B-Finances Review 2021- Is it a Modern Day Scam or NOT?

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B-Finances is a fast-growing broker, they provide traders with great opportunities to invest in the financial markets. They help to build and preserve the wealth of their customers by offering them customized plans that would suit each of the clients according to their needs.

I have been trading with them for 2 years, I can say that this broker is very reliable and works fine with me. The best thing about this one is that there are no hidden fees or other types of scams. They make it easy to trade, they provide all traders with flexible access to the markets, moreover, they provide several trading options. They have a variety of features and benefits that other brokers don’t have.

The company offers a range of trading opportunities for all types of investors, including both newcomers and experienced professionals. They provide several trading platforms that suit any type of investor.


B-Finance provides all traders with very convenient and flexible trading access to the markets, they choose from several methods of investing, so every trader could choose the way he wants to invest his funds.

Some of my favorite features are:

Professional support team:

They have a professional support team that works efficiently and provides traders with an instant response to their inquiries related to the platform or some other additional requests.

Flexible trading options:

They have a variety of trading options available, and they vary according to the platform (WebTrader and MobileTrader).

The most popular one is Binary Options Trading, which allows traders to invest in currencies, commodities, stock indexes, and other assets. They offer a range of expiry periods for different types of assets. All these expire at the end of the current day or with some time frame that matches your chosen period.

Multiple payment methods:

There are several ways to make a deposit or withdrawal for traders, such as Credit cards, Wire Transfers, and eWallets. They also provide brokers with payment options in order to make it possible for traders from different countries and regions to join the platform.


The high degree of flexibility:

They have a high degree of flexibility because it allows all traders to invest according to their expectations, they can choose different types of trades that suit them. They have around eight expiry options. So you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. I could also increase or decrease the amount or scale down the investment depending on the type of trade I wanted to choose.

Transparent Conditions

B-Finances is one of the good brokers, they are one of those who don’t make any false promises about how easy it’s to earn money. They provide transparent conditions for making investments. Even without any background in financial trading, anybody can easily follow all the rules and invest his funds with minimal risk.

B-Finances can be trusted, they have been in this business for 2 years and during all this time they never had any complaints or unresolved issues.

Diverse Approach

They are available on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, etc. Also, they provide mobile apps for iOS and Android devices for all their users.

Low spreads :

They have low spreads on most of the financial assets that traders can invest in. I like this feature because I often trade with CFDs and the low spreads are really helpful.

Trading signals:

They provide traders with trading signals that can be helpful for newbies who are trying to make an investment without any previous experience. They could improve their skills by following other traders.

Deposit Methods

They offer various types of deposits methods for traders to choose from, these are some of them:

Credit Card  – is one of the most commonly used deposit options.

Skrill –  It is also very common, it is used by many traders.

Neteller – This payment method is also available for B-Finances clients.

Alipay – This option is only available for Chinese traders, but there are no restrictions on where they can live.

Perfect Money – It’s another deposit option that B-Finances provides to their traders.

Ethereum – This one is also an effective deposit option, which you can use for your trading on B-Finance.

Local Bank Wire Transfer – Traders from Asia will find this method familiar and easy to use because it’s quite popular for Asian clients to use local bank wires when making a transaction online.

High-quality trading platform:

B-Finances has the best trading platform that is very easy to use, traders could customize it in accordance with their needs. Moreover, they have a well-developed mobile application, so you can trade wherever you want.

Furthermore, B-Finances provides traders with different tools for successful investing in the financial markets. One of these tools is a virtual money account which allows traders to practice their skills before they start investing real funds.

Risk Management System

Moreover, B-Finances has an advanced risk management system that allows clients to control the amount of risk they would like to cover for each trade.

Variety Of Orders

This company provides all traders with the opportunity to use different types of orders for trading CFDs and options on Forex. The market makers don’t have a negative impact on the account balance because their spreads are fixed. The best thing about this broker is that it has flexible leverage, so all traders could choose a suitable one for themselves. There are such types as:

  • Time-limited orders
  • Stop Loss Order
  • Market order
  • Trailing Stop Order

No Hidden Fees

Another good feature of B-Finances is that they don’t have any hidden fees or other types of surcharges. They provide fixed spreads and commissions which are transparent for each client.

Flexible leverage

B-Finances allows traders to choose the most suitable leverage depending on their trading experience. This company provides several types of flexible leverage, they are:

Up to 1:500  (for account balance not less than $5,000)

Up to 1:100  (for account balance not less than $20,000)

Up to 1:50  (for account balance not less than $40,000)

Up to 1:30  (for account balance not less than $80,000)

Up to 1:20 (for account balance not less than $100,000).

The unique features of B-Finances are related to the opportunity for traders to withdraw their money to local bank wires without any additional commission.


Even though trading started to be harder these times, it’s still possible to make money. As I mentioned above, B-Finances provides all traders with a variety of features and benefits that other brokers don’t have. Also, they offer very profitable conditions for making investments in several trading options.

These days trading with B-Finances seems to me like a very profitable and stable broker, they have all trading instruments for successful trading. They offer very profitable conditions for making investments in several trading options.

The Cons:

B-Finance doesn’t have many disadvantages, still, there are some things that I don’t like much about this broker. The one thing is that their demo account needs to have more strategies in it so that beginners can practice more efficiently and learn more about trading, before opening a real account.

My Opinion On This Broker

In general, B-Finances provides traders with a great set of tools and opportunities which are not available from other brokers on the market. They have a very user-friendly platform that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders. In addition, there are different deposit options that B-Finances provides to their traders.

What I also like about them is that they have low price accounts that allow traders to practice their skills before they start investing real funds.  I was happy to find B-Finances because new brokers are always appearing on the market, but most of them don’t have all the necessary conditions for successful trading.

I had some problems with other brokers before I found a B-Finances broker. It’s really nice how they work – I only needed to register an account and deposit some funds, they have easy withdrawal rules as well. I liked everything about this broker so much that I’m going to keep trading with a B-Finance broker for a long time.


B-Finances is one of the best brokers I have come across these years. I like to trade with them and earn quite good money. Also, they provide different types of trading options which helps me to choose the most profitable one for me. Compared to other brokers, they have a lot of advantages.

I’m very satisfied with this company and hope it will be working great for years. It is best to do market research on various broker companies in the market and have a detailed look at the services they provide with all the terms and conditions in order to select the one that suits your requirement criteria.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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