Globe Exchange Review – Top Features Of This Trading Platform

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Globe Exchange Review

Globe Exchange logoHave you heard of Globe Exchange? If not, you are missing a brokerage that can change how you perform trading activities and achieve the experience that could influence your life. It is a fulfilling brokerage that gives numerous trading instruments to choose from. The benefits of having options are multi-dimensional. Traders cannot deny its importance in their trading careers. This Globe Exchange review will help you learn more about this broker, from its origin to all the necessary details that a trader needs to know about it.

Online trading platforms have evolved the way trading works. In the past, trading required immense struggle for traders as they had to find reliable places to know the value of their assets, meet their broker in person, and trust a broker for their trading activities.

In online trading platforms, traders are empowered by their service providers. They get live news from the financial markets, need a device with an internet connection to perform trading activities, and do not need anyone to take care of their assets. Traders can learn trading skills and experience trading in the live markets while sitting at their homes or offices.

If you start surfing google for a reliable brokerage, you will get plenty of options. Each of the brokers offers different discounts, bonuses, and services that set them apart and attract traders to invest with them. However, this step is crucial, and traders must take time to search for the right one before investing their hard-earned money. There had been cases where traders risked their investment amount at the hands of scammers. So, we advise traders to take hold, search about a trading platform, check its reviews on the internet, get reviews from traders using that platform, and then register with the trading platform.

My quest to search for the right broker has led me to experience a number of trading platforms. Like everyone else, I wanted to invest rightly and earn good profits over my capital amount. Additionally, I did not want to invest all my capital in one trading instrument. It led to further problems that I had to connect with multiple trading platforms. Among all the ambiguities and hassle, a fellow trader advised me to look up at Globe Exchange, and his advice became a turning point for my trading career.

Globe Exchange website

In this article, I will discuss some of the primary aspects of this trading platform that convinced me to give it a chance, and later, it proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.

So let us begin by introducing Globe Exchange.

An Introduction To Globe Exchange

Focus Global Consulting is the company behind Globe Exchange. Their head office is located in London, United Kingdom. It is a brokerage with financial plans and works like a financial advisory company that offers investors multiple ways to invest their amount to earn massive profits. The brokerage aims to deliver an ever-lasting trading experience for all of its clients, and so far, they have successfully achieved their goals.

Globe Exchange is a modern brokerage that includes technology in its processes. They have a truly innovative approach and have revolved around the trading norms since they began their journey. The changes were greatly made to serve traders and facilitate their requirements. The financial aspects and major decisions are taken care of by financial experts. With their knowledge and expertise, these financial experts have presented a rightful brokerage for everyone who wants to explore financial markets with a difference.

It is an integrated trading platform that presents a solution to all the trader’s requirements. Globe Exchange offers financial plans with a promise that investors will surely make profits over their invested amount. They stand out by presenting carefully selected trading instruments with the potential of growing in a short time. They further facilitate traders by presenting authentic live news from the market every time and at all times of the day. Furthermore, they have successfully created a highly motivating and inspiring atmosphere through their platform that is a constant source of positive energy for traders to trade successfully in the competitive yet profitable financial markets.

Now that you have a brief idea about Globe Exchange and are reading about this broker, it is time to discuss it in detail.

Why Choose Globe Exchange?

There are many reasons to choose Globe Exchange as your brokerage. It has multiple features and facilities that we will discuss later in this Globe Exchange review, but for now, we will discuss some of the non-technical elements of this brokerage that make it one of the best options that traders choose for growing in the trading market. Experienced traders will second my verdict that getting connected with a broker who is not into looting a trader’s investment by asking for commissions and service fees at every step of trading is a blessing in disguise. Let us discuss some of the appealing features of this brokerage.

  • Simplicity

Each step of the trading process at Globe Exchange is simple and easy. Experts have designed its infrastructure with great dedication so that it is handy, practical, and facilitates everyone. Traders with experience in trading with different online brokerages prefer Globe Exchange as it gives them relief from following unnecessary and time-consuming steps. Newcomers into the trading world find it easy to start trading, and it does not scare them away from moving ahead in the financial markets.

