Oakfort Recovery – All That’s Wrong with This Money Recovery Service

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Today, I will tell you about a money recovery service that I don’t want you to use. As a reviewer of online funds recovery service providers, I believe it is my duty to tell you about companies that are not going to help you at all. You will only end up losing more money if you let these teams work on your case. I am particularly talking about Oakfort Recovery at this point. This is the company that I think does not stand a chance to fight a case for you. I don’t think it has the network, resources, and power to get your money back from the scammers that I think have become quite a force these days.

I am not making a hollow claim here. I will touch upon all the points that I think you should consider before you pick this service. Don’t forget, you have many other options out there. If you are still considering signing up with Oakfort Recovery, at least do a comparison of these services to find out the one that will really prove to be helpful. So, here are the things that I think are very wrong with Oakfort Recovery.

No Process Defined

They have not defined a process on the website. I have seen other companies defining their processing of getting your money back from the scammers. They tell you how they will get in touch with your bank. They explain to you the entire process of getting in touch with banks, and making the voice reach the scammer. At the same time, they explain to you the different types of chargeback codes that banks use for working on your case. In addition to that, they will also tell you how they will keep you in the loop at all times.

At the least, you expect them to ask you what documents or evidence they will require from you to build a case. None of that is mentioned on the website. In other words, they don’t require anything from you and that’s why I think they will not even genuinely work on your case at all.

No Track Record or Experience

They have not mentioned any track record or experience on the website. That’s the first thing you expect from any company that is going to work on your case. I have to keep reminding you that no matter which online service you use for money recovery, you will have to pay a fee. That fee is in addition to the amount that you have already lost as a result of the scam. Can you afford to lose this much money? I am sure you are in no mood to spend any more money at all. At the same time, you will have no problem affording the fee if you can get your money back.

However, you should only let professionals handle your case. You should ask the company how many cases it has already worked on and how many of those cases ended up in the favor of the victim. If the company keeps fighting cases and losing them at the same time, there is no reason for you to sign up with it.

No Regulation  

Any company that provides you with financial services on the internet needs to have regulation in place. I have to tell you that even the brokers that you sign up with online for trading must be regulated. If you make a it a habit or rule to sign up with only regulated brokers, I am sure you will avoid half of the scams on the internet. Most of the companies that are not regulated turn out to be scams. When a company is regulated, it is allowing a third party regulatory body to monitor its services. It is allowing that body to regulate its processes. In other words, you have the assurance that you have signed up with a legitimate business.

However, you will not see this information on the website of the companies that are not providing you with authentic services. In this particular case, you have Oakfort Recovery that does not have any regulation information on the website. In fact, what makes things worse is the fact that there is no registration information on the website either. What I am trying to say is that Oakfort Recovery might not even be a legitimate business. Or perhaps, the company does not feel comfortable giving out its registration number on the website, even though most companies do that.

If that’s the case, I think you should call the company to inquire about its registration. I am sure it will not have any problems in giving you the registration number on the phone.

Many Bad Reviews

Even the best companies and brands in the world can get bad reviews. However, you will never see tons and tons of people saying bad things about the company if it is an authentic one. A few bad reviews are just okay, but the case with Oakfort Recovery is completely different. If you look online, you will find out that there are many bad reviews about the company. It does not even have a full 4-star rating on Trustpilot. A lot of the customers who tried to use its services have come back saying that they consider it a scam.

I am not calling the company a scam because I have not personally used its services. Of course, I have not been scammed in recent times. However, I do believe that the company lacks everything that you would otherwise expect from an authentic money recovery service provider on the internet.

Final Thoughts

I think the more you navigate the website of Oakfort Recovery, the more you will know about it. I don’t see a process, I don’t see any brand image, and I don’t even see a team mentioned on the website. When did the company start? Who founded the company? Who will be working on my case? Everything is a mystery with this company and hence, I don’t think it is a recommendable option among other money recovery services. 

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