Central Trade Review – Is Central Trade Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

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Central Trade Review

Central Trade logoCentral Trade is a relatively new brokerage firm dedicated to serving the traders of various financial markets worldwide. The thing about Central Trade is that expert traders develop it. And who can understand the demands of traders better than traders themselves? In this Central Trade review, I will discuss the prominent features of this broker.

In these times, millions of people are getting attracted to online trading. It became more prominent after the invention of crypto trading. The main reason for this is that online trading provides you with such options and features previously unavailable in trading. Not only would you have complete control over your trades, but you also get to do it from the comfort of your home. Suppose you are an intelligent trader, then online trading can be a profitable business for you.

But just like any other business, if you want to succeed in online trading, there are some things about it that you will have to understand. It won’t be like that you make an investment and will undoubtedly profit from that investment. It is more complicated than that. You will have to invest your money, time, and hard work to accomplish this business. This field also requires lots of understanding and risky moves.

To start the online trading process, you will have to find yourself an online broker you are willing to trust with your money. Brokers are the most crucial part of any trader’s career because they link traders with financial marketplaces. And if they are any good, they will provide you with trading tools and other functions that can help you make trades. So choose a broker who can provide full features.

The first step you have to take to step foot in the trading world would also be the toughest. And that step is finding an online broker. Some traders misunderstand the importance of this step and sign up for any XYZ broker, which they often regret later. It is not a decision you should make in haste because your trading journey and everything about it, like your profit-making and financial stability, depend on it.

The purpose here is not to frighten you of online trading but to encourage you to make an important decision in your life. Because it involves investing your hard-earned money, so you should think carefully and look around as much as you can before committing to anything. And while you are searching for a broker, maybe you come across Central Trade, famous for trading in cryptocurrency and CFDs. The following are some specifications of the Central Trade online broker.

Central Trade website

Central Trade Provides Several Instruments for Trading

The more trading instruments any online trading broker can offer you, the more valuable it will be for your trading business. The great thing about Central Trade is that it will give you a chance to invest in thousands of trading assets from all around the global markets through only one platform. You can say this about all the online trading brokers out there. Most of them have a limited number of trading options for their customers, which will limit the trader’s trading experience.

This approach of these brokers can get more commission for themselves because the trading assets in online trading markets are highly unstable, and their prices tend to fluctuate rapidly, so investing in these assets will either give you profits or losses. Somehow some conventional trading assets are more stable. Investing in those assets is mostly preferred by new traders because, in this way, they are less likely to lose their money, and it is easy to keep track of such investments. So, if their trading platform does not provide them such options, they get restricted, and trading becomes more complicated.

Before you sign up for any trading platform, always make sure to check the list of trading assets in which they give access to their customers, provided on the brokerage’s website. But beware of some fraud brokers who will offer you multiple trading assets, but after you register yourself with them, you will find that they only provide a few in reality.

Do your research before trusting anyone. You can check the reviews about any broker before making a decision. It can make this process easy for you. Trust only those brokers that have positive reviews on the internet. Central Trade is one such broker. It is always better to investigate the broker before registering with them than to put your money at risk. Online trading is a complicated process, and the scams in this trading industry make it even riskier. But it is also important to widen your trading experience for succeeding in this profession.

Diversifying your trading experience entirely depends on your selection of online trading brokers. You cannot invest in those markets if it does not give you access to your desired trading marketplaces. You would not have to face this problem with Central Trade as it can satisfy you in this regard. You can trade in more than three hundred assets with Central Trade. As long as you keep using Central Trade, you can continue to grow as a trader. Central Trade gives you access to trading assets, including cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, indices, and commodities. Following is a little explanation of these options.

Central Trade trading instruments

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, and it does not have any physical existence. They were first introduced in 2009, and the name of the first-ever cryptocurrency was bitcoin. Since 2009, more than 5000 types of cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the market.

They are the most recent addition in the trading world. Millions of people across the globe are transferring their resources from other trading assets towards cryptocurrency. The prices of cryptocurrencies are highly unstable; they give the margin of the highest profit. The types of cryptocurrencies available for investment on Central Trade are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and Ripple.

  • Stocks

Stocks are the most traditional and conventional trading assets. Even now, when hundreds of other trading instruments are available in financial markets, stocks are still the most in-demand assets for more than 30 percent of traders. Millions of people join the trading business for the sake of investing in stocks. The platform of Central Trade offers investment in stocks of several international companies for traders. The traders can buy and sell stocks of companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google, Pepsi, and many others. Traders can then sell these stocks when their price increases.

  • Forex

Just like several other trading assets Forex market, too, have plenty of potential for the traders. It is one of the biggest trading markets among other financial markets, with a daily trading volume of five trillion dollars. At the Central Trade online broker platform, you can trade in many forex currency pairs, including EUR-USD, EUR-RUB, NZD-AUD, and JPY-USD.

  • Indices

In the indices market, you can trade baskets of stocks. It is also a highly profitable market. If you trade through the platform of Central Trade, it will give you access to pretty considerable indices like FTSE 100, Nikkei 225, CAC 40, and S&P 500. On all these trading indices, the Central Trade offers CFDs.

  • Commodities

Investing in commodities is mainly for those traders who want to increase their experience in trading. If you decide to invest in commodities, your money will remain much safe because the prices of commodities are more stable, and they offer high-profit returns. You can invest in precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver via the Central Trade brokerage platform. Many other commodities like tea, rice, wheat, agricultural products, natural gas, and crude oil are also available for trading on Central Trade.

