All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Skyscraper in Metaverse

The Metaverse has created a new hype in the online gaming community and cryptocurrency market alike. A new project looking to make a public appearance in 2022 recently shared the details of the project. The Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper with 21 floors. Each segment of this building has been dedicated to Bitcoin’s 21 million supply limit.

The main aim of this tower is to create a virtual edutainment platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. According to the head of the Bloktopia project, Paddy Carroll, this building is going to be open to users all around the world and will serve as a centerpiece for a blockchain-based Metaverse that offers many functions.

Paddy Carroll answered many important questions about the new Metaverse concept. He clarified that anyone with internet access would be able to enter the space. By 2022, when the project will become public, it will be available on VR simulators. However, the team is also working on a downloadable version. The first floor of the bloktopia has been rented by Elrond blockchain.

The biggest investor behind the project is Animaco, and the team is currently working on the 1st and 6th floor in addition to an auditorium. The VR platform is built on top of the Polygon network, which is a Layer 2 solution running on the Ethereum network. Furthermore, Bloktopia has also issued a token called the BLOK coin.

Bloktopia Developers are Working on Other Metaverse Projects

Paddy Carroll told the interviewer that at present, his team is working on a single virtual skyscraper. However, in the future, the team has plans to erect VR monuments to recognize the 100 most successful cryptocurrency projects to date. Carroll also added that an NFT marketplace is going to open within a week on the Blokpad.

He added that he does not agree with the idea that the NFT bubble is about to burst. He also clarified that the BLOK token is going to be used for making internal purchases within the Bloktopia like NFT, advertisement spaces, and other VR commodities. He explained that the users would be able to walk and interact with players from around the world in the Metaverse; most of these options are not available on platforms like Zoom at present.

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