional trading knowledge among its users. The platform has no commission and has almost no extra fee that needs to be paid.

We will now look towards what type of special features the Onyx Trade Group possesses, which enables it to become the leading platform in global financial trade and stay ahead of its competitors.

Easy to Use and Functional User Interface

As the Onyx Trade Group platform is available on both Desktop and Mobile Platforms, it has made sure to bring ease to the users by designing a clean and fully functional user interface. The clean interface displays feature with great clarity so that the users do not get lost in finding what they are looking for. The dark theme and the vibrant color scheme are a great choice that pleases the eyes, especially when working during nighttime. The development team at Onyx Trade Group ensures that all of the features are fully functional by making sure that the platform is bug-free and the platform is optimized to adjust according to the type of device that the user is working with.

Fast and Reliable MT4 Platform

In order to successfully fulfill client requirements, the Onyx Trade Group makes sure that the best services are provided to users, leading to quick and easy trading opportunities. Onyx Trade Group achieves this by utilizing the power of the Meta Trader 4 platform. Meta Trader 4 is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to trading platforms, tracking financial markets in real-time. By utilizing the power of Meta Trader 4, Onyx Trade Group’s users are guaranteed to have a quick and smooth trading experience on the platform. Meta Trader 4 is designed in such a way that helps trades to be executed in a very fast and reliable way. It is free, easy to install, and has a robust security system that helps to protect user data, giving users ease of mind when trading. It has support for more than 20 languages, and it also helps to allow hedging trades and uses the historical database to develop backtest strategies for effective trades.

Meta Trader 4 also includes a charting package, which contains more than 30 indicators that are built to help users make better decisions when trading. A good thing about this package is that it is completely flexible according to the user’s needs, mainly enabling users to display single or multiple charts within a single-window frame and giving them the ability to configure specific line studies. Meta Trader 4 software is available for both PC and Mac and is also available as an application to download on both IOS and Android mobile platforms, letting users trade literally from anywhere they want. This is definitely something that is vital for investors that have a lot to work with on a daily basis.

The Onyx Trade Group’s platform can also be accessed from a simple web browser if users are not willing to download the platform. The platform is available on Onyx Trade Group’s website, only requiring a decent internet connection to run effectively. The platform is available to download on both IOS and Android as well, for users trading on the go.

Onyx Trade Group trading platform

Automated Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading has gained quite a popularity as mathematical finance continues to develop and evolve. Investors who are willing to invest in multiple assets can take advantage of the complex algorithmic trading software that is available on the trading platform. In order to use the algorithmic software, specific trading instructions according to the user must be entered in advance. Instructions include price, volume, and all kinds of other details.

Once the instructions have been successfully implemented, the algorithm will start to do its magic, developing high-level trading strategies and solutions that cater to the user’s requirements. The chance of any mistake or human error having an effect on the results is quite low, as humans are not capable of handling such a task with the same level of quickness and efficiency as that of a computer machine. The algorithm will identify any changes in trading activities and the market and then act accordingly, without the user ever needing to stay up and monitor the market.

Assets Offered by Onyx Trade Group

The trading firm has support for various different kinds of trading assets, giving users the ability to access all sorts of different financial markets to work with. Onyx Trade Group lets users deal in forex, metals, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, oil, gas, and many other more valuable and reliable assets. Since everyone has a different level of interest, so having the choice to choose whatever instrument one desires is quite an impressive feature. On the platform, users have the freedom to choose whatever type of asset they desire to trade or invest on the platform with the click of a few buttons. Users have no limit on the amount they are willing to invest in various assets, as long as they have the ability to support and maintain their standing.

Onyx Trade Group makes sure that the price and value of these respective assets are completely up-to-date with real-time market monitoring to help provide a great level of transparency. Users do not have to worry about any sort of unfair price differences that can hinder their trading experience on the platform.

Onyx Trade Group Accounts

Onyx Trade Group has many types of account options for users to choose from. For users who are just curious about how the platform works and want to simply test the trading conditions and performance, a basic demo account is an excellent choice available, which caters to that specific use case. If users are satisfied with the platform, they can create a registered real account by completing the verification requirements and simply making a deposit.

Islamic Trading Account

In addition to the real account, Onyx Trade Group also offers users a choice to create an Islamic account that basically fulfills the needs of Muslim traders on the platform. Onyx Trade Group believes that Muslim investors should also be able to perform trades without interest, according to the Islamic Sharia Law, because in Islamic Religion, working with interest is considered to be a major sin when dealing with financial matters.

