Five New Crypto Projects Will Be Entering Mainstream Market This Month Austin Arnold Noted

Due to the new developments in the crypto business, Austin Arnold, the founder, and treader at Altcoin Daily, said that this march, five new crypto projects will be entering the mainstream market.

The List, as he mentioned

Topping the list with Austin is Ethereum (ETH). He cited that the announcement made by AWS – Amazon Web Services has made for the availability of Ethereum on a blockchain managed by Amazon.

Captured in a statement from Amazon, they reiterated that the move intends to make the process of utilizing one of the biggest smart contract platforms easier for developers.

With the new development, the Amazon Web Services can provide ETH nodes easily in a matter of minutes and will connect to the test networks like Ropsten and Rinkeby and the Open main Network of Ethereum. With the newly launched Amazon Managed Blockchain, customers will get access to encryption, secure networking, and secure access to the network through Open source Ethereum APIs which is reliable and fast sync to the Ethereum Blockchain, and a more durable expandable storage for data.

The next pick of Austin Arnold is the VET, which is the supply chain management tool VeChain which cites the news that Hydro based in Norway (as one of the largest aluminum companies in the world) has launched an experimental service on VeChain.

The third on his list is THETA from the Theta Network, which is a decentralized network for video delivery. He pointed to the news that the European subsidiary of Sony plans to run a network node on the Theta Network.

The next on his list is Curv – the Cloud-based wallet, and the regard is from the news release that states from anonymous sources that PayPal – one of the biggest payment giants in the world is planning to acquire the wallet.

The last on his list is Hex Trust – a custody service that released a statement this week that it is going to launch its first completely licensed custody services for the NFTs (the non-fungible tokens).

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