Marvel Releases SpiderMan NFTs

Comic Book Behemoth, Marvel releases NFTs themed on one of the most popular superhero characters.

VeVe marketplace recently posted a tweet announcing the upcoming release of Spiderman-themed NFTs on their marketplace in partnership with Marvel. Highlighted by the Hashtag #MARVELxVeVe, VeVe has assisted Marvel in releasing their first-ever NFT set. According to the information provided, there will be around five unique Spiderman-themed items for sale, with prices starting from $40 and peaking at $400 for each item. Many collectibles include 3-D models of characters, Animated Figurines, and static action figures. Marvel also had plans to bring rare and special comic books as NFTs into the market as well, increasing buying variety.

Promoting Sales

As per VeVe policy of secondary market fee, sellers will be able to earn some extra VeVe Gems for 8.5% of each item’s selling price, so by this, VeVe is giving out even more initiative to promote sales. According to the date and times provided by the team at VeVe on Twitter, sales initiated on the 7th of August at 8:00 AM PST. As for the minting stage, VeVe has already performed minting for these and many other products on Immutable X.

More to follow up

As Marvel announced its partnership with VeVe back in June, plans for the release of Marvel-themed NFTs were also announced in the same month. Now that the Spiderman-themed NFTs are about to launch, many other superhero-themed NFTs will soon follow up, including NFTs themed over other Iconic characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, etc.

Both Partners Optimistic

CEO of Marvel, Dan Buckley, said that NFTs bring a great opportunity for rare item collectors to experience something new as many years of popularity continue to pass. On the other hand, Co-founder at VeVe, Dan Crothers, stated that this partnership and launch of NFTs enhance the collecting experience, making it much exciting, genuine, and long-lasting.

Artist Interest in NFTs

Back in February, several comic book artists sold exclusive art pieces as NFTs using the platform, hinting those artists are definitely very excited to sell out rare and exquisite art pieces for a nice amount. Private sales from these artists are not accounted for Marvel’s official engagement with NFTs.

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