  • Customer Oriented

As Globe Exchange is an expert-led brokerage, they are genuinely focused on traders’ needs and demands. The experts are running this brokerage design new policies and develop practical solutions tailored to facilitate the trading process. These solutions simplify the over-complicated processes that had been bothering traders over the years and customize it so that it opens the gateway for traders to make profits. Customer-orientedness and focus on delivering state-of-the-art services have helped Globe Exchange emerge as a powerful and influential brokerage of recent times.

  • Professionalism  

The professionalism you observe at Globe Exchange is matchless. Traders registered on this platform experience a friendly atmosphere blended with professionalism. The trading platforms are carefully designed, meeting all the requirements of the trading world, and traders barely need to run after the customer services for daily trading activities. One more thing that speaks for their professionalism is that whether a trader is from the UK or any part of the world, a trader with a basic trading account, or a prominent investor, the experts and customer service representatives will treat everyone with immense respect and guide them with sheer dedication.

  • Commitment

One of the most inspiring reasons to choose Globe Exchange for trading is fulfilling commitments made at the time of registration. Most of the time, traders face the problem that their brokerages do not keep up with the promises they make at registration, but things are different with Globe Exchange. The brokerage ensures the provision of all the facilities mentioned in the account type description, and traders can enjoy them from day one after registration. Globe Exchange also complies with all the said terms and conditions and policies. Traders do not feel betrayed or trapped with words as Globe Exchange fulfills its commitments by following the stated rules.

  • Transparency 

Knowing every minute detail of how a brokerage will let you trade is a point of utter relief. Globe Exchange makes sure that traders are well-informed about the trading process. The trading platform of Globe Exchange has all the necessary information that traders must have prior to investing their amounts with them. They have mentioned all the implemented policies and terms and conditions on their website.

They have also clearly mentioned the details of facilities and services available. Globe Exchange provides multiple ways to connect with traders for answering their further information and inquiries. If anyone leaves a query, the customer service representatives make sure that they reply to them with the most appropriate and satisfying answer.

What Facilities Are Offered At Globe Exchange?

Globe Exchange facilities for trading

The facilities and magnitude of services offered at Globe Exchange are way different from those provided at most brokerages. A big reason for this difference is that it was introduced in 2021 when the number of online traders and the number of people interested in online trading increased drastically. The experts strategically planned to provide the facilities that specifically cater to modern online trading, thus attracting everyone towards their brokerage.

Let us look at some of the significant facilities offered at Globe Exchange.

  • The Web-Based Trading Platform

An online brokerage’s primary responsibility is to provide an easy interface to connect traders with the financial market. The color scheme and design of the website are sound and professional, allowing traders to build trust in their brokerage. This interface must be technically advanced, fast, and integrated with the required facilities. Globe Exchange provides a cross-compatible web application for traders to access their trading account from any device using any operating system. The web application seamlessly connects with banking apps, and traders face no hassle while depositing investment amounts or requesting a withdrawal.

The web app is customized to serve traders. It is based on a technically advanced MT5 trading platform equipped with multiple trading tools to assist traders. Traders receive live updates from financial markets and can observe the trending charts to effectively plan and execute their trading activities. It is a high-performing platform that offers speed and security of information, assets, and time.

  • Customer Service Center

The experts running Globe Exchange had been traders themselves, and they understand the value of customer services in traders’ journeys. They have strategically designed a state-of-the-art customer service center to facilitate traders. Along with freedom of place, Globe Exchange offers traders to trade with freedom of time. Traders can trade during the day or night as this platform runs 24 x 7, and if during their trading activities they feel a need for assistance, the customer service center is always there for them.

There are multiple ways to contact the customer service center. It includes a helpline number, email address, social media accounts, and a chat option. Whenever a trader leaves a query, the representative ensures it is answered at the earliest possible time.

  • Diversified Trading Instruments

Global Exchange is a brokerage of modern times. It intends to provide rising trading instruments that have the potential to grow in the upcoming time massively. The financial experts on this brokerage have carefully selected the trading instruments and made them available for traders coming to this platform.

