Metapurse Introduces World’s First-Ever NFT Festival Called Dreamverse

Metapurse (a fund for NFT investment) has declared the launch of an exclusive festival devoted to NFT-focused art, music, as well as technology as the firm claims the event to be novel. The event will be held in November in the city of New York. The event is initial to be organized by Metapurse. One of the prominent products to be premiered is ‘EVERYDAYS:-THE-FIRST-5000-DAYS’ by Beeple (a well-known graphic designer artist). In addition to this, numerous art pieces will also be exhibited along with an electronic concert of music.

Metapurse, in a declaration, denoted Dreamverse to be an NFT-specialized experience which is two-fold. The first half of which will be conducted during the daytime, and the second portion will take place at night. During the day, the event will be engaged by Dreamverse Gallery, while the evening Dreamverse Party will occupy the evening ceremony in which the artists, including PLS&TY, Rac, and Alesso, will perform. Alesso’s performance will be combined with the initial NFT collection of the “EDM-artist” via the platform named “OneOf.”

Metapurse and Metakovan

Metapurse is claimed to be a fund for NFT investment. In August, it was reported that Metapurse had been one among the prominent participants in an investment round comprising of $16 million specified for ‘Metaverse,’ an NFT bot of Althea AI simultaneous to the likes of Galaxy Interactive,, Capital, and Mark Cuban. The company was established and run by a person nicknamed Metakovan (also called Vignesh Sundaresan). He initially interacted with Beeple in March this year. At that time, it was revealed that Metakovan had been the conqueror of an auction consisting of $69 million for an NFT, which was produced by Beeple. The new NFT work of Beeple is to debut in Novermber at Dreamverse.

The Dreamverse event

Dreamverse is probably a noticeable approaching event regarding crypto, and it will occur on 4th November in New York at the site called ‘Terminal 5’ in Manhattan. Terminal 5 is known as a multi-faceted event venue that is capable of entertaining 3,000 attendees. Nonetheless, this calculation of capacity was estimated before the period of the pandemic; thus, the number of participants will be considerably lesser than this. Previously, the biggest names in the industry of music such as Bonobo, Travis Scott, Bring-Me-The-Horizon, Run-The-Jewels, and several more have been hosted by Terminal 5.

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