Elon Musk has Once Again Tried to Pump Dogecoin’s Price Value

Musk is once again making an impression on the social media platform Twitter for the support of Dogecoin, and this time around, it is largely different than what Musk used to do in the past. Musk was a strong supporter and used his influence for the betterment of Dogecoin in the past. This driven passion for cryptocurrency was first entitled to Bitcoin, but over environmental disputes due to the excessive implications of the carbon footprint arising from Bitcoin mining, Musk has kind of backed off from that front and is now fully focused on making Dogecoin rally.

This is not the first time Elon Musk has used Twitter to tank support for Dogecoin, as he has clearly done so in the past by trying to contact the Dogecoin developers and sharing some insights with them on how to make the network more efficient and cost-effective as compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only this, but Musk also arranged for an SNL (Saturday Night Live) session where he talked about Dogecoin to influence the price of the token at $1 but couldn’t get through with it.

Musk’s Dogecoin Twitter Profile Picture

This time around, Musk has not commented something neither has he posted a review nor something like that else he has changed his profile picture where Musk is wearing black shades with a reflection of Dogecoin etched on both sides. The co-founder of Dogecoin posted his own version of the Elon Musk meme where Peter Parker can be seen wearing and then taking off the shades at two different instances.

In the first instance, when he takes off the shades, the price is falling like crazy, but when he gets it on the price chart can be seen booming. Peter Parker, here is a meme reference to Elon Musk; the point behind this meme was that Elon Musk thinks that posting these things in support of Dogecoin can increase its price and such, but the reality is a little different and harsh too.

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