Global Trading26 Review – Is Global Trading26 Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform

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Global Trading26 Review

Global Trading26 logoIn the past, trading was very difficult as compared to today. It was an arduous job that required full-time attention. People were hesitant about this business and labelled it as a business for the elite class only, but fortunately, the mindset is changing now. People now see it as a chance to earn money and become prosperous. This change in people’s mindset is brought about by online trading. There are hundreds of online brokerage platforms offering their services. One such broker is Global Trading26, and in this Global Trading26 review, we are going to analyze each and every unique feature of this brokerage firm. This platform is helping traders by providing top quality services and advanced features.

Trading platforms have become a requirement and an essential need for the trading world. They are necessary because without them, trading is not possible. Trading platforms offer services that were provided by brokers earlier. Therefore, they are the brokers of the new age. More and more new brokerages platforms are introducing in the market with every passing day. That is why finding a good broker out of hundreds of options has become more difficult. But no sweat, this review will help you to find a good broker who is original, reliable and trustworthy at the same time. It is none other than Global Trading26.

When people start investing in the financial market, they have numerous doubts and questions in their minds. The main question which arises in their minds is that whom should they trust? There are some brokers who brag about providing all the services in one place but fail to do so, while some others feel unreliable. It means that you will have to find a broker who is capable of providing all the services being hundred percent reliable as well.

The features, services and policies of Global Trading26 make it one of the best brokerage platforms in the market. All our research and customers’ reviews have declared Global Trading26 as the most dependable brokerage platform available for cryptocurrencies right now.

Global Trading26 website

Unpretentious Registration Process

Every step is difficult for beginner traders at the start of their careers. After making up their mind, the first and foremost step for them is getting registered on the platform. Global Trading26 is a customer-friendly platform. That is why it starts facilitating its customers from the very first step. It is disappointing and heartbreaking to inform you that US citizens are not allowed to register on the platform, but we hope that the problem will be resolved soon.

The registration form of Global Trading26 is different from other brokers due to its length. It is short and only asks for basic information to be filled in. A brief registration form saves the time and effort of the traders. Moreover, it does not coerce the customers to deposit a large amount of money as an initial deposit. It provides its customers with an opportunity to start trading with a small amount. If you cannot afford a five or six-digit deposit, then Global Trading26 is the right venue for you because it offers multiple accounts, out of which you can choose one that better suits your pocket.

Account types

There are a total of five types of accounts offered by Global Trading26, which are named Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP account. Silver account is the basic account that offers only essential services because it is designed to facilitate and encourage newcomers. Gold, Platinum and Diamond accounts are for skilled and experienced traders, while VIP account is only for traders who belong to the elite class.

  • Silver Account

The first type of account, which is specifically designed for beginners by Global Trading26, is Silver Account. This account type is designed for those traders who have recently joined the trading world and are still in the learning phase. Inexperienced traders cannot afford heavy investments. That is why the initial deposit limit is set at a minimum. You can own this account if you have only 10k Euros in your possession. Although this account can be owned by depositing a miner amount, still it offers fascinating features. It includes 1:20 leverage. Another important feature that is being provided to beginners is trading signals. These signals inform the traders about recent changes in the market so that they can make timely decisions.

  • Gold Account

The second type of account being offered by Global Trading26 is a Gold account which can be availed by depositing any amount between 10k to 100k Euros. This account type better suits those traders who already possess an intermediate basic knowledge about the working of the online trading market. In this account, leverage is doubled as compared to the silver account. For a withdrawal, it takes a maximum of five days to process. Other attractive features of this account include weekly managed sessions, a money management plan and many more.

  • Platinum Account

The third account offered by Global Trading26 is Platinum Account. Professional traders prefer this account type because of its features. The minimum and maximum limits of investment for a platinum account are 100k and 200k, respectively. Important features offered in the Platinum account include leverage of 1:60, withdrawal approval in three days only and many more.

