Famous Silk Road’s Creator Ross Ulbricht Shares his Vision for Decentralized Social Media

Creator of the silk road dark web marketplace, who is currently imprisoned, has put forth his ideas regarding the decentralized spoil media if it is ever going to happen. According to Ross Ulbricht, a protocol that is user-centric will put an end to the corporates out there and their hefty monopolies. If the decentralized social media platform was to happen ever, it would surely end the damage done by the centralized social media. 

He is currently serving a double life sentence in a US prison has come forward with a vision to develop a decentralized social media platform. According to him, if he is pardoned, then this is the project he will work on, but he doesn’t know if or when it will happen, so he is letting this idea/concept of his before the world regarding decentralized social media platform if someone wants to go through with it. 

How Current Infrastructure of Social Media Lacks the Centeredness Around the User?

According to him, at present, the social media platform simply lacks the potential to provide all the decision-making power in the hands of the user, and when we talk about the decentralized social media platform, this is exactly what will be done. Simply giving users the choice to browse the website they want to visit or create their own is not enough. 

The decentralized social protocol, as proposed by Ulbricht, will give users all the power to be able to manage the current access to their content through the help of encryption tools. Users will have the keys to the content provided to the service providers, so it is the opposite of our usual social media platform, which is centralized. According to his system, users will click on the ads created by the advertisers and will get the money for themselves, and they will pay this money to the interface providers to have the interface and at the same time to the content servers to have access to the content. 

The decision to view the content and manage it will lie in the hands of the users. The biggest fundamental aspect of this platform is that they will be able to keep all the money they have earned through the advertisements they have clicked or interacted with. The advertisers will be paying users directly instead of paying their money to the corporations; that will definitely be a sight if it ever happens.  

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