Easy Crypto4U Review – Why You Should Begin Your Trading Career With This Exchange?

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Easy Crypto4U Review

Easy Crypto4U logoEasy Crypto4U, as the name implies, is a crypto exchange platform that is easy to use and is also a trustworthy name among traders. It is considered one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that deal entirely with cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. In this Easy Crypto4U review, you will get to know about the benefits and modern trading technologies provided by this exchange that will assist you in enhancing your trading experience.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency trading is popular among people due to its significance and advantages. People are earning wholesome amounts through online crypto trading. Online trading is the best option if you wish to make profits and pursue it as your career. But, you cannot enter the world of trading at once.

You should get complete knowledge about the field. Several brokers, trading firms, and cryptocurrency exchanges offer their best services to users. Among them, few black sheep can cheat you in the name of a good broker. Here comes your duty and hard work of finding a reliable and trustworthy platform. Easy Crypto4U is one of the crypto exchanges that fulfil the demands of its traders.

Easy Crypto4U website

Why Choose Easy Crypto4U?

Searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange among many competitive exchanges is not an easy task. You have to face many obstacles, which drain your energy and time. So, if you have found Easy Crypto4U, be happy and content that you have reached your desired destination. When you want to buy, sell, and trade different cryptocurrencies, then Easy Crypto4U is the ideal exchange for trading. It is one of the most reputable exchanges in the marketplace and is trusted by many crypto lovers. There is a rapid influx of traders in Easy Crypto4U because of its user-friendly features and advanced tools and technology, and high trading speed.

If you want to learn more about Easy Crypto4U, then this review will give you insight into the valuable features of the platform, and you will understand it is a good choice for you. Today is the era of the internet. Online trading has taken a huge development in terms of technologies. A few years ago, trading was not very popular, and only a few people benefited from it. As technology advanced, cryptocurrency trading also begins to rise. Easy Crypto4U is an exchange that can make you a millionaire from the investment of a few hundred dollars.

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and therefore, daily fluctuations occur in the financial trade market. Due to the frequent changes in the market, it is necessary to analyze market rates and values and remain updated. Easy Crypto4U has made it possible to cope with the current market details. You can start your trade with a low budget and gradually increase your investment. This would eventually upgrade your portfolio for future trade and make a good impression.

Therefore, there is no denying that Easy Crypto4U has become very popular among traders and crypto enthusiasts. It has become a prominent name in the trading industry within a short period of time. If you are willing to earn good income and build up your portfolio, then Goldvence is the most suitable trading platform. So, if you are interested in knowing about its features, tools, services, and many other qualities, then here is a detailed review of the platform, which will further assist you in understanding its features and powerful tools.

Account Sign Up and Registration

After you have selected a cryptocurrency exchange, the second step is to register with the platform. There are numerous platforms who waste your time asking you to fill lengthy useless forms which is such a waste of time. In this case Easy Crytpo4U is very precise and to the point. If you want to get registered and start your trading journey, you just have to visit their website, where they have given a form.

The form is not a hefty one and it only asks about the basic information about the traders. It comprises your first and last name, country, city, home address, phone number, and email id with a strong password. After giving all the required information, you can now start your trading activity and explore your talent.

In addition, a few other details are also needed, like your marital status, age, occupation, copy of utility bills, photograph, and composition of passport. These are just required for the safety of your accounts.  After you provide your basic information you only have to wait a little and you will get register unlike other platforms who are slow and take long periods to get you registered, Easy Crypto4U works in moments.

You should also remember, whenever you make changes in your personal information, and then inform your trading agent so that he can update your data and personal details. This will keep your portfolio up to date.

Features Offered by Easy Crypto4U

Being new to the world of Cryptocurrency trading, Easy crypto4U has gained enormous popularity in a short period. The features and facilities that are available on the platform are discussed here.

  • Advanced Trading Platform

Easy Crypto4U trading platform

When you sign up with any trading firm the first thing you should check is its platform. The platform offered by the exchange is the most important to consider. The most stunning feature of this exchange is its trading platform. The interface is extremely user-friendly. The tools and technologies are kept unique and modern, yet simplified so that experienced traders and beginners can easily use them.

You can utilize three different trading softwares on the Easy Crypto4U platform: MetaTrader4 software, Web-based software, and Mobile-based software. The most prominent feature of this exchange is that it is accessible by multiple devices. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile device. All these devices are extremely convenient and easy to use which allows you trade from wherever you are. If you are on the way or on vacations you can easily use this platform to persue your trading.

Most of the trading on Easy Crypto4U takes place on MetaTrader4 platform, generally known as MT4 trading software. Nowadays, MetaTrader4 is considered one of the top-rated software. MetaTrader4 is the latest and advanced software that allows traders to conduct their trade smoothly and with high speed.

It is designed so that it is beneficial for both experienced traders and novices. It can be downloaded or installed on your desktop computer easily. Therefore it is very convenient to use. Moreover, the specialty of the platform is that you can use it to analyze the technicalities of the current forex exchange market. The platform offers stock research, place trade orders, connection with a personal manager, and live streaming.

Another platform offered by Easy Crypto4U is Web-based software. It doesn’t require any downloading or installation as it is already infused on the platform. You need an internet connection to get started with your trade. You can access your trade through different browsers. These browsers include Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

The most useful and convenient option that Easy Crypto4U offers to its trader is a Mobile-based platform. The major advantage of a mobile-based platform is that since it is portable, you can carry it anywhere and can proceed with your trade at any time. If you are not at home and need to open your account and perform any trading activity, simply login to your account and start trading. It is also available in both iPhone and Android systems. Due to its advanced tools and technology, it has gained prompt recognition worldwide, and people are getting interested in trading with Easy Crypto4U exchange.

