India Starts Minting Its First Cryptocurrency Unicorn

A year ago, crypto became legal in India due to the success in the Supreme Court case regarding the acceptance of cryptocurrency, and presently the country is minting unicorns. The rapid development is being seen in the overall inclination of the population toward participating in the global evolution. However, there are doubts regarding the current condition’s extension.

CoinDCX, a crypto exchange in Mumbai, has acquired up to $1.1B value after collecting funds of $90M. Sumit Gupta, the co-founder, and CEO of CoinDCX stated that the company would make a contract with the most prominent firms in financial technology to add more investors, construct a Research and Development (R&D) utility, making the policy more firm via public discourse, collaborating with authorities to incorporate crypto-friendly regulations, spreading awareness about crypto, and taking other suitable initiatives.

There are a lot of potential benefits of utilizing cryptocurrency as the country would probably be recognized among the significant countries after a long period of China’s shadow over it regarding the international capital. Currently, everyone is looking at what happens to the finance of this region. Indian civilians are stepping ahead in this regard. They are showing significant growth in crypto adoption during the contemporary wave of crypto. Some noticeable institutions like Coinbase are also spreading their range.

A thorough upsurge in the number of crypto investors out of the total population of 1.4B indicates that the country is at the same point where the United States citizens were during 2013, learning about crypto. In 2016 they initiated the adoption of cryptocurrency by and large. Now, it seems that the country has the potential to even come closer to the United States. However, certain geographical as well as technological factors are responsible for hindering an overall evolution as only teachers and students are mostly taking part in making crypto investments.

The billionaires among the Indian crypto community are hush silent and reluctant in revealing their identity as they are afraid of the authorities’ sudden orders. These factors are preventing the creation of any hedge funds. However, the scenario will further be pleasant if the current growth continues to include more and more crypto investors. The minting of unicorns denotes another milestone in the country’s crypto history and paving the way for the upcoming developments in space. It is most likely that India may transform during a decade.

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