Cardano is Planning to Roll out Smart Contract Capabilities in a New Set of Product Suites

The Cardano blockchain project is set to introduce the new smart chain functionalities with the help of a new suite product. The blockchain aims to provide developers tools for crypto coders, programmers, software developers, and digital asset enterprises that use smart contracts for their fintech applications. The suite has been named Marlowe, and it would be introduced in the form of build, play, and run versions.

The Marlowe build would be a loaded with developer’s tools for coming up with innovative ideas and software framework. Meanwhile, Marlowe Play would serve as a testing facility where quality assurance teams would be able to run simulations for the prototypes and even enroll in the beta development ventures. Whereas, Marlowe Run is a phase where consumers and business ventures could access the end products and use them for financial agreements in the form of templates.

The Product Manager at Cardano Claims that the New Product Suite would Empower the Organization

Shruti Appiah is a product manager at Input Output Hong Kong. In a new blog posting on the official website of Cardano, she claimed that the new suite is created with a vision to empower more people. It would enable many corporations and individuals to set up financial agreements with any parties they want and have the freedom to create a customized payment gateway for every new project.

The Marlowe end products would be available to the public in several steps later this year. It would be launched on the Cardano network at first. However, due to its blockchain agnostic nature, it would be able to use other blockchain projects as a host to cater to a broader consumer market in the future. These updates are part of the sitemap for Cardano that is still working on implementing Alonzo’s hard fork on the network.

Alonzo Hard Fork would Become Operational on the Cardano Blockchain in Three Different Phases

For blockchains, the phenomenon of fork translates to distribution or branching. It should be noted that Cardano plans to introduce different updates in five stages of development. Each of these phases is named after a famous poet or chief scientist. The Alonzo upgrade, for which a testnet has been started, is the last fragment that would mark the completion of the Goguen era.

Alonzo needs to complete three different phases named blue, white, and purple. The entire process would take about 90 days, and in the end, it would enable smart contract capabilities for Cardano. In the last phase, called Shelley, Cardano transformed from federated to fully decentralized blockchain. After the completion of the Goguen Era, Cardano would be able to compete with Ethereum in terms of DeFi space services.

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