NFTs Popularity Continues To Rise As The Number Of Sales Reaches New All-Time High

Through the last six months, NFT sales are touching the sky. A constantly upward progression has been noticed in the NFT industry after the selling of digital art through a traditional auction house, acquiring several million dollars to the historical manuscripts that were sold along with the attached NFTs for digital collectibles through the auctions. With the commencement of summer, a rapid advancement has taken place in the NFT space as well as the last week has also seen a lot of considerable NFT sales in the fields of entertainment, sports, as well as art.

CryptoPunk NFT is still positioned as preferably demanded

Since its launch by Larva Labs in 2017, CryptoPunk NFT has been leading the industry. Up till now, more than 10,000 headshots have been minted, which are 24×24 pixelated. Another distinction of CryptoPunk is that it is considered to have six out of the ten most prominent NFT sales across history. In the last week, another record has been created by CryptoPunk as it sold a couple of NFTs, one of which was sold for $5.45M and the remaining for $3.76M. The latter of the aforementioned NFTs was purchased by Gary Vaynerchuk (an entrepreneur). The booming repute of the digital avatars brought the regular sales of CryptoPunk to about $45M this weekend. Nonetheless, this quantity could be crossed shortly by CryptoPunk#3100, which has been listed for $90.5M.

Stoner Cats NFT project takes Just 35 minutes to sell

Stoner Cats, a forthcoming television program initiated by Mila Kunis, traded 10,420 NFTs in raising funds for the show’s production and expediting its debut. A lot of attention has been given to the collection, due to which some issues have been caused to the Ethereum network, including a relatively low transaction speed as well as the high prices of gas. The rapid transaction prices raised above 700 Gwei equal to $33, which counts to the highest on record position. However, notwithstanding these problems, the sale for the program acquired up to $8 million to produce an extra amount of 4000 NFTs, according to the announcement.

Axie Infinity secures all-time high

Axie, an NFT project, is thriving to become the most famous in the NFT space regarding its all-time volume. Moreover, it has secured another all-time high based on its transactions in the last week. DappRadar published a report which states that Axie Infinity has collected up to $571M in volume during the previous month.

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