Cryptocurrency Analyst Predicts Two Altcoins That Can Make Place Into Top 10

The crypto market is flooding with new altcoins on a daily basis, and few of them get popularity and worth in the market. Recently, Elliot Wainman, the well-known crypto influencer and the host/owner of the trending YouTube channel named Ellio Trades Crypto, disclosed his opinions with his approx. 313k subscribers about his interest in the two altcoins, which he has been following for a long time. He is of view that these two altcoins are going to erupt soon and will hit the top 10 digital assets list and get pace in the crypto market.

On the 29th of April, 2021, Wainman shared a video on YouTube in which he shared his prediction and its expected implementation as well. According to him, these two altcoins, i.e., Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) are expected to hit the top 10 list of digital assets by market value as he has already started investing in these tokens and suggested his audience take advantage by taking an interest in these two altcoins which are going to break into top 10 crypto assets in May 2021.

Solana (SOL)

According to the analyst, SOL seems ready to be ripened and to erupt in the crypto market, and It is most likely to prove itself as a big parabolic moving crypto in the coming time as Solana is expected to look at $12 billion. The interesting thing about this crypto asset is that it is the best alternative option available in the market to Ethereum apart from Binance Smart Chain at $12 billion and currently standing at number 15 by market cap.

At the time of writing this article, Solana ($SOL) is trading at a worth of $48.21 with a growth of 3.32%, and today, it is doing better than Polkadot and Cardano.

Polygon (MATIC)

Elliot Wainman shared that the growth shown by $MATIC is admirable as it is following the same growth pattern that is required to get into the list of top 10 crypto assets. He is of the view that although it won’t be able to cross Binance or BNB, the analyst is hopeful that by following in the footsteps, it will reach near to those altcoins and will manage to break into the list of top 10.

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