KeepABit Reviews 2021 Crypto Exchange Review: What I Learned

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Finally, it is time to review KeepABit but let us have a look at how Crypto exchanges formed a new business and achieved much. In the early days, there were only a few cryptocurrency exchanges which made it difficult for people to trade, which resulted in a low transaction volume. Due to the increase in users, such companies came into existence and have become a big part of cryptocurrency trading.

They are now gradually being accepted by more people around the world, with their trading volume increasing daily. People who are investing in crypto have a need for crypto exchanges that allows them to trade cryptocurrencies. If the exchange is not reliable, investors are likely to dump the coins at a loss.

Crypto exchanges have been operating online for a while now. They must follow regulations set by government agencies; this includes anti-money laundering and bank secrecy rules. Most of these organizations must also be registered with the government to avoid being called a scam.

An exchanger is a company that brings together buyers and sellers of different products or services, which offers varieties of crypto exchange services. Customers are able to buy and sell bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on the market for profit. They agree with each transaction conducted by an exchange platform such as KeepABit and then transfer the currency to a virtual wallet of the buyer.

Crypto exchanges can earn money in various ways. Trading fees are charged by some exchanges for carrying out transactions on their platform, while others offer you zero trading fees. You will have to calculate your exchange rate before making the purchase. The difference between the buy and sell price can determine the amount of profit you are likely to make.

Avoid exchanging money on an exchange that is not regulated by the government, or that does not provide evidence of identity verification, as you could be dealing with cybercriminals who will obtain access to your funds and steal your money.

There are also many risks involved in crypto exchanges such as the Delisting of tokens and Crypto Assets. If your exchange gets hacked, you are likely to lose all the money in your wallet. It is therefore important to select an exchanger that can guarantee the protection of your wallet from hackers.

Today, I am going to review my exchange platform, KeepABit. As a customer, I am pleased with the KeepAbit service because it has helped me in my crypto trading activities which have made me earn more profits and improve my finances because of its affordable trading fee.

Today, many people are using KeepABit because it offers quality services that most crypto exchanges lack. It is important to select an exchanger that can guarantee the protection of your wallet from hackers. KeepABit has helped me to get more money in my bank account after trading on their platform. It is also important for you to choose an efficient platform such as KeepABit in order to increase your chances of getting higher profits from crypto trading.

KeepABit has many benefits that include:

User-friendly interface

You are able to quickly navigate through the platform and exchange your digital assets. When I first opened the website, I was amazed at how simple the platform is to use. They have been able to come up with a unique design that allows you to trade your tokens in a fast and secure manner.

Instant withdrawals

Many crypto exchanges today have delayed withdrawal processes which make it hard for traders to get their money. KeepABit has resolved this issue by turning the withdrawals process into a simple procedure that can be done within minutes and you will not need to wait hours before receiving your funds in your bank account.

Customer support

Many traders complain about poor customer service in most exchanges. However, KeepABit has been able to solve this problem by providing 24/5 customer service that includes live chat or email addresses which makes it easier for clients to resolve issues easily. My previous broker had more than horrible customer support and most of the traders agreed with me. It is because of this issue that I had to use a different exchanger.

KeepABit has shown me another face of an exchanger and most importantly, it has made trading a lot easier than before since their customer service works just as good as their exchange platform.

High-security level

Security concerns are one of the main issues affecting crypto exchanges. Security in an online platform is very important since it can cause a great deal of loss to the traders. You must ensure that the platform you are using has strong Firewall protection, a solid security system and SSL encryption for all sensitive data transfers. Fortunately, KeepABit understands this issue and makes use of modern technology to keep all transactions safe and secure.

Bonus program

Some of the exchanges give their regular customers zero bonus on the activities conducted on their site. KeepABit is different since it offers a bonus system that works towards creating a healthy relationship between the exchanger and its customers. I think platforms should keep offering bonuses because this makes it easier for traders to recover any incurred losses.

The KeepABit bonus program is a great way to attract and retain customers by rewarding them with cash for trading on their platform. This helps traders to trade more tokens than before in order to earn high profits in the crypto market.

Lower trading fees

Unlike many crypto exchanges, KeepABit charges a very low trading fee which allows users to buy and sell crypto assets while enjoying the benefits of using their platform. Low transaction fees are important because it saves you money, and this means you can use the saved funds on other investments.

Currency support

KeepABit supports two cryptocurrencies that make it easier for you to trade tokens without using multiple accounts. I have been trading both Bitcoin and Ethereum and they have been offering excellent services and I have made several hundred thousand dollars just within a few days of using their platform. I think that the number of available fiat and cryptos should be increased since this will create more trading opportunities for traders.

Easy registration process

You will not need to undergo a rigorous sign-up process before you can start trading crypto assets on KeepABit. All traders are allowed to register an account in less than two minutes and this is a good thing since some other crypto exchanges make it harder for newbies to use their services.

Convenient Trading Platform

The great design of the KeepABit exchange makes it easier for traders to buy and sell crypto assets in a convenient way. Even if you are not an expert on cryptocurrencies, I believe that all cryptos should have this feature since it will attract more people to your site. One of the best features about KeepABit is its user-friendly interface which allows beginners to use the crypto trading system in a comfortable way while protecting their private keys.

Rapid transaction speeds You do not have to wait for long before your crypto assets are delivered since KeepABit undertakes all the necessary measures to ensure that all transactions on its platform are processed as quickly as possible. You can make use of KeepABit to buy, sell and exchange cryptos without being worried about losing your assets since the site uses the latest technology for delivering your tokens in a short time.

Some Drawbacks

I have listed as many pros as I could recall above. However, bear in mind that even the best crypto exchanges have cons. Below are some of the cons that I noticed. I want to share that I have experienced huge difficulties because of these but I think you should be told what to expect.

  • The first one is that you will not find any ebooks. This will be a disadvantage to people who are new in the cryptocurrency market because they can’t learn from their mistakes if there aren’t any ebooks. I think that KeepABit should include ebooks on how to buy and sell Bitcoin so people can learn from their mistakes before they make costly ones.
  • Secondly, it does not support many coins. This might be a disadvantage for traders who are only interested in trading other coins such as altcoins. I think that the number of cryptocurrencies that KeepABit supports should be increased.
  • Additionally, there is no demo account option so you will only be able to trade with real money. This has been an issue for newbies who have just joined the cryptocurrency market because they will not know how it feels like buying or selling tokens without losing their real money.


I have used different crypto exchanges in the past but I think that KeepABit is one of the few that one can actually trust for a lot many reasons such as low transaction fees, excellent customer support services and a convenient platform that is made for traders of all levels. It should not be forgotten that although the exchange is great it has some disadvantages too.

I hope that I have provided you with enough information through this review. If you want to start trading using KeepABit, you can sign up for an account right and give it a shot.

Disclaimer: This review is written from the writers own experience and their self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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