A Play To Earn Platform Comes To Town With Its RIA Token

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A new blockchain gaming platform known as Calvaria has been introduced that is to allow players to play and earn.

The developers claim that the platform will be offering the players the opportunity to govern the ecosystem offered by Calvaria.

As the players interact with the platform, they will be able to receive rewards. These rewards will be in the form of RIA and eRIA.

RIA Economy’s Stability

Using the RIA tokens, the users will be able to provide stability to the entire ecosystem of Calvaria. While the RIA tokens will offer governance, the eRIA tokens will be available for in-game purposes.

Whether it is purchasing in-game assets or other abilities in the game, the players will be using the eRIA tokens.

Presale for the Tokens

The presale for the RIA tokens has already been launched, recording a great level of interest and contribution from the investors.

With the traditional crypto market facing downtime, it is the gaming segment within the crypto industry that has become very attractive.

Investors are finding gaming tokens to be more attractive as they are bringing in high profits. As a result, the adoption level and valuations of the play-2-earn (P2E) tokens are growing higher.

As the presale for the RIA token is ongoing, it has already brought in $2 million in investments from a number of investors. The investments are lining up to acquire as many RIA tokens as possible.

Many investors believe that the trading price of the RIA token will rise significantly as it makes it to the mainnet. Therefore, the investors are investing heavily in the asset making its presale a huge success.

How Does Calvaria Work?

According to the developers, they are designing Calvaria to be a card game. In the game, the players will be able to use the eRIA tokens to purchase an NFT deck of cards.

The players can continue using the eRIA tokens while in-game to carry out other activities and purchase more stuff. The eRIA tokens are needed by the players to progress in the game.

Calvaria is set to offer players the opportunity to participate in multiple challenges and tournaments.

Each event organized by the Calvaria platform means that the users will have the opportunity of earning more rewards. Once again, the rewards will be in the form of the RIA and the eRIA tokens.

If the players get their hands on the cards with the same attributes and character, they can combine them using the eRIA tokens to forge a stronger card.

The new card is of a higher level providing players the chance to go for stronger opponents and challenges to help them earn more rewards.

Benefits of Owning RIA Tokens

Using the RIA tokens, the users can interact with the Calvaria platform in multiple ways. Similarly, the users can benefit from the platform as it will offer them multiple functions.

The users will be able to participate in the governance system and they will be using the RIA tokens for that purpose. However, their influence in the governance system will be based on their RIA toke holdings.

The more RIA tokens they have, the higher their influence would be in the form of voting weight. The investors also have the ability to decide the fate of the platform and treat it as their managers.

Growth of RIA Tokens

The RIA tokens have been performing very well even in the presale phase. The developers had decided that the presale for the token would consist of 5 phases.

The token is already in phase 5, which is proving to be a great success like the rest of the previous presales.

The total supply for the RIA tokens is currently 1 Billion RIA tokens while the platform has allocated 150 million RIA tokens in the entire presale period.

In the first phase, the value of the token was $0.01 and it rose to $0.015 in the second phase. The value rose to $0.02 in the third phase, and then $0.025 in the fourth phase respectively.

During the fifth phase, the token’s value is at $0.0325, meaning that the token’s place has surged 325% from the first phase to the fifth.

The early investors already count a 325% profit for their investments in digital currency. Calvaria is to make its debut in the first quarter of 2023.

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