Bitcoin and Ethereum are Speculative but XRP is worth Investing, Former US Treasurer Says

The crypto market on its whole is a pretty speculative space, and not every investor or trader is up for spending their time in this volatile market only to end up with nothing. When it comes to the crypto market, it is all or none game; either you win it all, or you lose it all, there is no middle ground. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are speculative, according to the former US treasurer, but it is the concept of decentralization that is speculative and has never been through a proper stress test or trust rating, for that matter.

One day Bitcoin is doing fine, and the next day there is a market-wide crash which no one could have predicted, and the same goes for Ether. Every cryptocurrency is unique in its own aspects; these might solve different equations or provide different usability to the end-user or services to the tech industry when it comes to blockchain feasibility and operation. All of these also use different algorithms; some use proof of work while others use proof of stake; the endpoint is that every cryptocurrency is unique.

XRP is not Speculative

Rosie Rios, on the other hand, has presented the world with her own thoughts on the subject, and she believes that XRP is a pretty standard cryptocurrency but Bitcoin and Ethereum or not. The speculative nature of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to the former US treasurer, is something that makes this whole endeavor just not worth it for the long-time investors. XRP, on the other hand, in the eyes of the treasurer, is more dominant and less speculative. She also mentioned what China has done to cut off the trunks and branches of the crypto market.

The country has banned almost all of the cryptocurrencies, local as well as international crypto exchanges, and every possible link locals could have with crypto investment. She has supported XRP for months now, even after knowing that there is an ongoing lawsuit between the cryptocurrency and the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is just that she gives too much credibility to XRP while ignoring the flagship cryptocurrency, which is Bitcoin, and the most tenacious blockchain in the world, which is Ethereum.

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