Euler Launches SHIB Lending

Shiba Inu has successfully moved from an ordinary social-media meme cryptocurrency to an actual high value digital asset with impressive usage in the cryptocurrency community. Shiba Inu is now looking for ways to attract more users of the coin by launching a phase for users to earn interests on their holdings. The partnership plan was announced by Euler Finance to an anxious world of Shiba users who had been anticipating something big.

Euler applauded the encouraging market strides of Shiba Inu in a message on Twitter stating that Shiba has a loyal group of global users that have dedicated themselves to growing the coin from a social-media meme crypto to a solid digital currency with over $15B in market value. 

The past year was a year of great achievements for Shiba Inu. It hit a $41 billion capitalization, reaching and surpassing the mark of one million users as it rode on the fraternization of Elon Musk with the coin. It later in the year dropped to $16 billion in market capitalization.

In that amount of time in view, Shiba Inu also achieved attention and was listed on some major global exchanges, such as Kraken and Binance. Yet, the active users want much more than being on those trading platforms but they look forward to being listed on Robinhood. They subsequently wrote a petition to that effect and it has got more than 500,000 signatures. 

SHIB users are of the opinion that being listed on Robinhood is going to shore up the digital currency’s value and draw the necessary investments out of investors who may have been skeptical.

Shiba Inu users have continued their agile campaign in the New Year to put up the digital asset at a top position and bring it to the forefront. This has brought about the unveiling of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will coordinate all users to determine a course for the future of Shiba. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization just in its initial stage is designed to give Shiba users an opportunity to actively contribute their quota of ideas to which direction the community should go. 

The power of ultimate decision is given to a group of random users who will be guardians. They will scrutinize every plan before they are embarked on, so as to protect the currency from attack.

The Shiba network, aside from signing petitions to get recognition from Robinhood, they are also envisaging the floating of a proper crypto coin. There are expectations that the coin will be moved to a personalized blockchain system in the near future. All hopefully to happen this year.

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