Globe Exchange provides options to invest in stocks, ICOs, indices, commodities, trade currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. They have carefully selected the companies whose stocks and indices will rise in the upcoming years. For further selection, traders can ask the available experts and choose the entire window for profit generation.

Initial coin offerings, typically called ICOs, are a new trading instrument based on cryptocurrencies. These are tokens that traders can exchange for monetary investment in a company. Holding an ICO represents traders’ investment or stake in a project whose value increases as the value of the project rises.

Globe Exchange also allows traders to put their hands on oils, gas, and precious metals that traders can buy at lower prices and sell them when prices get higher.

The brokerage also gives options to select from a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

  • The Trading Accounts

Globe Exchange offers five different trading accounts with various financial plans. Each account can be accessed by depositing the minimum amount mentioned with the trading account.

The basic account is the silver account that facilitates traders with daily news, account manager, weekly market review, and weekly portfolio progress reports. It also offers 1:100 for forex and 1:1 leverage for other trading instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. Traders have to deposit $10000 to access this account.

The gold account is accessible by depositing $ 50000, and it offers more facilities than the silver account. It providers a 25% margin loan, a portfolio manager, a monthly session with an accountant, and support by account monitoring from an analyst group. It also provides more leverage for all trading instruments.

Traders can open platinum, diamond, or corporate account by depositing $100000, $250000, and $1000000, respectively. The percentile for margin loan and leverage ratio increases as a bonus for investing more with Globe Exchange. Each account has many perks that facilitate the traders in every possible way.

  • The Education Center

Global Exchange has attempted to provide the best services in every possible way. When they claim that they are one of the leading brokerages, they have proved it by giving comprehensiveness on their platform. The facilities also include educational resources essential in delivering knowledge and developing skills to strive in the financial markets.

For this purpose, Globe Exchange focuses on working on four fundamental pillars that educate traders about financial markets. It motivated them to research the trading process on different platforms and use online educational material such as ebooks, videos, podcasts, and webinars that financial experts conduct to guide traders.

The experts at Globe Exchange motivate traders to execute trading activities professionally. They help traders plan and implement the trading processes step-by-step while simultaneously calculating the profit ratios and managing associated risks. The brokerage focuses on providing training sessions to polish the trading skills of traders registered with them.

How To Join Globe Exchange? 

Globe Exchange is open for everyone, so traders around the world can join it. The process is simple, time-saving, and efficient. Here is a brief explanation of the joining process

  1. Fill out the registration form

A registration form is available at Globe Exchange to obtain basic information from traders joining it. It requires your name, residential address, email address, contact number, and date of birth. At this stage, traders must also select the type of account they want at Globe Exchange. The algorithm embedded in the platform traces your location and fills the field for the country by itself. It barely takes three minutes to fill the form.

  1. Verification 

Globe Exchange takes a while to collect proofs and verify the information filled in the registration form. They ask for proof of identification, and traders need to submit pictures of their identity cards and selfie. The system runs an information check, and if the information is correct, traders receive a message or email to proceed further.

  1. Access the trading account

After verification is complete, traders can access their trading account by simply entering their ID and password. Traders can now perform trading activities and explore the trading platform.

  1. Deposit investment amount

To begin trading formally, traders must have some trading instruments in their hands. Traders purchase these trading instruments using their investment amount. Traders can transfer investment amounts from their bank account or cryptocurrency wallets and use them at Globe Exchange.

  1. Start trading  

Using the amount in their trading account, traders begin trading in the live financial market. They purchase trading instruments available at Globe Exchange and sell or exchange them to earn profits.


With the growing interest in online trading, there was a strong need for a brokerage to provide some new horizons of the financial market that traders can explore to grow. Globe Exchange has provided a platform to overcome this need as it offers financial plans and trading instruments that are new but have the potential to grow in the upcoming times. They have simplified the trading process and delivered services efficiently so traders can enjoy and earn with Globe Exchange.

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