MAINROW Review – Is MAINROW Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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MAINROW logoWhen it comes to online trading, you need to pick an online brokerage that offers everything that you would need to be successful in this industry, and that is exactly what MAINROW provides. As a trader, it is your right to know just how viable any given brokerage’s services and futures are and whether these are even applicable to your personal preferences and trading needs. When you sign up with MAINROW, though, you will quickly discover that a friendly relationship has been maintained with the broker’s respective traders as the team consistently tries to facilitate everything that the traders might need via the implementation of the latest technology and a diverse as well as an innovative trading platform. The trading conditions present with this broker are quite ideal in terms of helping nurture a fruitful, profitable, and successful trading career for everyone regardless of personal skill level, knowledge, or expertise. Furthermore, when you sign up with this broker, you will be taking part in an incredibly profitable trading journey thanks to a combination of the experienced team, the variety of assets that are at your disposal, the strict security measures that have been implemented, the diversity that is offered, the advanced training material that is provided, and the overall high quality of features that are readily given to you. With that being said, keep reading this in-depth MAINROW review to find out everything you need to know.

MAINROW website

Trading platform

The first aspect which must be discussed is that of MAINROW’s trading platform. When you sign up with this broker, you will be given access to a highly robust trading platform that is also quite innovative in the sense of what it can do for you. The trading platform in question has been created with the mindset of providing modern traders with the ability to trade using all kinds of different instruments and tools and also access to some of the top leading global financial markets.

The trading platform is also incredibly easy to use, looks quite professional, and readily caters to the needs of each specific trader. Simply put, MAINROW wants to provide a trading platform that can assist its customers in their respective trading activities and make the entire journey much smoother, and this is exactly what it has managed to accomplish as per our own observations.

Furthermore, this trading platform is fully compatible with just about every single device that you can think of, and these include your smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, handheld computers, and more. All you would need to access this trading platform is a stable Internet connection. With such an innovative trading platform and great accessibility provided to the traders, you can thus either trade on the go, or you can trade from the comfort of your own home. Lastly, no trading platform would be fully complete without having the right kind of trading tools. These kinds of tools are normally created in order to help the traders throughout their respective trading journeys.

What’s more is that it would not really matter if you have been trading for a long time or if you are brand new to this industry, as everyone needs to have reliable and useful trading tools at their disposal when it comes to this sector. With this broker’s trading platform, traders are hence given access to some of the most reliable and handy trading tools that you are likely to find these days. Additionally, the best part is that the platform is highly customizable, so you can use the tools that would be perfect for you as per your own needs and preferences.

MAINROW trading platform

Asset index

If you are looking to trade with some of the best and most in-demand tradable assets that exist within this industry today, then you are in luck because this broker has managed to bring you some of these exact assets from numerous financial markets across the globe. The aim of MAINROW is hence to provide its traders with a wide selection of different kinds of tradable assets, which will greatly assist in helping diversify the traders’ respective portfolios. With that being said, there are multiple different assets that you can trade with when it comes to this broker, and these include stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices.

Each and every single one of these asset types is great on its own. However, a combination of these would be vastly beneficial, and so diversifying your portfolio as much as possible would always be recommended as by investing in different asset types, you minimize the chances of incurring losses while also simultaneously increasing the possibility of earning more money. This strategy might seem strange at first, as, after all, you would have to spend more, but in this way, you can still rely on your other investments if one of your trades with a certain asset type does not go the way you wish.

Moreover, the fact that this broker offers a lot of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to trade with is proof of the fact that it is keeping up to date with the latest trends in the online trading sector as cryptocurrencies are perhaps one of if not the most single in-demand tradeable assets today, it would make all the sense in the world for MAINROW to add these to its asset index as well. No matter what you are looking to trade with, it is more than likely that this broker would have it listed.

Account options

It is a common belief that the best brokers would offer a lot of different choices when it comes to choosing an account with which to carry out the trading activities. This is because, as we have previously alluded to, each and every single trader will most likely have different needs and preferences that must be catered to by any given online brokerage if the broker in question wants to be considered as a reliable option and ultimately be successful. With that being said, you should ideally choose to deal with a broker that offers a wide selection of account options, and that is exactly what MAINROW has readily provided to its clients. With that in mind, there are multiple account options that you can choose from when you sign up with this broker, and the first one is known as the ‘Solo Standard’ option.

This option requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 to use and includes 1:200 leverage, a margin loan of up to 25%, access to the top stories and daily news, educational material, a weekly market review, an account manager, and finally,, a weekly portfolio progress report. The next option is known as ‘Solo Gold,’ which requires a minimum deposit of $50,000 to use. This account type also includes the same leverage as the previous option. However, it offers up to 35% margin loan instead of 25%. Once again, you will receive access to the broker’s educational resources, a weekly market review, an account manager, and a weekly portfolio progress report. Moreover, you will also be eligible to receive a discount of up to 25% on commissions and finally also be granted access to trading alerts.

After this, we start moving into the more advanced options, which would, of course, require a lot more money to use as compared to the previous two. So, we would recommend that you do a thorough check of your budget and risk appetite before choosing these next options, which we are now going to talk about in detail. With that being said, the next account type is the ‘Solo Diamond’ option which requires a minimum deposit of $100,000 to use.

