Dogecoin Developers Deny Having No Intentions Of Switching Protocol’s Consensus

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For some time, rumors have been rotating here and there involving the developers of the Dogecoin blockchain. According to the rumors, the developers are planning to switch the Dogecoin consensus

Rumors had started floating about the developers of the Dogecoin blockchain that they were switching the network’s consensus to proof-of-stake (PoS).

Ever since the development and launch of the Dogecoin blockchain, it has been operating on the proof-of-work consensus. The particular consensus has been borrowed from the consensus of Litecoin (LTC).

However, many people have started to claim on social media channels and the crypto communities that Dogecoin’s consensus is changing to proof-of-stake (PoS).

If the switch were to take place, Dogecoin would fall in the same category as Ethereum. The network reportedly underwent the consensus change back on September 15, 2022.

They are thinking about it

Although the developers behind the Dogecoin blockchain have claimed they are not switching the consensus, they have hinted that they are thinking about it.

The officials at the Dogecoin blockchain revealed that they have given it a thought and are still in the process of doing the same.

They will need time to think about it but until they approach the community, everyone needs to stay calm. The teams have urged the investors not to take any actions based on their feelings or analysis.

They will come up with a proposal if they actually want to move to a different protocol. There is nothing in the plan for now but they are not closing their options.

They want to keep them open because anything can happen at any time. The teams also mentioned that it is not 100% whether they will come up with a proposal or not.

This information was shared with the Dogecoin Foundation’s principal engineer, Michi Lumin. The data was shared by Lumin on December 29, 2022.

Lumin clarified that they do not have the power to make any decisions on their own when it comes to the Dogecoin platform. It is the validators of their protocol who have the power to make it happen.

If they do not approve such activity or upgrade, they will not be able to make a decision against their will.

Strong Resistance towards Consensus Change

In a tweet, the teams at Dogecoin made it clear that proceeding with the consensus change is not possible at all.

They may have considered it but have not planned to bring it to fruition for any organization, individual, or body. They will not change their consensus without gathering enough feedback from their community.

If they ever want to implement the new consensus, they will have to come up with the entire process outlined. They have to go through the necessary coding and then leave the decision with the validators.

They will decide whether the implementation has to be carried out or not.

The teams behind the development of the Dogecoin blockchain have requested that users from making false claims about their plans. They are not planning to make the protocol go through any consensus change.

They stated that people claiming that the developers are actually busy doing so are making a ridiculous move, which is not appreciated at all.

A YouTube Video Instigated the Rumors

The rumors caught fire just when a YouTube channel known as Rabid Mining posted a video that questioned the same situation.

The video was based on the possibilities of what could happen if the Dogecoin platform was to undergo a consensus change. The same video was shared on Reddit and Twitter where many users commented on it.

Many users claimed that moving the consensus from PoW to PoS for blockchain would end up cutting over 60% of profits belonging to the Scrypt Miners.

Although the video did not suggest that the Dogecoin teams would enforce the new consensus, the viewers ended up perceiving it that way.

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