  • Diamond Account

The next account type being offered by Global Trading26 is the Diamond account. This account is specially designed for experienced traders who have been working in this market for at least five years now. These traders know the fundamental tricks and techniques of trading and want to enhance their knowledge further. To own this account, you must have at least 200k Euros in your possession. In this account type, your withdrawal will be approved in just a couple of days. Other amazing features include quarterly dividends, an account executive to help in the management of the account and one on one educational setup.

  • VIP Account

The fifth and last type of account introduced by Global Trading26 is the VIP account. As the name itself suggests, this account is specially designed for traders who want a customized setup for trading. To own this prestigious account, you need to deposit at least 500k Euros while the maximum limit is not set, which means you can deposit as much as you want. There is leverage of 1:150 in this account type. Withdrawal approval in a few hours and a VIP mentorship program are a few examples of hundreds of offered features.

Safe Payment Methods

Online payments always contain an element of risk. In the case of unreliable platforms, the risk increases because many platforms have introduced ambiguous payment systems. On the one hand, these systems are ambiguous, while on the other hand, they are complex and difficult to understand. Global Trading26 understands these problems very well. That is why it has developed a payment system in such a way that no complexities and difficulties arise. Its system is easy to use and simple to understand; thus, no misconceptions stir between brokers and traders. The majority of the online brokers allow only one or two payment methods. This is the main difference between Global Trading26 and ordinary platforms as it allows multiple payment methods. These options include Mastercard, Maestro and bank wire transfer. In addition, there is a feature of e-wallets as well, which can be used to deposit and transfer funds.

Trading Instruments

Global Trading26 trading instruments

Trading involves hefty amounts of money. That is why traders select something which provides more than one advantage. But it is the reality that most of the options available in the market right now are not multifunctional. Global Trading26 is a saviour because, like other problems, it saves you from this trouble as well. Not just an ideal place for traders. It is a model to follow for fellow brokerage firms as well. So, if you want to prosper and excel in this field, then develop a bond with Global Trading26.

Global Trading26 provides many instruments on its website, out of which traders can opt according to their own will. These instruments are indices, Forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

  • Indices

Closely monitoring changes occurring in prices of certain items to buy when the price decreases and sell when the price increases, this type of trading is known as indices. In simplest words, to take advantage of price fluctuation is called indices. If you like this type of trading, then you can do it on Global Trading26, and it will help you by informing you about price movement with its trading signals.

  • Stocks

Sell and purchase of shares of public companies is known as stocks. When you buy a share of a company, it means that you are one of its owners. You can purchase as many stocks as you want with the help of Global Trading26, as it provides the most suitable conditions for trading stocks.

  • Forex

For-ex means foreign exchange. Exchanging foreign currencies with each other is known as Forex. It is one of the largest and lucrative trades but possesses an element of constant risk. This trading instrument is also available on Global Trading26. There you can exchange all the currencies which are preferred by traders.

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency or digital currency is the latest trading instrument available in the world of online trading. No other trading instrument is as famous as cryptocurrency now a day. It has showered more than two hundred percent profits on its traders. The biggest advantage provided by cryptocurrency is the availability of a wide range of digital coins to trade with. Although many people are only aware of Bitcoin at the moment, there are thousands of other coins available in the market which are also making handsome amounts of profit. Some of the famous digital coins are Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Bitcoin lite and Dogecoin. All these coins are available for trading on the Global Trading26 platform. There are hundreds of platforms where you can trade stocks and indices, but only a few allow you to trade digital coins.

  • Commodities

Commodities are considered the safest trading instrument. Global Trading26 also allows trading in commodities like oil, food items, gold, silver and other metals. Oil, gold and food are traditional instruments for trading which possess less risk.

Education Center

Brokers from all over the world help their clients whenever they are in need, but typically they do not teach anything to their traders. They do not teach because they have a fear in their minds that if they teach the traders, they will become able to trade on their own. That is why brokers keep their tips and tricks secret. Global Trading26 is completely different from those brokers because it tries its best to educate its customers. The education centre of Global Trading26 contains the best syllabus, which also includes extensive video lectures and webinars. The traders who are more comfortable with learning through reading material can avail the e-books provided by Global Trading26 on the platform.