In order to stay within the limits of Islamic laws, Onyx Trade Group offers spot contracts for forex, silver, gold, and oil. Positions can be held without having the need to take or give out any interest charges from the Islamic trading account. This is a serious plus point for the platform, as it helps to increase the reach of the Onyx Trade Group towards the Muslim population as well. Muslim users are required to complete the registration, verification process, deposit process and are then asked to contact customer support services in order to update their account status from normal to Islamic.

Onyx Trade Group’s Registration Process

For real live account to be active, users must fill out an online registration form, which has to be approved. The user will also be required to verify their email using the link method. It is important that the proper verification steps are taken to maintain a safe and reliable user base. As financial regulations continue to become stricter, it is required that traders can be fully identified in case of any unfortunate situation.

There are a few documents that must be shared with the platform for complete verification. Documents that need to be submitted include one requirement from two different sets of three choices. The first set of choices include a copy of a national ID card or a driving license or passport, and the second set of choices include an original stamped bank statement having the user’s name, physically posted to their home address mentioned, or a mortgage statement in the name of the user or a physical utility bill, mentioning the details of the user. This may be a lot, but it ensures that all active users on the platform are fully verified and identifiable.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Funds deposited by clients are completely separate from the platform’s own funds and are stored in separate bank accounts. This helps to make sure that the client’s funds are secure and will not be utilized for any other intentions. As for deposit options, the user account can be recharged using either a registered VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card directly from a bank account. Onyx Trade Group does not support any cheques, cash deposits, or transfers from third-party sources. In the case of the platform going bankrupt, all of the respective deposits from users will be returned, but some minor costs for managing and proper distribution will be charged.

The withdrawal process is quite simple on the platform; however, it is important that proper verification is done before processing it. In the case of withdrawal, proper proof of identity will be required in order to proceed with the request. As third-party sources are not supported, funds will be directly transferred to a registered bank account having the verified name of the user itself. Withdrawals can also be fully processed on the same day if the user has his bank details fully registered on the platform. Another catch is that the credit or debit card being used should be active and not be an expired one.

Research Resources for Trading

Users of Onyx Trade Group are updated with live statistics of the market, with the latest and best available news and educational picks, directly shared by the local research and analysis team working at the trading firm. Users can also access educational resource materials by visiting the dedicated education section on the platform. There are vast amounts of educational material that is present in the section, which users can take advantage of and increase their knowledge about how they can develop on and improve their success rate when it comes to general or online trading in different financial markets. Detailed Information about several markets, including the currently popular digital asset ‘Cryptocurrency’ market, is also available on the platform.

Exceptional User Support Service

Maintaining great user support is a critical part of the operation of any successful business or service. Onyx Trade Group is already known for its impressive and responsive user support service. The online user support team can be contacted at any time of the day so that they can deal with any of the queries or issues that a user has presented to them. The user support services team, operating 24/6, can be easily contacted using the email address or phone number that has been provided on the official website. The trading firm assures that their user support team will ensure to maintain quickness and effectiveness when responding to troubled users so that their trading activities can quickly resume. This gives users a sense of satisfaction that the highly skilled and knowledgeable support team is always available to guide and provide assistance to them in any sort of situation.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Money laundering is a problem that has plagued the financial sector for many years. In order to ensure that no type of activity like this occurs, the Onyx Trade Group maintains some strict policies that come from Lencher ExPro LLC that need to be followed by all users on the platform. Users must provide all of the necessary documentation that has been requested by the platform for verification. Funds are not allowed to be transferred between separate entities. Both deposits and withdrawals must be made using the same bank account that has been registered with the user’s account and also in the same type of currency. Users are not allowed to deposit from their family member’s accounts unless they are registered on the platform and have agreed to the policies.

Onyx Trade Group also ensures that cash is not used to deposit any amount. Lencher ExPro has full authority to report any suspicious activity to the respective regulatory authorities and also has the right to block or terminate the account that is suspicious for money laundering activity. Client Activity will be actively monitored to maintain the standards of the platform and ensure that no criminal activities are taking place. In addition, many other policies regarding this matter are also available on the official site of Onyx Trade Group.


In short, Onyx Trade Group has proved itself in becoming the leading trading platform on the global financial market, providing its users with the best of services and tools they need to perform effective and profitable trading on multiple markets, using multiple assets. Onyx Trade Group is an amazing platform that provides its users with a clean interface, quick trades, flexible account choices, top of the line trading services with impressive security standards, anti-money laundering policies, and a great level of user support, making your trading experience the best it could ever be. I certainly hope that this review is useful and if you are interested in finding a good broker, consider signing up on the Onyx Trade Group’s platform today, as the friendly platform welcomes both new and experienced traders from around the world.

Crypto Comeback Pro is a crypto trading tool for investing in the crypto market with an %88 average win rate on trades and is the #1 trading software for crypto traders from all around the globe in 2022. Try it For FREE Today. (Ad)

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