  • Security and Safety of Accounts

When you are new to the trading world and want to deposit money in your account, you might be worried about the safety and security of your hard earned money. If, by mistake, you select the wrong platform and deposit a huge amount into the account, then there is a chance of getting fooled. So choosing a firm who assures you the privacy and security of your account is the necessary step. If your information is not encrypted, everyone can analyze your financial accounts and read confidential details.

Easy Crypto4U has installed strict precautionary measures and gives protection to its traders’ accounts. They have installed end-to-end encryption technology. It works by encoding traders’ data and records. It ensures its traders that their financial and personal details are kept confidential and are not readable and visible by any unauthorized team member.

Another safety policy incorporated by the platform is the SSL policy, also known as the Secure Socket Layer policy. It is the enhanced version of TLS (Transport Layer Security). Its security level has been tested and improved for two decades. SSL encryption works very well by providing security to the data. The SSL security creates a link between the server and the browser, ensuring that all shared information is kept safe and protected from hackers and criminals.

Other major security measures of the Easy Crypto4U exchange is its AML and KYC policy, generally known as Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer policy, respectively. Both the policies work jointly, therefore strengthening the safety and security of the account.

AML is the process that helps finance departments fight against financial crimes and money laundering and protect their financial accounts from the damage caused by these crimes. AML keeps a check and closely analyzes the fraudulent activities such as illegal money transfers, suspicious transactions, and money laundering by unfair means.

Whereas KYC is just a basic customer identification and verification process that banks and other financial departments conduct to understand their indulging customers. Thus the main aim is to manage the risks effectively.

For this purpose, KYC policy has provided a form in which personal details are needed to be filled in by the customer. These details are kept safe and are used when any illegal or suspicious activities are observed while trading. In addition to these policies, a firewall policy was also added to the exchange, which further improved its quality. This technology ensures that no hacker would enter the exchange and access the valuable assets of the traders.

  • Account Types On Easy Crypto4U

As soon as you register on the Easy Crytpo4U exchange, you have been provided with different account options. The exchange offers three trading account types: Standard Account, Premium Account, and VIP account. Each of these accounts proposes various features and functionalities to its traders.

Standard and Premium accounts offer floating spreads, whereas VIP accounts have spreads beginning from 1.4 pips. Easy Crypto4U charges a commission on Standard Account and has leverage up to 1:30, but Premium and VIP accounts don’t charge any commission, and their leverages are also flexible. In addition, Easy Crypto4U offers a demo account which means you don’t need to invest your real money in any account.

Rather you can check the quality of the platform by depositing virtual currency. But, as soon as you start building trust over the exchange, you can invest your money in the real account and begin your trading journey.

Moreover, you can also start your trading by depositing the minimum amount as it is not mandatory, to begin with, a higher investment. As your trading experience grows, you can increase your investment. This will also improve your portfolio for future trading.

  • Education

The most crucial aspect of any exchange is its educational service. Easy Crypto4U is considered one of the best crypto exchanges in providing educational resources to its traders. They are very much focused on grooming and improving their traders’ portfolios. The biggest mistake made by the traders is that they think that trading is a piece of cake and they would not need any help, whereas it is not the case. There are a lot of changes occurring in the field of cryptocurrency trading with which a new, as well as an experienced trader, must be aware of. For this purpose, Easy Crypto4U has introduced some fantastic educational resources and tools which traders should use while trading. They offer live seminars and webinars sessions. Video recordings, tutorials, and an e-book have been provided for the proper assistance of the trader.

  • Asset index

The asset index of any platform plays a vital role in building up the trader’s portfolio. Easy Crupto4U has valuable asset indexes that help analyze the exchange market’s new and modern technicalities. Traders of this exchange can trade with more than 200 assets, enabling traders to expand their portfolios by gaining significant profit. Some of the digital assets that a trader can access are BTC, ETH, forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, and commodities.

The main advantage of this exchange is that they offer all assets in one place. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about buying or selling any assets. If you are not sure about any of the assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can talk to the exchange agent to guide you in choosing the right asset for trading. You should keep in mind that whether you select whatever cryptocurrency, the customer support team is always ready to reach you in your difficulty and help you solve your issues.

  • Customer Support Service

As your trading activity continues, you will come across some problems that need to be fixed. For this purpose, Easy Crypto4U has developed a remarkable and robust Customer Support Service. The exchange’s skilled and expert team members work day and night to provide the best service to their traders. They have various options through which you can connect with them. Their 24/7 phone call service, email address, and message service are available for the traders.

Furthermore, they also have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) service for the traders, which have almost all questions you might be thinking of. In case if any of your questions are not answered, then you can call them on their phone number, and their agents will satisfy your query. You can say that the team of the Easy Crypto4U exchange is alert round the clock and will assist you in solving your problems. So you don’t have to be worried about the issues you will encounter while trading.


In my opinion, the Easy Crypto4U exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that provide its best services to traders. They have smart and modern trading platforms which are easy to use. The interface and layout of the platform are user-friendly, which is suitable for seasoned traders and attractive to new traders.

The customer support service of the platform is super, and the experts work tirelessly to fix the problems that traders face while trading. Easy Crypto4U is considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy exchanges. Crypto fans and enthusiasts are joining this platform for trading. They also provide educational tools and resources to their traders to cope with the new and modern technicalities of the crypto exchange. Therefore, I recommend that if you are interested in trade, then go through this detailed Easy Crypto4U exchange review which will assist you in deciding whether you should join Easy Crypto4U or not.

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