As mentioned above, apart from e-books and videos, the third option is a webinar. It is quite similar to a seminar, but the only difference is that it is held online without physical presence. The participants of the webinar are allowed to ask questions to remove their ambiguities as well. In a nutshell, by joining Global Trading26, you will be provided advanced knowledge in the form of webinars, video courses and e-books.

Additional Assistance

When beginners reach a trading platform, the question which continuously strikes in their minds is that how to make money without knowing the secrets of this field. Global Trading26 provides a suitable and satisfying answer to this question. The answer is in the form of advanced features which enhance the understanding and capabilities of its traders.

The first feature provided in this regard is Trading Signals. When a trader is not sure when to buy or sell an existing asset, trading signals received from the broker help him/her to make a decision. Owing to the need and importance of this feature, Global Trading26 provides this feature in all types of accounts, including the basic Silver account as well.

The second important feature of this category is price alerts. The name of this feature is self-clarifying. This feature generates an automated notification whenever the price of your asset fluctuates. In this way, the trader always remains aware of every change which can earn him profit.

The third amazing feature of Global Trading26 is that your account will remain under the continuous supervision of the platform’s highly experienced persons. Whenever a trader is in need of help, they will be just a click away from him. Some brokers provide this feature to expensive accounts only, but Global Trading26 provides this feature to all without creating any discrimination.

Customer Support service

I keep on testing different brokers to know which one is the best. In this pursuit, I tried to call many brokers on the number provided by them, but most of the numbers were not even in reach. Unlike such brokers, Global Trading26 provides a fully responsive customer support service to its clients. You can reach the support team by filling the contact form. The contact form can be used for four different purposes. The first purpose is to contact the customer support service regarding any general questions. The second purpose is to contact you regarding trading platform assistance if you are unable to understand any feature. The third option is to give feedback to the broker about its services and features or give any idea to further improve its services. The fourth and last option is to a complaint regarding any issue a trader faces on the platform.

In addition to this, you can contact Global Trading26 through email and telephone numbers as well. For traders’ convenience, the platform has provided two numbers to contact the broker. One number is based in the UK while the other is from Australia. The timings of customer support service are different for chat support and call centre. Chat support centre can be contacted from Monday to Friday between 07:00 to 14:00 GMT, while phone numbers are reachable from Monday to Friday between 09:00 to 13:00 GMT.

Security Measures

The purpose of trading is to earn a profit, but it is only possible if the investment and personal information of traders remain secure. Financial loss or data theft can take the trader to a hell of losses. With the rapid increase in online trading, the number of cyber-attacks has also increased. This is why traders need to think twice before selecting an online broker. Global Trading26 has taken foolproof steps in this regard to protect the information and money belonging to its traders.

Global Trading26 encrypts the data so that no one else could read it. It is decoded with Secure Socket Layers, also known as SSL. In addition, the platform also uses KYC and AML policies which are used for information and money protection, respectively. Global Trading26 performs the following steps to ensure the safety of money and information.

First of all, Global Trading26 ensures that clients have a valid proof of identification or not. If not, then he/she would not be allowed to trade on this platform. If yes, then the platform keeps and maintains the record of identification as proof. Secondly, the platform makes sure that the trader is not a suspected terrorist by checking his/her name in the lists of terrorists. Thirdly, the platform closely monitors the customers’ money transactions. Lastly, the platform accepts money only through legal channels. It neither accepts cash nor money orders.

Final Words 

You might not be able to spend a considerable amount of time investigating the brokers, but I have spent plenty of time in this pursuit to find out which broker is the best for traders. After thorough research, I have no hesitation in saying that Global Trading26, with all its amazing features, is a good choice for traders. If you want to stay in this field for a longer period of time without facing a loss, then choose Global Trading26 without any fear.

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