The leverage provided by this account type is also 1:200., but the margin loan can go up to 50%. You will also receive access to daily news, a daily portfolio progress report, education resources, a senior account manager, a weekly live stream trading webinar, trading alerts, account monitoring by a top analyst group, and an end of year summary with a certified and professional tech specialist. Moreover, you will also not have to pay any kind of fees when it comes to making a withdrawal if you opt for this account type. Lastly, you will also receive a discount of up to 35% on commission. The next account option offered by MAINROW is the ‘Solo VIP’ account type, which needs a minimum deposit of $250,000 to use.

The leverage here is 1:300, and the margin loan is up to 75%. You will receive access to daily market reviews and signals and also be given a personal portfolio manager, a weekly live stream trading webinar, daily one on one sessions with a top analyst, a fully customized education service, trading alerts, invitations to VIP only events, a fully managed portfolio, a personal VIP advisor and lastly a discount on your commissions of up to 50%. There is also no withdrawal fee with this account option.

The final account type offered by this broker is that of the ‘Solo Prime’ account option, which requires a massive $1 million to use. This is the most expensive account option by far, but it also offers the most advanced and useful trading tools, strategies, and instruments. However, because of the high cost, we would recommend that only the most advanced traders who don’t mind a lot of risks trying to use this account option as it might be a bit too much to handle for anyone else.

With that being said, there is 1:400 leverage here, a margin loan of up to 100%, access to daily market reviews and signals, unlimited and unrestricted access to the broker’s features and services, a personal chief portfolio manager, fully customized education service, daily one on one live stream webinars with a top analyst, your very own wealth manager, invitations to VIP events, a fully managed portfolio, higher pay-outs, tight spreads, no withdrawal fees, and finally up to 75% discount on commissions.

Again, before choosing any of these accounts for yourself, we will strongly encourage you to check how much money you have to spare and how much you are willing to invest. This can help you avoid unnecessary losses and complications. Furthermore, you should also check your overall experience level as a trader, as the more expensive options will be a bit more difficult for novice and inexperienced traders.


It is a safe assumption to make that those who are interested in the online trading industry will also need to constantly educate themselves on various topics pertaining to this sector on a continuous basis. This is because the online trading sector is consistently changing and constantly evolving, and so there is a need to keep up to date with everything that goes on. This includes all of the different updates as well as newsworthy events that occur within this industry.

With that being said, you can find some of the most useful and top-of-the-line educational resources when you sign up with this broker that has been provided to you by MAINROW. These resources can be used in tandem with the innovative trading platform, the strong asset index, and the diverse range of account options that have been provided to you by MAINROW.

The educational resources in question include but are not limited to various eBooks, which are useful in terms of providing in-depth knowledge about different topics in this industry, access to both seminars and webinars, which are incredibly useful opportunities to network with different people in this industry who might share the same mindset as you and who can also present you with the chance to learn more in a way that you might not be able to through any kind text or book.

Moreover, you will also gain access to useful instructional videos which can help you learn the various concepts, terms, definitions, and terminologies that you should be familiar with if you want to be successful with online trading. Finally, you will also be given access to a useful FAQ section as well as a helpful glossary, both of which are also incredibly useful sources to have in this day and age and can be relied upon constantly.

Customer support

Now, let’s talk about the customer support aspect of MAINROW. The broker’s customer support team could not be any easier to get in touch with as all you will have to do is schedule a call-back, and you can do this by heading on over to the broker’s official website and clicking on the call-back button, which can be found on the top of the page (this layout should be the same no matter what device you might be using).

Furthermore, you can also install the ‘AnyDesk’ software, which is another innovative way of getting in touch with the team, and we found it to be highly useful as well. Moreover, you can find multiple languages with which you can access the broker and all of its various services and futures, and these include Italian, German, and English. Being able to access the broker in different languages goes a long way to show that it cares about its traders and provides further accessibility as well as diversity.

Having the right kind of customer support at your disposal is absolutely essential nowadays because you do not know when you might encounter some kind of unforeseen issue that might limit your online trading experience. These issues can range from mild inconveniences to severe issues that can cripple your online trading activities. So, it would hence be a wise decision indeed to deal with a broker that offers a trusted, capable, and experienced customer support team that can help you out at a moment’s notice.

Closing remarks

In conclusion, we can clearly see that this broker offers everything that traders could need and more. All of your needs and preferences shall be catered to when you sign up with MAINROW. Furthermore, the act of actually signing up with this broker is also quite simple, as all you would have to do is go to the broker’s official website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ icon. Once there, you would have to enter some personal information such as your full name, country of origin, a working phone number, and email address. You may also have to provide some extra documentation if the broker asks for it, as this is usually done for verification purposes.

All in all, we are therefore more than comfortable in recommending this broker and the vast array of services and features that it provides to anyone who is looking to get increasingly involved within the online trading space. Both new traders and seasoned veterans alike can benefit greatly from signing up with MAINROW. Everything works well, and very rarely shall you encounter any problem (even if you do, you can just contact the customer support team and have it fixed in a timely fashion). There is no doubt about it, this is one of the best online brokerages that we have ever seen, and we would encourage you to check it out when you can.

Crypto Comeback Pro is a crypto trading tool for investing in the crypto market with an %88 average win rate on trades and is the #1 trading software for crypto traders from all around the globe in 2022. Try it For FREE Today. (Ad)

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