Splendid Trading Platform

The software on which the traders perform their trading functions like giving commands and investing in different assets is the software of that trading platform. It is the main part of any trading platform without which traders cannot execute their tasks. The first thing that should be considered while selecting any trading platform for your business is the trading platform provided by that brokerage firm because the trading platform will decide whether either you have a good or bad trading experience. If the trading platform cannot carry out your commands promptly or gets stuck again and again due to any technical reasons, it would cause unnecessary delays and stress for the trader. They can even miss out on some trading opportunities. Similarly, any trading platform with a simple layout is easy to understand and use for customers. New traders mostly prefer that type of platform because it saves them from many complications.

Since the beginning of online trading, many brokerage firms have introduced their online trading platforms in the market. Each of these brokerage companies offers different trading platforms with other functionalities to its customers. None of these platforms are similar. Every trader chooses its trading platform according to his preferences and features of that trading platform that either the platform can fulfill his requirements. Central Trade does not offer its customers any previously existing platform. It has created a trading platform for its valuable clients.

To register for Central Trade online broker, you would not have to download or install anything on your laptop or computer because it is a web-based trading platform. You will access your account through the website of Central Trade. This feature is attractive for those traders who do not want to bother downloading anything. Central Trade has made substantial efforts to ensure that the customers can get the trading experience they came for. The platform that is helpful for any trader regardless of his knowledge and needs is bound to succeed in the trading world, and Central Trade seems to fit this criterion. Some distinctive features of Central Trade are as follows


You would be able to reach your account using any device that has an internet connection, either your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. The Central Trade online broker is compatible for use on any device as it is a web-based trading platform, so you wouldn’t have to download it on a specific mobile or desktop. Its performance is the same on each device. Additionally, if you are restricted to only one device, it is also challenging to trade while traveling.

Attractive User Interface

The majority of brokerage companies ignore this aspect of trading platforms. But the Central Trade has paid more than enough attention to make their trading platform aesthetically pleasing. The platform is very attractive to look at, and the contrast of black and white catches your attention. The creators used only two primary colors, black and white, to make this platform and still managed to make it visually appealing. You’ll never get bored looking at it.

Updated charts

Any trader, either experienced or newcomer, needs a lot of tools for trading purposes. His broker provides these tools. The Central Trade understood this and added advanced charts to help their customers. These charts have specific patterns on them, which show market trends. Traders can take advantage of these charts to remain up-to-date about the market and make intelligent decisions.

Customer-friendly Interface

GUI (graphical user interface) is an integral part of any trading platform, and Central Trade has an instinctive trading interface for its customers. That makes the trading experience easy for traders as they don’t have to waste any time finding the platform’s commands.

With a user-friendly interface, even new traders don’t have to struggle to learn how to use that platform, and they can start using it right away. The one-click trading feature is an extra comfort through which traders can get desired results in real-time.

Prediction Instruments and Price Movement Alerts

The Central Trade brokerage went to great lengths for the welfare of their customers. They added specific prediction tools and price alerts to reduce the workload of their customers. It can warn the traders about the price fluctuations and movements in the market, helping them make the right decisions at the right time and not miss out on any opportunity.

Market News

For the successful career of any trader, he must keep pace with financial markets. If he is not up-to-date with maker trends and what events are taking place in these markets, he simply cannot make a successful trade. For this reason, Central Trade provides its customer with information about what is happening in financial markets at all times. Traders don’t even have to use any media source to get these new.

Registration Process

When they start their careers, many traders have to undergo the tiring and time-consuming process of registering and selecting an account with a broker because some brokers have a complicated criteria and want lots of paperwork and other requirements for registration. Sometimes you have to fill out multiple forms and contracts. Not all people are comfortable providing detailed information about themselves to a broker, and it also wastes a lot of time.

But with Central Trade, the registration process is quick and easy. It will not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to register and set up the account. On the official website of Central Trade, a registration form is provided. All you have to do is fill that form, and you will have a trading account. That form only requires your first and last name, contact number, and your country. To log into your account, you will need an e-mail address and a password.

After the registration process, you will be provided with two account types, and you’ll have to pick one account according to your trading preferences and investment amount. These two types of accounts are Real accounts and Islamic accounts. Real accounts have lots of variants, unlike Islamic accounts, designed for Muslim customers and do not have any give or take of interest. To make the trades, customers are allowed to sign a contract. But this contract takes only few minutes of users.

Security Standards

Central Trade is keen on the security of your personal information and investment data by using advanced encryption technology. With this technology, whenever data is entered into the software, it gets encrypted, and therefore no one would be able to manipulate that data. The broker also advises its customers to use a strong password for their accounts. For the safety of customers’ money, Central Trade uses separate accounts.

Moreover, the trading software of Central Trade is acquiescent with AML and KYC policies. The purpose of these policies is to keep track of the traders who have created an account and also keep cybercriminals at a distance from your trading platform. It can save you from identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing.


In this review, I gave my honest opinion about the outstanding features of this broker. Always remember that if you carefully and intelligently choose the right broker for your trading business, it will go a long way for you. And with Central Trade you will never regret your choice. It will not only make your trading journey trouble-free but also become your loyal companion.

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