EquityMarket365 Review – What Helps this Broker Stand Out?

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EquityMarket365 Review

EquityMarket365 logoIf you have recently begun looking for a broker to start trading in any financial market, you will probably be flummoxed by the plethora of options you find. How should you sort through the options? Every other company appears to promise you the same thing and it can get confusing really fast. Many people are so overwhelmed that they just pick a broker randomly, only to discover later that they have made an erroneous decision. When it is your money at stake, you don’t want to do so. But, how do you make a choice?

The key is to find out what makes a broker stand out from the rest of the options in the market, something you should do in the case of EquityMarket365. For a new brokerage, it has managed to establish itself fairly quickly in the market and even has a couple of awards under its belt. Plus, they are catering to traders all across the globe and have spread their operations to a substantial number of countries. How have they managed to do so? You can find out what makes them stand out through this EquityMarket365 review below:

The AML and KYC Policies

Amongst other things that have contributed to EquityMarket365’s popularity, their decision to comply with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies has played a major role. The online world comes with a lot of security risks and these policies have been created to mitigate them as much as possible. Traders have to provide proof of identity and address for complying with them and this ensures that only legitimate accounts are made on their platform. This ensures that people cannot use the platform for money laundering, financial fraud or identity theft.

The Diverse Financial Instruments

If you have any knowledge of trading in the financial markets, then you should understand that diversification can be extremely helpful in minimizing the risks and also increases your returns. However, you can only diversify your portfolio when you have access to enough financial markets and instruments and this is where EquityMarket365 has done a great job. They provide more than 200 tradeable instruments on their platform and these belong to various financial markets. You can trade in the forex, commodities, stock, indices and now cryptocurrency market as well.

The Intuitive Trading Platform

Your trading experience with any brokerage will depend on the kind of trading platform they have incorporated. Some prefer to develop their own platform, while others use existing options in the market. EquityMarket365 has opted to do the latter because they are a customer-oriented firm and they want to ensure that all their clients are able to find what they need. They have come up with a web trading platform that supports multi-asset trading and uses powerful technology for providing an optimal trading experience to everyone.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the EquityMarket365 trading platform easy to navigate for every trader, regardless of whether they are novices or skilled. The simplicity of the trading platform doesn’t mean it is lacking in any way because it provides lightning fast execution and one-click trading. Moreover, you will find that some of the most innovative trading tools have also been integrated with the platform to improve its performance. Traders can use a market calendar, price alerts and trading signals, market analysis tools, advanced charts and graphs and the latest news.

Flexibility is another perk that traders can enjoy with the EquityMarket365 trading platform, as they don’t need to download it on a single device. It can be used on any device via the browser, including mobile devices, so you can also trade on the move.

The Facilitating Account Options

Opening a trading account is a prerequisite for using a broker’s services, but the options available to you are different. It is a trend for companies to offer multiple account options, especially if they are catering to traders from all backgrounds. The risk appetite, capital and trading style of every trader is different, so account options have to be designed accordingly. Here again, you will discover that EquityMarket365 has been very accommodating because they offer four account options to choose from.

These choices are Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum and EquityMarket365 has added unique conditions and features to each account for appealing to the traders it has been designed for. The Basic account is for beginners, so it opens a minimum deposit of €250 and offers 1:50 leverage. The Silver account asks for €5,000 deposit and is for intermediate traders, so the leverage goes up to 1:100. The Gold is meant for advanced traders, so it comes with €25,000 deposit requirement and gives 1:200 leverage. The final account is for professionals and has leverage of 1:400, while the deposit is €100,000.

As for the features, you will find some solid ones added to each account by EquityMarket365. These include daily market reviews, free monthly webinars, one-on-one educational course, complete money management plan, VIP mentorship program, event trading and direct line to account executive.

The Responsive Customer Support

One of the most important feature of any broker that can help it stand out is their customer support. The world of trading moves quickly and traders want to see a quick response when they need assistance. The only issue is that while plenty of companies make promises in this regard, they are unable to keep their promise. But, this is not a flaw that EquityMarket365 has because they have provided responsive customer support to their clients.

They have developed several channels through which support can be provided. These include a phone number and an email address on their website. You can also visit the EquityMarket365 website and fill out the online contact form to have their agents contact you. These channels can be used 24/5 for getting the help you want. You can also check the FAQ section to see if you can find your answers there.


Thanks to such features, you can easily see why EquityMarket365 stands out in the market and how it can be a good option for trading.

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