Billionaire Says Not Investing in Bitcoin is the Riskiest Decision

After declaring his company’s investments in the leading cryptocurrency, a Norwegian billionaire has published an offensive statement about Bitcoin. He said that it would be riskier not to put money in the leading cryptocurrency. Highlighting in a letter to a shareholder, Kjell Inge Røkke has announced that his company in Norway, Aker, has inaugurated a firm named Seetee, which is entirely dedicated to the establishment of the Bitcoin ecosystem and investments in the BTC. The Norwegian multimillionaire announced that the Seetee had been established with an initial capital of 58.8 million dollars, which would be increased with time. RØkke elaborated that the company has planned a threefold strategy for investments in cryptocurrency. According to the published letter, the company’s first and foremost step will be to become a holder.

While sharing the company’s strategies, he said that at the first step, they would be utilizing Bitcoin as the treasury asset to enter into the community. In the language of blockchain, the company will become a holder. Distinctively, the company will be a little more progressive than other established firms but not as intensive as the inventors of the BTC. Seetee has a specialized team that is already working on the open-source servers of BTC payment. It will remain an operational contributor to the community.

The second step, he said, will be the establishment of sustainable mining operations with some highly economic renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydel power. They consider Bitcoin as an economical battery that is required to balance the load on the economy. He also said that their company is aiming to be a valuable partner in the upcoming renewable projects.

Røkke also highlighted his strategy of ‘not putting money in Bitcoin is a risk’; he said that risk is not an apparent conception. Things that seem to be risky are usually not and vice versa. Bitcoin may drop to zero, but at the same time, it can also become the functional core of an economic framework. In that case, one BTC can worth millions of dollars. Experts of the leading cryptocurrency have a strong belief that the future success of Bitcoin is inevitable.

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