EZDSK Review – Top Reasons to Use their Services

EZDSK Review

EZDSK Review

When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009, no one could have thought of the repercussions. Today, Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing trading instruments and has helped thousands of people across the globe in making millions. In addition, the cryptocurrency market has also expanded and there are more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies that can now be traded. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of opportunities for people to make money. But, how do you do that? This is when you need to find a broker because they can provide you with the trading platform and access to the crypto market.

If you take a look, you will discover that the market is overflowing with brokers and each of them claims to provide you with top-notch trading services. However, you need to be cautious and ensure that the one you choose can actually provide you the services you are after. Founded by Matrix Markets Ltd, EZDSK is also a crypto broker that offers you access to these digital currencies. But, why should you use their services? Some of the top reasons to consider them are highlighted as follows:

Educational Resources

The cryptocurrency market is relatively new and is still evolving and it is quite different from the rest of the financial markets due to its volatility. This means there is a lot to learn for newcomers and experienced traders alike. EZDSK provides its clients with access to in-depth and extensive educational resources in the form of e-books, on-demand videos and plenty of free training material. You can use their advanced trading education for polishing your skills and attend webinars to learn the ins and outs.

Security Features

Another reason to consider using EZDSK for trading cryptocurrencies is because they can provide a relatively safe trading environment. You don’t have to worry about your information being compromised, as they use high-end encryption for keeping it under wraps. This ensures that outsiders cannot gain access to your information. Plus, they keep your funds safe by maintaining segregated accounts for clients and depositing them with the top financial institutions. Your funds are only used for trading activities and there is no misappropriation.

In addition, the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies are also in effect on the EZDSK platform. These require traders to give proof of identity and address, so only legitimate profiles can be made on the platform. With these policies, the chances of money laundering, terrorist financing, identity theft and financial fraud are reduced significantly.

Asset Index

Perhaps, one of the most prominent reasons for traders to consider EZDSK is because of their asset index. As opposed to most crypto brokers in the market, they offer an extensive number of cryptocurrencies. Sure, they offer Bitcoin and you can also indulge in Litecoin trading with EZDSK. But, these are not the only options. You are provided with some of the other cryptocurrencies in the market as well. These include Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and NEO.

This allows traders to use the EZDSK platform for diversifying their trading portfolio to the maximum and enjoy high returns, something that not many brokers will be able to provide.

EZDSK Review

Customer Support

When you are trading cryptocurrencies, there is a possibility that you may have questions or may encounter issues with the broker’s services. In this situation, you would want to have help right away, which means customer support should be available. EZDSK is well-aware of this requirement and they have added several channels that can be used for reaching out to their team. Their agents are available 24/5 through email, phone number and an online contact form that you can fill out for scheduling a callback. They will provide you with the answers you need promptly.

Along with these reasons, you should also consider EZDSK because they have low commissions, easy registration and boast a powerful and flexible trading platform for their clients.

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