Morgan Stanley Says Cryptocurrencies Like BTC Getting Pretty Close To Become Investable Asset Class

Morgan Stanley is a US-based investment firm that has clients ranging from government, corporations, and individuals, founded by the grandson of illustrious J.P Morgan, Harold Stanley, and more in 1935. The popular firm was ranked at 67 in the Fortune 500, which consists of US-based companies according to revenue. Currently, the firm deals in wealth management, institutional securities, and investment management.

According to a Morgan Stanley’s investors note written by Denny Galinda and Lisa Shalet on the 17th of March 2021, cryptocurrencies are a big risk as an investment but are currently at a tipping point where they can be considered as a possible investment as an asset.

Because of a huge rise in the publicity of cryptocurrencies, a large number of investors are interested in investing in crypto, which could ultimately lead to the adoption bar getting much closer as the investors can further diversify their portfolios with also the ease of obtainability and a solid regulating structure, cryptocurrencies are almost set for institutional investors.

The authors gave their opinions as they said even though cryptocurrencies are on the rise to be vigilant in making a decision regarding crypto. The author also encouraged a venture capital-like approach of investing a small portion in multiple positions along with getting all the important information before pulling the trigger on cryptocurrencies.

The author also guided the investors looking to gain experience in the crypto market by investing in publicly traded items and using the venture capital investment approach in the blockchain system.

Growing Interest from the investment firms regarding Crypto-assets

Subdivision of Morgan Stanley, Counterpoint Global investors note is proof that major investment firms are taking a significant amount of time analyzing the prospect of crypto-assets. Furthermore, many Wallstreet firms are already thinking of offering to invest in crypto or including crypto assets in their portfolio.

Recent reports indicate after three years of pause, Goldman Sachs is again taking a look at investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies along with the US-based banking firm JP Morgan which is also exploring investment prospects of crypto.

Perhaps the note circulation does not provide an exact statement of interest in cryptocurrencies. However, it is a little nudge towards the adoption of digital assets, which many investment firms and banks are taking a stern look at.

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